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House of Banker, G. W. Baldwin

Home of banker, George Baldwin
Home of banker, George Baldwin (retouched)

The home of Banker G. W. Baldwin. He was president of the Exchange Bank. He was a native of Schuyler County, New York. He and his family moved to Liberal in 1888 and organized the Bank of Liberal. He and his partners sold the bank to J. J. Stewart of Ft. Scott, Kansas five years later. Stewart soon tired of banking and left town, leaving Liberal without a bank. So in 1894, Mr. Baldwin built a new building with a safe and opened the Exchange Bank.

In December 1895, the Liberal Enterprise newspaper printed a four page supplement that detailed the history of Liberal and also told about Liberal’s businesses and citizens. Below are computer scans from newspaper microfilm showing some of the early scenes. The quality is not perfect, but its better than a machine made copy.

Barbara Irwin first posted this material on her new defunct webpages on Liberal.




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