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Family Record – Deaths of the Family of Nathan and Lydia Atwell

Courtesy of Nancy Benton. Written by Caroline Atwell Noyes.

Deaths of the family of Nathan and Lydia Atwell

Rev. Joel T. Hayford Died Dec 21st 1831
Nathan Atwell Jr. Died March 24 1843 aged 32 years
Nathan Atwell died Nov. 13 1844 aged 78 years
Lydia the wife of Nathan Atwell died Jan. 20th 1846 aged 73 years.
Hiram Atwell died Dec, 2nd, 1849 at 9 (?) oclock P. M. aged 48 years
Susan Thompson died in Oberlin Ohio June 21st 1862
Wm. C. died in Johnson May 15, 1865
Caroline died in Waterbury July 1st 1878
John died Johnson March 13 1880
Taken from the old Family Bible Feb 17th 1883
By A. E. Atwell and copied March 1, 1885 by C. A. Noyes.

Note: Joel Hayford was the husband of Susan Atwell. A. E. Atwell who made the initial copy would have been Asher E. Atwell b. 1816 Noc 10 in Johnson, Lamoille, Vermont.


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