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George H. Walser in the “Light of Truth Album”

Photo and bio of George H. Walser from the “Light of Truth Album, Containing the Photographs of Prominent Workers in the Cause of Spiritualism” issued by The Light of Truth Publishing Company, Columbus, Ohio, 1897

“G. H. Walser, poet, philanthropist, lawyer, and scientist, is a well known man all over southwest Missouri. Mr. Walser laid out the town of Liberal, Barton county, the land belonging to him, and for years there were no churches and no saloons in the town. Eventually, however, a loophole was found in one of his deeds to some parties and both these social functionings [sic] followed each other into the town. Mr. Walser was a scientific materialist, but large heart [sic] and a close student. Finally, he became converted to Spiritualism and for a number of years has been prominently identified therewith. He established a Spiritualist camp ground near Liberal and many of our speakers have been invited thither during the past years.”

From the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign library website.


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