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Lena Elizabeth Minor Cherry

Courtsy of Nancy Benton

The photo is of Lena Elizabeth Minor, who married R. Graham Cherry on August 1 1935. I’m assuming that her husband is the man sitting beside her on what looks like a pleasant summer evening.

Lena was born August 1 1916 in Liberal, Missouri, the daughter of Cora Vera Noyes and John J. Minor. Cora was a daughter of Ray Noyes and Elizabeth Jane “Bettie” Brewer of Liberal, Missouri.

The family record gives Lena as dying July 1981 but her grave marker at Find a Grave shows she died May 31, 1981. She is buried at Centuries Memorial Park Cemetery in Shreveport, Louisiana, as are
Robert Graham Cherry Sr. and Robert Graham Cherry, Jr.



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  1. Bill Cherry Avatar
    Bill Cherry

    R. Graham Cherry was my father’s older brother. That is R. Graham Cherry in the photo. I am interested in knowing the date of my cousin, Robert G., Cherry, Jr.’s death and any information as to what he died of.

    Lena was my uncle’s second wife. His first wife was one of the twin daughters of the fellow who made and bottled O.J.’s Beauty Lotion. I seem to remember that he had one or two daughters with the first wife. Robert, Jr., was born of his union with Lena.

    My uncle was Shreveport optometrist oil wildcatter. His optical shop was called Lucky Optical.

  2. jmk Avatar

    Hi, Bill. The Findagrave website used to have all that information and photos of their graves up, but it appears the records aren’t there any longer. I didn’t save down photos of their graves because it didn’t occur to me that info might be taken down, but I did record Robert Jr’s information. He died 1991 September 26 and was buried at Centuries Memorial Park Cemetery in Shreveport. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what it was he died of.

  3. jmk Avatar

    P.S. Bill, thanks for the additional info. I didn’t have that.

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