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James Allen Noyes 1881 Deed in Barton County, Missouri

This deed, Made the 7th day of October 1881 between R. Holt Easley, Samuel H. Holt executor of the last will of James S. Easley, late of Halifax County, State of Virginia, deceased, of the one part and J. A. Noyes, of the County of Barton and State of Missouri of the other part: (illegible) that whereas, the said James S. Easley died seized in his own right, in fee simple of a certain tract of land situate in the County of Barton and State of Missouri, described as follows: The South West quarter of Section Seven (7) in Township Thirty-two (32) of Range Thirty-two (32) containing One hundred and Sixty acres according to the United States survey – And whereas by the last Will and Testament of the said James S. Easley deceased, among other things he ordered and directed his executors therein after named, or any two of them, to sell and convey at either public or private sale the said tract of land for the last price that could be had for the same and appointed said R. Holt Easley, Samuel W. Holt and Wood Bouldin Jr. to be the executors of his said will, as in and by said Will now remaining of record in the Office of the County Court of the County of Halifax and State of Virginia, and also in the Recorders Office of Barton County and State of Missouri more fully appears. And whereas said will was the 27th day of October 1879, duly admitted to probate, and letter testamentary thereon in due form of law granted to the said R. Holt Easley, Samuel W. Holt and Wood Bouldin, Jr., Now, therefore, in consideration of the premises and the sum of Sixteen hundred Dollars in hand paid by the said J. A. Noyes the receipts of which is hereby acknowledged the said R. Holt Easley. Samuel W. Holt and – as such executors, do by these presents, grant bargain, sell, convey and confirm, unto the said J. A. Noyes his heirs and assigns forever, the above described tract of land together with all the rights, privileges, and appertenances, thereunto belonging, did all the Estate, right, (illegible) and interest of the said James S. Easley in his lifetime in and to the same: Subject to taxes after the year 1881. To Have and to Hold the lands hereby conveyed with all the appertenances, to the only proper use, benefits, and behoof of the said J. A. Noyes, his heirs and (illegible) forever. For Witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our names and affixed our seals the day and year first above written.

R. Holt Easley
Saml W. Holt

Executors of James S. Easley, Dec’d
State of Virginia,
County of Halfiax.

Be it Remembered that R. Holt Easley, Samuel W. Holt and Wood Bouldin, Jr. executors of James S. Easley, dec’d who are personally known to the undersigned, a Notary Public, within and for said County, to be the persons whose names are subscribed to the foregoing Deed as parties thereto, this day appeared before me and severally acknowledged that they executed and delivered the same as their voluntary acts, and deed, as the executors of James S. Easley, dec’d for the use and purposes therein mentioned.

Given under my hand and official seal, this 9th day of October A. D. 1881

Wm. Leigh
Notary Public

The foregoing Deed was filed for record in my office the 17th day of October A. D. 1881 at 3 pm

J. F. Burkhart Recorder

* * * * *

One may ask then, who was James S. Easley?

He’s amazingly simple to find on the web. Why? Because he was the business partner of a James Bruce, the third millionaire in the United States, and was a speculator with 400,000 acres of land in seven western states.

Four hundred thousand.

How do you amass 400, 000 acres of land?

Easley and Bruce were in the mercantile business and started the first chain stores.


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