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Carrie Isabel McKenney with her niece, Jennie Belle Tripp, 1910

Courtesy of Larry McCombs
I touched it up a little.

This 1910 photo shows Carrie Isabel McKenney, daughter of George Washington McKenney Jr. and Belle M. Sparks, with her niece Jennie Belle Tripp, born October 6, 1909. Jennie was a daughter of Mabel Clair McKenney, Carrie’s sister, and Franklin B. Tripp.

Francis Partch once wrote me of a postcard she had mentioning Jennie:

I am looking at an old postcard Mr. & Mrs. Frank Tripp to Mrs. E. T. Conner at Pawhuska, OK. (This is my grandmother Amanda Emelia McCormick Conner West) announcing the birth of a daughter Jennie Belle TRIPP, born Oct 6. The card is postmarked 8 OCT 1909 at Chautauqua Kans. I think this daughter died as a little girl.

The 1910 census showed the Tripps living in Big Hill, Osage, Oklahoma. The McKenneys were living in Chautauqua, Kansas.

Jennie died December 25, 1915 and is buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Chautauqua County, Kansas.

The photo was either taken in Osage, Oklahoma or Chautauqua County, Kansas.


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