Evermore Genealogy

Daniel Levi Brewer

Brewer – retouched

Brewer – Original

Original courtesy of Nancy Benton

This is a nice example of messed up. I did the photoshopped reconstructions many years ago and as one can see I was working off an extremely degraded image and trying to see what “might” have been. What “might” have the man been like in it. What “might” have the chair been like. And was that a rolled up newspaper there? No. I think not. Or maybe there is! I still can’t tell! But I was convinced at the time that it appeared to be so, that there was a rolled up newspaper behind the man, and I tried to reconstruct it as I believed it to appear.

And the chair! I couldn’t have done a more botched up job trying to figure out what was going on with that chair.

I’m now even confused as to which Brewer this is. I have Daniel Brewer on some copies and David Brewer on others. I do believe this is Daniel Levi Brewer, husband of Catherine Hedden, born 1823 in Mercer Co. KY and died April 20 1868 at Osage Mission, Neosho, Kansas. The photo looks like it was likely taken in the early 1860s which would place it as likely having been taken at a studio in Putnam County, Indiana.


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