Marriage License of Catherine Hedden Brewer and John Foster

Catherine Hedden married first Daniel Levi Brewer on March 30 1843 in Kentucky. He died April 20 1868 in Osage Mission, Neosho, Kansas. On Dec 26 1869, in Neosho county, Kansas, she married 2nd John W. Foster. He had been previously married to Hannah Oury who had died 1868 Jan 31 in Neosho county, Kansas. Following their marriage, the children in the household, in 1870 were Alexander, Mary, Edward, Catherine and Jennie, all children of Foster, who had been born between 1849 and 1860. With the exception of the youngster Brewer daughter, the Brewer children were out of the household before the death of their father. The youngest, Matilda, was only 13 years and 19 days old when she married, on Feb 19 1869, to Russell Henderson who was ten years her elder. A number of the Brewers tended to marry far younger than I’ve observed in other families. Matilda’s sister, Rachel, was 13 and 10 months when she married Atwell Henderson, brother of Russell. Delana Fowler was only 14 when she married David Nathaniel Brewer, who was 5 years her elder.

Edward Foster married Minnie Catherine White, who was the daughter of his step-sister Sarah Elizabeth Brewer and Elias White. She was 15 when they married and he was about 17 years older than she.

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