Joris Jansen Rapalje is an ancestor down the Noyes-Brewer side of the family. We descend through his daughter Jannettje b. 1629, then daughter Hilletje b. 1653, then daughter Jannetje b. 1682, then Aaron Van Cleave b. 1734, then John Van Cleave b. abt. 1736, then Aaron Van Cleave b. 1769, then Rachel Van Cleave b. 1799, then Catherine Hedden b. 1822, then David Nathaniel Brewer b. 1869, then Elizabeth Jane “Bettie” Brewer b. 1877, then Dorothy Nadeen Noyes b. 1908 who married Lloyd Clinton McKenney.


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from “The Civil List and Constitutional History of Colony and State of New York” by Edgar A Werner
“At a meeting, August 29, 1641, “Twelve Selectmen” were appointed to advise with the Director General of New Amsterdam with respect to the condition of affairs in the Colony.” — Among them being, Joris Jansen Rapalje
Generation No. 10 — Joris Jansen Rapalje

From Albany Tercentenary 1624-1924 p. 36

No List of of the Colonists who came to Fort Orange has been preserved, but it is known that among them were George (Joris de Rapalje) and his wife Catelina Trico, a native of Paris, whose daughter, Sarah, born June 6 1625, was the First White Child born in New Netherland. Some 60 years later, Catelina Trico declared that the settlers, as soon as they built themselves some huts of bark, traded with the Indians, who “made covenants of friendship with (unintelligible) arien jorise, their Commander, bringing him great presents of ber or peltry etc,” but at an early date was laid the foundation of that unbroken alliance between the Indians and the white men of the Hudson, which afterwards became the controlling factor in the struggle between the French and the English for the mastery of the continent.

from “Documentary History of New York”
Vol. 3 p. 32

Catelyn Trico, aged about 92 years, born in Paris, doth testify and declare that in ye year 1623 she came intil this country with a ship called ye “Unity” whereof was commander Arien Jorise belonging to ye West Indian Company being we first ship yt came here for ye … company. As soon as they came to Manna..ns now called N. York they sent two families and six men to Harford River and two families and eight men to Delaware River and eight men they left at N. Yorke to take possession and ye rest of ye passengers went with ye ship … as fare as Albany which they then called Fort Orange, when as ye ship came as far as … which is half way to Albanie, they lighted ye ship with some boats yt were left there … ye Dutch that had been there ye year before a trading with ye Indians about there … accompts and gone back again to Hollande and so brought ye vessel up: There about eighteen families aboard who settled themselves in Albany and made a small fort; and as soon as they had built themselves some forst of bark; Mahikanders or River Indians, Ye M… Oneydes, Onondages, Cayouges, and Sin… with ye Mahawana or Ottawanes Indians came and made covenant of Friendship with ye Arien Jorise their Commander Bringing him great presents which was concludedpon and ye sd nations came dayly with great multidus of bever and traded them with ye Christians there sa commander Arien Jorise staid with them all winter and sent his sunne home with ye ship ye sd deponent lived in Albany three years all which time ye sd Indians were all as quiet as lambs and came and traded with all ye freedom imaginable; in ye year 1626 ye deponent came from Albany and settled at N. Yorke where she lived afterwards for many years and then came to Long Island where she now lives.

The sd. Catelyn Trico made oath of ye sd. deposition before me at her house on Long Island in ye wale bought this 17th day October 1688

William Morris
Justice of ye Pece

from “Prominent Families of New Nork” by Weeks p. 40
from “Famous Families of New York” by Hamm p. 63
from “Rikers Annals of Newtown”
p 267 Rapalje Family Coat-of-Arms
Dora N. Van Vlack DuRocher
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Nettie Pelaquin (Van Vlack)
St. Petersburg Chapter

Article courtesy Nancy Benton. Transcribed by JMK

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