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1892 April 23, Letter from Caroline Atwell Noyes to Ray Noyes

A letter from Caroline Atwell Noyes to her son Ray in Liberal, Missouri. She was staying with son Allen Marble Noyes who made the land run in 1889.

The letter is courtesy of Nancy Benton.

Miller Oklahoma April 23, 1892

Dear Ray. — I thought you would like to hear from Allens place I will write you a little.

Allens wheat is looking pretty well. There are twenty acres of wheat twenty seven of corn and dont know how many of oats and plenty of potatoes onions and peas. All up and looking well. The little trees and bushes you sent Allen are growing.

Allen has brought a cow and calf. The cow gives about three gallons a day but the calf gets over half and he is fat and pretty. We make butter enough to do us very well. (?) has a nice colt a week old. The mules and pony and


colt are all doing well. The grass is up green where it has been burnt. Allen burnt his pasture some time ago.

I suppose you have read in the paper about the opening of the new indian land. I have not seen any paper that tell about it but Allen went to Elreno and saw the race. There were five new counties come in and a great many went to get lots in the county seats. Bert went and has not got back yet. There was a hard shower and hail storm here the 19th but it was local. I understand it did not rain at all in the new country. It has rained a little to day and Allen think we will have a hard rain before it gets through. One of Allens hens wants to set. We consider that a great event.

Your mother

C. A. N.






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