Evermore Genealogy

Review of the Alphadelphia Tocsin

From Volume VIII, December 12, 1845, of “The Star in the West”


The best paper we have ever seen devoted to Association or Fourierism is one of the above title, published in Alphadelphia, Michigan. It is clear, explicit and practical–and therefore a useful agent in the dissemination of the views of Association. In this respect it differs from the ‘Harbinger’, published at Brook Farm, Mass. which is full of Swedenborgianism and mysticism. The Editor of that, I perceive, thinks that our best educated men are mere dwarfs compared with the literary men of Germany. How does he know? Does he take the mysticisms and wild speculations of some Germans to be useful “science”?

The ‘Harbinger’ is very neatly printed, but does not contain practical information; nad its columns of notices of books go but little ways towards accomplishing the professed objects of the paper. I do not believe in Fourierism, and write this notice because I have some valued friends who do believe in it. The Tocsin (can its editors find no better name for it?) is printed every week at $1,50.


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