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Marriages of the Children of Nathan and Lydia Atwell

Courtesy of Nancy Benton. This is in Caroline Atwell Noyes’ handwriting.

Marriages of the children of Nathan and Lydia Atwell

Bridgett Atwell and Ralph Hill were married in Johnson Vermont March 27, 1821
Susan and Joel T. Hayford Nov. 25, 1827
And to N. Thompson July 15, 1840
John to Eveline Coats Dec 10th 1827
Hiram to Rachel Scagel Oct. 7th. 1830
Benjamin to Lora Hunt April 1832
Caroline to Caleb Simmons April 14th 1848
James to Lucy Ann Gilmore Oct. 22nd 1848
Asher E. to Charlotte Thornton Oct 29th (?) 1854


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