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1892 Oct 17, Letter from Ray Noyes to Caroline Atwell Noyes

A letter from Ray Noyes of Liberal, Missouri to his mother Caroline Atwell Noyes. Paul and Edna Stark had married on June 8 1891 and their daughter Grace was born March of 1892. Paul and his family stayed in Miller, Oklahoma in 1892/93 in preparation for the land run of 1893.

I don’t know where Caroline was staying at the time of the letter.

The letter is courtesy of Nancy Benton.

Liberal MO Oct 17, 92

Mrs. C. A. Noyes

Dear Mother

Well Paul has given up the place and he and Edna left today.

Now the place is open and free for you to come and live here. I would be glad if you would come and be with us at home again

Every thing is getting along fine and we are all well.

There is not any news to tell that I know of I will expect to hear from you immediately

Ray Noyes


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