Annual Report of the Bureau of Mines around Liberal, Missouri, 1901

Annual Report, Issue 15 by Missouri, Bureau of mines, Missouri

Year 1901


Jos. Kaise operates a line near Liberal to supply local trade. Mine entered by a shaft and ventilated by a furnace. Coal 28 inches thick and worked on the room and pillar plan.

Joseph Travis operates a mine near Liberal. Mine entered by a slope and only operated during winter season to supply local demand.

Jno. J. Prosser operates a mine in same locality to supply home consumption.

Geo. Boulware operates a small mine near Liberal during the winter season to supply the local demand.

Rogers & Nicholson operate a mine on the Walser land. Mine entered by a slope and the coal is hauled in wagons, loaded on cars, and shopped over the Mo. P. R. R.

There are several others who operate mines on a small scale in this locality during the winter season to supply home demands.

* * * * * * *

George Boulware was an early resident of Liberal.

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