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State Board of Agriculture Lecture in Liberal, Missouri, 1904

Monthly Bulletin
Vol. IV June, 1904 No. 3

The Institute.—Let me say a word here in favor of the commendable work now being done by our State Board of Agriculture. The farmers’ institute and the display car of products are working closer into the confidence of the older farmers than ever before. They have made a deep impression on many of the younger farmers, who are already beginning to take hold. They carry out their educational work in a manner that is readily grasped by the students of the public school, and never fail to say a good word for the work being accomplished by the Agricultural College.

Recently one of those institute meetings was held for us at Liberal, Missouri. The Liberal schools were dismissed in the afternoon for the occasion, and the interest shown by the students was intense. The young ladies were equally interested in the lectures, especially pleased with the contents of the display car, and many students expressed a desire to, at some time, succeed in attending the Agricultural College, and devoting themselves in that direction.

This is what is wanted. A stimulus to the ambition of the youth of the land in an agricultural direction, for let it be understood that a person never achieves anything which they have no ambition for. If a man has not an ambition to drive the best team in the county he will never drive it. If he has no ambition to raise ihe biggest crop of corn in the State he will never raise it. If he has not an ambition to accomplish something he will never accomplish it. Ambition must precede the accomplishment. Cause must precede the effect. No cause, no effect.

The recent lecture of the President of the Missouri Corn Growers’ Association at Liberal is already bearing fruit and more work in that line is now craved by the farmers.

This portion was from a report by P. E. Crabtree of Hannon, Missouri (in Barton County), “Indian Corn–From a Practical Farmer’s Point of View”.




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