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American Home Missionary Society Evangelizes in Early Liberal

“The Home Missionary”, published by the American Home Missionary Society and the Congregational Home Missionary Society, listed in its appointments for June of 1884,

“Rev. Frank S. Van Eps, Verdella, Iantha, and Liberal, Mo.”

Appointments for January of 1885 included,

“Rev. Richard T. Marlow, Verdella, Iantha and Liberal, Mo.”

Appointments in May of 1885 gave,

“Rev. George W. Wheat, North Fork, Minden, More Rod and Liberal, Mo.”

I don’t know how these appointments worked, but these individuals didn’t appear to stay in one place for very long. The society was begun in the early 1800s and had representatives from the Congregational, Presbyterian and Reformed churches. By 1893 it was no longer interdenominational and was instead the Congregational Home Missionary Society.


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