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Telephony Liked Liberal’s Telephone Directory in 1910

The July 2 1910 “Telephony”, the American Telephone Journal, liked Liberal’s telephone directory a lot. As if you needed or desired to know this.

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Co-operation Between Public and Company Urged in Directory Advertising.

There arc only fourteen inside pages in the directory of the Liberal Mutual Telephone Company of Liberal, Missouri. But the ratio of original ideas to space is as high as in any book of the kind one has ever seen.

The accompanying illustration gives an idea of some of the good things contained in the book. Among other items one finds, “One way to improve telephone service is for every one to help by paying for what he gets.” Under the head “To the Non-Subscriber” is the following: “We rent telephone SERVICE, not the instrument, and people who want their messages transmitted are expected to pay for the service. If you are not a regular subscriber you must pay tolls in advance.” “Is it right for you to ask your neighbor to provide you the means free, for the same kind of service for which he pays?”

TELEPHONY’S readers will probably remember a transmitter marker reproduced in its pages some time ago which was placed on the telephones by G. H. Dixson, manager of this company, for the purpose of discouraging service borrowing. Mr. Dixon states in a letter to TELEPHONY that his plan worked quite well and that many of his subscribers thanked him for putting them on, as they seemed to think it saved them a great deal of the annoyance caused by these service borrowers.

The directory reminders are also helping in his work.




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