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Obituary for Professor Carrington Elliot Carhart, 1861 to 1910, son of Elliot Carhart and Margaret E. Pettit.

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PROF. C. E. CARHART who died at the Lakeside Hospital last Sunday and whose ashes were interred at Graceland cemetery last Wednesday, occupied an important position in contemporaneous literary history. Born on a farm in Delaware County, Ohio, April 1, 1861, he was admitted at the Missouri State Normal School at (unintelligible) at the age of 18 and immediately was chosen to occupy two important chairs as professor of science and art. In 1885, he went to New York and engaged in preparing special art papers for leading publications in that city. In 1887 he went to Kansas City and was connected (?) with the editorial departments of the Kansas City Times and Kansas City Star at different times, also with the public schools. In 1896 (?) he went abroad as special correspondent of Goday’s Magazine. Coming to Chicago in 1900, Prof.CARHART continued his literary pursuits…






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