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Excerpts from “History of the Slocums, Slocumbs and Slocumbs of America”
Charles Elihu Slocum M.D., P.H.D.

The Orijin of the Surname Slocombe, Slocum etc., iz of local karaketer, coming from the location ov an early setler at the Combe in southwestern England coverd by luxuriant growh ov the Sloe (wild plum) trees; hence John at the Slocombe etc. This surname haz a wider rang ov spelings in America than in England, twenty or mor forms having been gatherd here by the writer. The form Slocum haz been continuus from the time ov Anthony (1) in Ne England and westward.


The foloing names of Slocumbes in England previus to, and near the time ov, the coming ov the first recorded imigrant to America, hav been found in addition to thoz given in Volume I, in Parish Registers; Wils in the Prerogativ Court ov Chancery and other; in the Matriculation and Alumni records ov Oxford University, etc., etc.; and ar here aranjd kronolojikaly, with the name ov the parish, or address ov the person; and their names as ther speld, viz:

A.D. 1533, October 4. Joh. Slocombe witnest the Wil ov. Rich Holcumbe ov the town ov Dunster, Somserset.

1534, November 17. John Slocum died at Taunton, Somerset. “In cim. beatorum P. et P.–Well ijd–ffraternitatibus summe crucis at sancti sepulchri in eccl. dive M. Magd. xvjd.”

1558, April 19. David Slocom marid Margery, Youngest child ov John Harp. Parish ov Berry Narbor.

1558, November 19. Joan, daughter ov. George Slocombe, and Alice Slocombe, namd in Wil ov Humphrey Blake, Gent. ov Overstowey, Somerset.

1564, February 7. Henry Slocum (spelt in another place az Sloocume) waz graduated B.A. at Brasenose College, and M.A. 12 July, 1567. He supplicated 16 July, 1572, for license to preach; B.D. supplicated October 1573; rector ov Nettlecombe 1570, 1579, ov Sampford-Bret 1573-1578; ov Streat with Walton 1578, all in Somerset; canon ov Wells Cathedral 1574 until his death in 1579. He waz father ov Gilbert; see 1596

1563, November 8. Thomas Ungells marrd Alson Slowcum in Barnstaple Parish, County Devon.

1569, February 26. Thomas Slocombe, or his estat, waz patron ov a church living in Somerset, ov which Henry Slocomb waz INcumbent; see 1564.

1572, February 7, Thomas, son ov Nycolles Slocome, waz baptized in Barnstaple Parish, Deon.

1572. Cuthbert Slowcomb (and Slocum) Bristowe. Wil

1572, August 13. Nycholas Slocome and Jone Henye, marid in Barnstaple, Devonshire.
,br> 1574. Henry Slocomb waz appointed Prebendary ov Wells Cathedral, Somerset. See 1564.

1575, June 24. James, son ov Nycholas Slocombe, waz baptized in Barnstaple.

1577, Aug. 31, Ketheryne, dau. ov. Nycholas Slocombe, bap. in Barnstaple.

1577. James Slowcomb ov Nether Stowey, Somerset. Wil

1580, Feb. 16. John, son ov Nycholas Slocomb, bap. Barnstaple.

1580, Nov. 13. The Wil ov Richard Langford, merchant, ov Bristol, Somerset, reads in part that “Mr Thomas Slocumbe nowe Major of Bristowe my father in Lawe (and others namd) to be overseer and have forty shillings apiece.”

1584, March 17. The Wil ov William Shuttleworth ov Bristol, reads in part that “Mr Thomas Slocombe alderman (and others) to be overseers and have xxs (?) apiece.”

1584, June 24, Mathew Frayse and Johan Slocmobe weer marid in Barhstaple.

1584, March 7, George, son ov Nicholas Slocombe, bap. Barnstaple.

1586, June 22. The Wil of Thomas Slocombe, alderman ov the “Citty of Bristoll’…expresses his dezir to be burid “in St. Nicholas Crowd.” Gave to his daughter Elizabeth Rowland 60 pounds and to each ov her daus. Julian and Sarah Rowland 20 pounds; to his dau. Bridget Chester 60 pounds and to her children James, Mary, Elizabeth, and Bridget Chester 10 pounds apiece; to his dau. Joa Dydmyster 40 pounds and to her ‘fyve sonnes’ Thomas, Richard, Edward, Henry and —- 100 pounds apiece, and to her dau. Bridget Dydmister 20 pounds; to “my sonne John Slocombe 100 pounds also to him and his legimate heirs male, after death of wife Elizabeth, three tenements in Broademead in St. James p’ishe in Bristoil and a house in St Nicholas street in the occupation of Mr John Robertes.” If John should die with certain conditions this property to go to Gilbert ‘son of my sonn Henry Slocombe and his yssue males.’ To Thomas, John and Elizabeth Slocombe, the thre children ov his son John, 10 pounds apiece at the aj ov 21 years or at their marij. To Gilbert Slocombe befor namd 10 pounds also

“I confesse I owe him 20 pounds.” Also legases “to John sonne of my brother John Slocombe deceased…to the p’she of Willscombe and the poor of the p’ishe of Huyshe Chamflower; to each of twelve poor men in Bristol a gown, a cap, and four pence of money; to each of twelve poor women in Bristol a fryse gowne also a kerchewe and flower pence.” His wife Elizabeth waz to be executrix and to hav the residu ov the estat after paying several other minor legases; and ‘Mr. John Browne alderman to be overseer and have 3 pounds toward A gowne and an Anelet? This Wil waz provd 2 December 1586.


1586, Oct. 20. Robert Slocombe and Elizabeth Blake marid in Parish ov Overstowey, Somerset.

1587. David Slocumbe (and Sclocombe) ov Wivelscome…Heathfield, Stogumber, Somerset. Wil.

1592. Elizabeth, widow ov Thomas Slocombe 1586. Wil.

1593, April 19. John Knight and Bridgett Slocombe marid in Barrow Gurney Parish, Somersetshire.

1596, Jan. 20. Alse Slocombe burd in Almes Lane, Barnstaple.

1596, July 9. Antonyne Couryce and Jane Slocombe wer marid in Barnstaple, Devonshire.

1596, August 6. Gilbert Slocombe ov Somerset, canonici fil. Christ, Oxford University; matriculated, age 20. B.A. 20 Oct. 1597. M.A. 4 June, 1600. Son ov Henry, see 1564.

1598, Dec. 15. Angnis, dau. ov Walter Slocombe ov Byshopes (Bishops) Tawton, baptizd, Barnstaple, Devon.

1600. George Slocombe ov St. Decuns, Somerset. Wil.

1602, Jan 25. Nycholas Flaye and Katherine Slocombe wer marid in Barnstaple Parish, Devon.

1601, Jan 31. Nycholas, son of Thomas Slocombe bap. Barnstaple.

1601, May 8. John Slocombe B.A. (…) College, Oxford University. Determined 1601-2.

1601, June 18. Thom. Slocombe and Eme Budd m. Barnstaple.

1604, Jan. 19. Marye, dau. ov Thomas Slocombe bap. Barnstaple.

1604, March 27. Rycharde Berrye Slocombe bur. Barnstaple.

1605, March 18. Nycholas Slocombe burd in Barnstaple.

1606, Dec. 4. John Slocombe and Thamsyn Juell m. Barnstaple.

1606, Dec. 5. John, son ov Thomas Slocombe, bap. in Barnstaple.

1607, March 6. John Slocombe burid in Barnstaple, Devon.

1607, Oct. 24. John, son ov Thomas Slocombe, bur. Barnstaple.

1608, July 23. Anne Slocombe Henman, daughter ov William Henman ov Netherbury, Dorsetshire. Admin.

1609, April 9. Martha, ov Thomas Slocombe, bap. Barnstaple.

1609, April 16. Martha, ov Thomas Slocombe, bur. Barnstaple.

1610, Aug. 11. George, ov John Slocombe, baptizd, Barnstaple.

1612, May 3. John, ov Thomas Slocombe, bap. Barnstaple.

1612, Aug. 3. George Slocombe bur. Barnstaple, Devon.

1613, Nov. 7. John, ov John Slocombe, bap. in Barnstaple.

1613, Dec. 18. John, ov John Slocombe, bur. Barnstaple.

1615, June 18. John, ov John Slocombe, bap. in Barnstaple.

1617, Feb. 24. Johane Slocombe, widow, bur. in Barnstaple.

1620, Jan. 13. Robert Slocombe and Elizabeth Nation marid in Overstowey, Somersetshire.

1620. John Lande ov Tiverton, County Devon, marid Marude, dau. ov. Davy Slocombe, ov Wilscombe, County Somerset. From the Herald’s original Visitation ov Devonshire. Harleian MS. 1163.

1621, Jan. 19. Agnes, dau. ov. John Slocombe, bap. in Barnstaple.

1622, March 29. Agnes, dau. john Slocombe, bur. in Barnstaple.

1622, June 17. Robert Slocombe and Alice Grane marid in Overstowey Parish, Somerset.

1622, Aug. 12. Thomas Slocombe bur. in Barnstaple, Devon.

1623, May 4. Joan, dau. John Slocombe, bap. Barnstaple.

1623, Oct. 31. Thomas Slocumbe and Grace Bearde m. in Overstowey Parish, Somersetshire.

1623, Oct. 31. Edward Hare and Susan Slocombe marid in Overstowey Parish, Somersetshire.

1624 Aug. 15. Arthur Slocombe andAgnes Bird m. in Barnstaple Parish, Devonshire.

1625, July 31. Samuel, son ov John Slocombe, bap. in Barnstaple.

1626, April 2. Mary, dau. Ellinor Slocombe bur. Barnstaple.

1627, Oct. 18. Christopher Slocombe and Agnes Kempland marid in the Parish ov Barnstaple, Devonshire.

1629-1818. In “The Genealogies and Estates of Charleston, Mass.,” ‘Slcocum Regis’ Parish, Devon, England, should hav been printed Slacombe Regis.

1629, Oct. 30. Humphrey Slocombe, pleb., son ov Richard ov St. Decumans, Somerset, matriculated in Wadham College, Oxford Univ., aged 17. He waz graduated B.A. at Hart Hall 24 Jan., 1631; and M.A. 9 June 1635.

1630, Nov. 15. Wil ov David Slocombe ov Wilton, Somerset, provd by his brother John Slocombe.

1630, Nov. 16. Wil ov Thomas Slocombe, gent., ov Eastcot, Parish ov Stogumber, Somersetshire, provd by ‘relict Elizabeth.’

1631, Jan 28. Hugh Slocombe and Margaret Kempthorne wer marid in Barnstaple, Devonshire.

1634, October 27. George Slocombe and Dorothie Vellacott wer marid in Barnstaple, Devon.

1635, Dec. 20. Elizabeth, daughter ov George Slocombe, was baptizd in Barnstaple, Devonshire.

1636, May 22. Roger Slocombe and Ann Culley wer marid in Long Sutton Parish, Somersetshire.

1638, April 23. John Slocombe and Rawlyn Herder wer marid in Barnstaple, Devonshire.

1639, Jan. 14. Mary, dau. ov George Slocombe bap. Barnstaple.

1640, February 10. Richard Slocombe ov Parish St. Decumans, Somerset, Wil provd by dau. Mary7, wife ov John Cridland.

1641, June 21. Roger Slocombe and Elizabeth Ellery wer marid in Sutton Parish, County Somerset.

1642, Jan. 31–Child ov George Slocombe bur. in Barnstaple.

1651, February 7. The Wil ov Aldred Bickham, clothier ov. Old Cleeve Parish, County Somerset, among other legases, givs ‘my brother in law Hugh Slocombe 20s(?) yearly.’

16.., Dec. 26. David Slocombe et Joh. Pratt, gentlemen, wer custodians ov a ‘church living’ (rector’s salary) in the Archdeaconry ov Taunton, Somersetshire.

1671, Nov. 11. David Slocombe, gent., ajd 19, son ov David ov Bishops Liddiard, Somerset, matriculated in Trinity College, Oxford University.


A copy ov the Coat ov Arms ov Slocombe of Somersetshire’ engravd in colors, waz bound in Volume I ov this jenealojik work. That ther may remain no misconception regarding this Heraldic bearing, it iz here repted that this copy waz made by the writer from H… MS. No. 1385 in The British Museum Library, London, wher it waz rully skecht with pen and ink. This MS. iz record. in part, ov the report ov the Herald’s Visitation ov Somersetshire about the year 1573. The krisnd name ov the Slocombe to whom it waz granted, or to whom it belongd in 1573, haz not been determind. While it evidently haz remaind in England without a claimant for many jenerations, and Anthony the first recorded imigrant to America waz mentioned az ‘of the nobility’ ther haz not been found any definit evidens that this bearing belongd to him.


Nearly all ov the Slocums and Slocumbs in America ar descendants ov Anthony the first imigrant.

It appears probable that a later family imigration waz the sors ov most ov the Slocombs.

Here is given a list of immigrations of Slocombs.


ANTHONY SLOCOMBE, born in England about January 1590-91, and recorded by the clerk az Anthony Slocum from 1637 to 11662 inclusiv. in Tauton, New Plymouth, now Massachusetts, waz namd as the (unintelligible from copy) ov the Slocumbs in America in the writer’s “Preliminary to the Slocum Genealogy” publisht October, 1880, in “The New England Historical and Genealogical Register” volume xxxiv, pajes 391-395; also in my First Volume ov 644 pajes octavo entitld “A Short History of the Slocums, Slocumbs, and Slocumbs of America”etc., publisht in 1882. The name Anthony az the head ov the American Slocum family haz been fully aksepted by genealogists and others who hav had occasion to copy from my work; which many ov them, I regret being oblijd to state, hav done without giving credit to the sors ov their information.

But litl haz been found in New England during the last twenty-five years in addition to the records ov this Anthony az given in the First Volume ov this work; and nothing haz been found to warrant chang in the skech ther given, exsepting the surmizd rezon for hiz departure from Taunton and hiz loss to record in New England.

The public records ov Taunton wer destroyd by fire in the year 1838, and it iz not definitly known when the first setlment waz ther effected. If the records destroyd by fire containd the date ov such setlment and the names ov the setlers prvius to 1637, Francis Baylies did not copy them into hiz “Historical Memoir of the Colony of New Plymouth” which waz printed in 1830.* This valuabl “Memoir”, and the “Records of the Colony of New Plymouth”, wer the sorses ov much ov the interesting record ov Anthony Slocum in the First Volume ov this work. The first item regarding him iz the list ov the forty-six ‘first and ancient purchasers’ A.D. 1637 ov the teritory ov Cohannet. This tract ov land waz rather romboidal in general outline, about eight miles in extent ov each ov its four sides, and comprizd about forty-one thousand akers. It waz purchast ov the Aborigine Sachem Massasoit at a price ov two shilings per aker. Deed ov it from him

*Baylies includes the account ov the journey thru the site ov Taunton in 1621 ov Edward Winslow and Stephen Hopkins, Mayflower pasenjerz on their way to visit Sachem Massasoit. He also mentions the tradition ov setlers ther as early as 1626.

haz not been found. His son ‘King Philip’ confirmd the titl in 1663, and he was then prezented with 16 pounds additional payment.

The interest ov the several purchasers ov Cohannet for setlment in 1637 waz in the ratio ov six, eight and twelv; Anthony Slocum subscribing for eight shares. The 3 March, 1639, O. S. this tract ov land, or mor particularly their villaj setlment, was incorporated with the name Taunton; and the river by which they built their houses waz also named Taunton* in onor ov the shire town and river in Somersetshire, southwestern England, whens this hand ov liberty sekers had migrated. It is probable that they came in one or mor ov the ships Arabella, Mary or John, and landed at Corchester which iz now within the corporation ov Boston.

Anthony waz recorded in August, 1643, at Taunton among the fifty-four persons ther, between the ajez ov sixteen and sixty years, abl to bear arms for military duty;** also recorded in 1630 and 1631 as juryman.

Big iron ore waz noted in such larj quantitiz around Taunton that a stock company waz formd 21 October, 1652, for its reduction. By ‘free vote of the town, permission waz givn to bild a dam for water power and to…”set up a Bloomery Work on the Two Mile River [tributary to the Taunton River]…that they shall have the woods on either side…to cut for their wood to make coals, and also to dig and take moine or ore at Two Mile Meadlow, or in any of the commons appertaining to the town.”…The share price in the company waz set at 20 pounds ful share, 10 pounds half share, and 5 pounds a quarter share. Anthony Slocum waz enrold as a member, but the amount ov hiz holdings is not found. The iron workds did not start until 1656; and not any ov the product waz shard for thre years.

* Taun is Gaelic for River. Taunton iz contraction ov Taun Town, Town by the River

** The necessity for being armd and redy at any moment for self protection in the wilderness waz evident to the Colonists from the time ov their first setlment; but ther waz no generaly prescribed cors for unity ov action until the confederation ov the Coloniz ov New England, effected at Boston 29 May, 1643. Therin the several General Courts wer advizd to attend particularly to the arms and equipments ov the citizens ov their Coloniz, their ammunition, stors, etc., and to report anyualy to the Commissioners. Six anual trainings, at least, wer orderd to be givn thruout the Coloniz. The proportion ov men to be raisd in the diferent Coloniz in case ov war or iminent danjer, waz fixt by the Commissioners at the abuv date as folos: Massachusetts Bay 150; Plymoth 30; Connecticut 30; New Haven 25. Rhode Island and Providence Plantations wer not included in the confederation at this time, being alienated on account ov the diferent religius belief held therin.

Transcribed by JMK








  1. Judy Lynn Slocum Avatar
    Judy Lynn Slocum

    Hi, I like the research you have done. I am Judy Seiler Slocum and have been doing Slocum family research for close to 30 years. I have two helpful hints you my already know and one queston.
    Anthony & Giles DNA is the Same.
    Simon & Joshua Slocum DNA is not the same, When you see Barnstabe in early records (1500’s) County of Devon – they belong to Joshua Slocombe Family.
    Question: Do you know of a Slocum married to a Crookett?

  2. jmk Avatar

    Hi Judy. Yes, a Solcum was married to a Crockett.

    Nancy Agnes Crockett, daughter of Hugh (Heigh) Crockett and Rebecca Lorton, b. 178 died 1820, was married to Joseph Potts and Rilley Slocum.

    Nancy was the sibling of Samuel Crockett (1775-1855) whose grandson James Kelly Crockett (1832-1909) married Millie Ann Stricklin (1835-1910). Millie’s grandfather, Thomas Strickland (b. 1770 abt) married Zelpha Slocum, a half-sibling of the above Rilley Slocum. Zelpha’s mother was Jane Riley while Riley’s mother was Mary Riley.

  3. Lynnette Hardy Avatar
    Lynnette Hardy

    Hi. My name is Lynnette Hardy. My 9th great grandmother was Martha Slocombe, born in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts Bay in 1639. I have Anthony Slocum listed as her father. I’m hoping someone can confirm this.

    Martha married Joseph Gilbert Sr around 1664.

    1. jmk Avatar

      Martha who married a Gilbert, had four sons, and was living in Dartmouth, is given in the below.

      + + + + + +

      Anthony Slocombe is recorded (as Anthony Slocum ) as one of the forty-six “first and ancient purchasers,” A. D. 1637, of the territory of Cohannet which was incorporated 3 March, 1639, with the name of Taunton in New Plymouth, now Massachusetts, and from which the present Townships of Taunton, Raynham, and Berkley have been organized. The interests of the several purchasers were in the ratio of six, eight, and twelve, — the subject of this sketch purchasing eight shares. His name also appears in various records as follows : —

      August, 1643. — In a list for Taunton of “The Names of all the Males [fifty-four in number] that are able to beare Armes from [illegible] Yeares old to 60 Yeares wthin the sevrall Towneshippes.”

      October 29, 1650. — As a juryman in a case of accidental drowning.

      June 10, 165 1. — Again as juryman in a like case at Taunton.

      June 6, 1654. — As one of the two “Survayers of the Highwaies” for Taunton.

      June 3, 1657. — In the list of “Freemen admitted this Court, and sworne.”

      June 7, 1659. — In the list of twenty persons “Sworne as the Grand Enquest.”

      December 28, 1659. — In the list of “The names of those inhabitants within the township of Taunton, who are to have their division of land now agreed upon, December 28, 1659, whose proportion is to be according to the rate here following, together with the quantity of land, lots and heads, at two acres to the head, two acres to the shilling, and two acres to the lot.” Under this agreement he is recorded with a rating of nineteen shillings and four pence ; six heads ; and fifty-three acres. X

      June 3, 1662. — As one of the two “Surveyors of the Highwaies” for Taunton.

      This is the last date at which his name appears as a resident of Taunton. We are informed by Baylies and Ricketsonf [error in software transcription?) that he disposed of his rights in Taunton to Richard Williams and removed, probably about the year 1662. to that part of New Plymouth which was incorporated in 1664 with the name of Dartmouth Township, and of which he and one Ralph Russell were the first settlers. The subject of this sketch settled near Pascamanset River which has since been more generally known as Slocum’s River. f His subsequent history has not been ascertained. His name does not appear in any of the “exact lists of all freemen in Dartmouth” made from time to time and dating certainly as early as 29 May, 1670. This exclusion from the rights of citizenship was probably a result of his union with the Society of Friends ; see page 28.

      There has been preserved a fragment of a letter written by him in Dartmouth to his “brother-in-law, William Harvey, in Taunton,” as follows, date not preserved : —

      “To the Church of Christ in Taunton, and Mr. Shove [the pastor] and yourself in particular, I desire to be remembered, whose prayers I doubt not I and mine are the better for, and whose welfare I earnestly wish and pray for. Myself, wife, and sons, and daughter Gilbert who
      hath four sons, remember our respects and loves, and my sons are all married, &c.”

      It is inferred from this letter that he married a sister of William Harvey who was also one of the first purchasers of Taunton in equal interest with him. William Harvey remained in Taunton where he became a prominent citizen and for several successive years was chosen Deputy to the General Court — being evidence conclusive that he was not a member of the Society of Friends. The Court Records for New Plymouth contain the information that “At a Court of Assistants, William Harvey and Joane Hucker of Cohannett were marryed the second of Aprill, 1639.” No record of Anthony Slocombe’s marriage having been found, it is presumed that he was married before his arrival in the colonies.


      Mr. Savage, in his Genealogical Dictionary, presumes that the “sons” referred to in Anthony Slocombe’s letter, as given above, were Eliezer Slocum (see sketch), Giles Slocum (No. 5), and Peleg Slocum (No. 8), who were among the proprietors of Dartmouth in the year 1694. This presumption is undoubtedly erroneous ; they were sons of Giles 2 Slocombe of Portsmouth, Rhode Island (sketch No. 2), as the records of Rhode Island and Dartmouth clearly show. They may have been grand-sons to Anthony, however, as grand-sons were called “sons” at that time, and nephews were called “cousins.”

      Anthony Slocombe’s household of six heads, recorded in Taunton 28 December, 1659, may have been composed of himself and wife, their daughter and her husband John (?) Gilbert, and two grand-sons; or, one, two, or three servants may have been counted to make up the number six. If Anthony had own sons living in Dartmouth they probably died young — perhaps were, with him, killed in Philip’s War in 1675. No further mention has been found of them, and no one has been identified as descendants of theirs.

      Anthony Slocombe, by his wife Harvey, had the following children (?) :

      2. i. Giles,| married Joan ; died in Portsmouth Township,
      R. I., A. D. 1682.
      ii. Edward, resided in Taunton, N. P., 1 June, 1647; see P- 27
      iii. A daughter, married John (?) Gilbert and had four sons living in Dartmouth, N. P., in the latter part of the seventeenth century,
      iv. John, born A. D. 1641-2, in Taunton ; died in March, 165 1.

      From: A Short History of the Slocums,Slocumbs and Slocombs Families (1637-1881) by Dr. Charles Elihu Slocum published in 1882. See publication for footnotes to the above text.

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