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Catherine Hedden Brewer

Catherine Hedden Brewer, original

Courtesy of Nancy Benton

Catherine Hedden Brewer, restored

This is Catherine Hedden born Feb 21 1822 in Shelby County, Kentucky, who married first Daniel Levi Brewer (our ancestor) and then John Foster. She died May 23, 1903 in Greenfield, Dade, Missouri.

I’m having difficulty ascertaining when the photo might have been taken. In the early 1890s? If it was in the early 1890s, she would have been in her 70s and still living in Neosho County, Kansas, her second husband not dying until 1895. It reminds me a great deal of another photo I have, one that was a tinotype, of an unrelated individual who was born in 1822 and died in 1895 in Mississippi.

This photo of Catherine Hedden is from the 1880s.


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