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Military Postcard from Eli McKenney to Mabel Clair McKenney

Eli McKenney postcard. Image courtesy Larry McCombs
Eli McKenney postcard, reverse. Courtesy Larry McCombs.

This postcard is one that would have been sent from Eli to his niece, Mabel Clair McKenney. The postcard was undated so would have been possibly enclosed in a letter. I’m unable to determine which soldier is Eli, or if he is even in this postcard. He was tallish and slender and the only potential would appear to be the man standing at the top of the hill.

How do you like the looks of the boys in field uniform? Aren’t they a happy looking bunch? No I think the picture Wells sent Miss Sapp was one of private Elmores. Elmore is the homliest man in Co. but a fine fellow, and expert shot. They are about same sise. Your Uncle,


I’m unable to locate any Sapps in the 1900 Chautauqua Co. KS census or in the Osage area in Oklahoma. There is a Daisy Sapp, age 12, in the KS. State census of Caneyville, Chautauqua CO., KS, in 1895. She’s living in the household of C.T. Kiger 39, from Ohi8o, and S.E. 47, from Ohio. Another individual in the household is Susan Stewart, 39, also from Ohio, as is Daisy.

The 1900 census of the 32nd Infantry in the Philippines, shows neither a Wells nor an Elmore so I’m not going to be able to ID the people mentioned in the note.


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