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George W. McKenney and Rhoda Scarborough and Descendants

George W. McKenney, born May 20, 1816 in Pennsylvania, died July 14, 1892 in Randolph County, Indiana, buried at Hopewell Cemetery, is a known son of Robert McKenney and Margaret who lived in Belmont, Guernsey and Monroe Counties, Ohio. He is believed by me to be a relative of my George W. McKenney Sr. who was born about 1830, and who I think was a grandson of the above Robert and Margaret. My speculation is that this George W. McKenney (so spelled in 1850, he is also given as George W. McKinney) was an uncle of my G. W. McKenney.

“She (Rhoda Scarborough) married an Irishman, George McKinney. His mother Margaret, was born in Ireland in 1776.”
Source: Jacob Miller and Jane Scarborough Kith’ N’ Kin’
By Flavil R. Miller 1971
Original from University of Wisconsin

Rhoda’s brother, Mark, was one of those who moved to the Ioway area of Kansas, settling in 1865 in Iowa, Doniphan, Kansas, next to the Nemaha/Iowa Reservation. As my G. W. McKenney was said to have married an Ioway woman, this has been of interest to me.

George, son of Robert and Margaret, would have been one of the males in the 1820 census of Robert’s household.

1820 for Robert McKinney
1 male under 10, b 1810-1820 (George W)
1 male 10 to 16, b 1810 to 1804
1 male 16 to 18, b 1804 to 1802
1 males 16 to 26, b 1804 to 1796
1 male 45 and up, b 1775 before
1 female 10 to 16, b 1810 to 1804
1 female 16 to 26 b 1804 to 1794
1 female 45 and up, b 1775 abt

pg. 209
William MCKINNEY 3 2 – – – 1 1 – – – 1 – 2
(3 males under 10, 2 10 to 16, 1 45 and up, 1 female under 10, 1 45 and up)
Joseph BEEDY?
William NICHOL
pg. 213
Rudolph FARELL
Susan HARDISTEY 2 – – – – – – – – 1
(2 males under 10, 1 female 26 to 45)
NOTE: She married a William McKINNEY.
Richard HARDISTEY – – – – – 1 – – – – 1
(1 male over 45, 1 female over 45)
Robert HARDISTEY 4 – – – 1 – 2 – – – 1
Robert MCKINNEY 1 1 1 2 – 1 – 1 1 – 1 – 3
(1 male under 10, 1 male 10 to 16, 1 male 16 to 18, 2 males 16 to 26, 1 45 and up, 1 female 10 to 16, 1 female 16 to 26, 1 female 45 and up. A Robert MCKINNEY in 1830 Belmont has 2 female 20 to 30, a male 10 to 15 and 1 20 to 30, plus two older adults, and could match this household.)
Dennis HALL
James BALL
William MARTIN
William BELL
Catherine DILLON

Again, George would be present in 1830.

1830 Robert
1 male 10 to 15 b 1815-1820
2 males 20 to 30 b 1800-1810
1 male 50 to 60 b 1870-1880
2 females 20 to 30 b 1800-1810
1 female 40 to 50 b 1880-1890

If this is the same Robert as in the Belmont County 1820 census (and I believe it is), the two older males, b. 1794 to 1804, have left the household.

pg. 780
James REED
Travis PETTY
William MOORE
Ludwell PETTY
Ludwell PETTY was from Prince William, VA, the son of Travis PETTY above.

John MCKINNEY 3 1 – – – 1 – – – – – – – – 2 – – – 1
NOTE: appears to be same McKINNEY as 1840 Millwood.
Henry BAILEY – 1 – – – 1 / – 2 – – – 1
NOTE: See 1840 BELMONT Census, a Henry lives next to a Robert LOVE.
Don’t know if the following would be a related BAILEY. Bailey, James, F., far., Sec. 26; P.O. Bentonsport; owns 252 acres of land, valued at $40 per acre. Born Aug. 23, 1825, in Belmont Co., Ohio; parents moved to Morgan Co. in 1835; from there to this county in the spring of 1850; lived in Bonaparte till the fall of 1851, then went to California via New Orleans; from there to the Isthmus by steamer; from there to San Francisco in a sailing-vessel; came near perishing for want of food and water, being out seventy-seven days; while there, was engaged in mining, and on the public works; returned in 1855, and married Celestine Davidson July 25, 1855; she was born April 10, 1835; in Illinois; came on to his present farm in January, 1855; have one daughter–Ella, married to H. T. Shepherd Nov. 12, 1872. Mr. Bailey served in the Mexican war in Co. H, 3d Ohio Inf.; was in the service about one year. Member of the M. E. Church; Republican.

Isaac SINEL?
William HART
Stephen HALL
Michael BRADY
William GRIGLY
Daniel SEER
Nathan PRICE
Caleb HALL
pg. 781
Edmund HAISE
Bailey HAISE
See 1850 Monroe Census. Enoch HAYES.
Ogden GREY
John MCKINNEY 3 1 – – 1 – – – – – – – – 1 1 – – 1
NOTE: Likely same McKINNEY as 1840 Guernsey Oxford.
William DOWNEY
Matthew HILL
Archibald JOHNSTON
Knowles DOWDNA?
http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=kerrysimi&id=I14013. Knowles DOWDNA b. 1780 Pitt Co. NC, son of Henry DOWDNA and Elizabeth KNOWLES, married Hannah WEBSTER.
Henry HALL
A Henry HALL was executor for the will of Bailey HAYES b. 1776 GA. died 1845 Guernsey.
Isaac HALL
http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=kerrysimi&id=I14036. An Isaac HALL married Mary Doudna b. 12 Feb 1778, daughter of John DOUDNA and Sarah KNOWLES. John was a brother of Knowles DOUDNA.
Robert MCKINNEY – – 1 – 2 – – 1 – – – – – – – – – 2 – 1 (one male 10 to 15, 2 males 20 to 30, one male 50 to 60, 2 females 20 to 30 and 1 40 to 50)
Likely related to Isaac HALL. A Zilpah HAYES b. 1762 GA married a Joseph STUBBS b. Cane Creek NC. A daughter was Sarah STUBBS b. 1787 Wrightsborogh, Richmond Co. GA. who married Benjamin HALL Sr. b. 1787 in NC. Their son, John B. HALL b. 1813 died in Guernsey (as did his mother). He married Anne KUHNS b. 17 March 1811 in GUERNSEY. This Zilpha HAYES is not listed among siblings of Bailey, Frederick and Edmund HAISE living above, but likely is. Joseph S. HALL, a son of Benjamin HALL and Sarah. He went to Liberty Township, Warren Co. IA in the early 1840s.
Zilpha HAYES b. 1811, daughter of Bailey HAYES and Mary STUBBS, married Thomas COLES, and a brother Isaac married Mary “Polly” COLES. Elizabeth COLES b. 1832, daughter of Thomas COLES and Zilpha, married William LOVE. Among their children was a James Walker LOVE. A James COLES when to Warren Co. IA with Joseph HALL.

William SMITH

George and Rhoda married in 1835. Thus far the only possible fit I’ve found for them is the below household. It’s not proven this is George and Rhoda, but they would have had a young son just as this couple does.

1840 OH Washington Co., Ludlow
pg. 292
Josiah G. HEARN
George YOHO
Henry WARD
George MCKINNEY 2 – – – 1 / – – – – 1
Jesse WARD

Francis M. McKenney was born 1836. William McKenney was born in 1840. James was born in 1844.

We find the family in the 1850 Enoch, Monroe, Ohio census, in which my George W. McKenney also appeared, living several households from the widowed Margaret McKenney, who was the mother of George W. McKenney who married Rhoda.

pg. 16 Ancestry.com or pg. 334B
Thomas WEEKLEY 31
Phillip BLAZER 41
315/315 Sarah HERRING 42 b. OH
WIlliam McMEANEY 17
Thomas 13
Elisa A. 12
Rebecca MCKINNEY 3
316/316 John YOUNG 25 and Sarah (b. OH)
317/317 Benyama or Benjamin? VAUGHN 27 and May
William VAUGHN also in household 27 b. VA and Catherine McMEANEY or McKINNEY 10
318/318 John ALLTOP or AUTOP 55 and Sarah
319/319 William YOUNG 73 and Elizabeth 54, PA and OH
320/320 James BROWN 52 and Mary

pg. 336B
343/343 John A. STABB 26 and Magdalena
344/344 George MCKENNEY 32 PA
Rhoda 32 OH
Frances 14
William 10
James 6
Rebecca SCARBOROUGH married George MCKINNEY (household #344 1850 Monroe County, Enoch census). Her sister Jane married Jacob MILLER. In this census, residing between my G. W. MCKINNEY and Margaret MCKENNEY are this Jacob and Jane Miller.

http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=REG&db=suekmurray&id=I0315 gives this as Jacob MILLER Jr. b. 1803 in Washington Township PA, died 16 March 1894 in Cambridge, Center Twp., Guernsey Co. OH, who married Jane SCARBOROUGH. Jane SCARBOROUGH’s sister, Rhoda, married the other George McKINNEY in this census and most of the siblings seem to have married in Guernsey. Jacob MILLER’s father, Jacob Sr., is observed in the 1800 census of Washington Co. PA.

http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=suekmurray&id=I0650 (Sue Murray bsmurray at home.com) gives this as Rhoda SCARBOROUGH b. 1818 in OH who married George McKINNEY b. 1818 in PA. They had Francis M. b. 1846, William b. 1840 and James b. 1844, all given as in Monroe. Rhoda’s parents were Joseph SCARBOROUGH Jr. b. 20 Jan 1776 in Bucks Co. PA and Rebecca BARNETT b. 1786 in PA. Rhoda’s sister Jane married Jacob MILLER son of Jacob MILLER in Guernsey. The 1830 Guernsey OH census shows a Jacob MILLER with one 15-20 year old son living between Timothy SHARRICK? and Benjamin STIGLER. Further down that page is a Peter YAGGE or YAGGER living next to a William SHAFER.

Rhoda’s father died in 1825. Her family is perhaps that of Rebecca SCARBROT observed in 1830 Guernsey County, Center Township, pg. 458. In 1830 her brother Benjamin is in Belmont CO., Pultney, pg. 277 residing two households from a James KELSEY Jr. who is not likely related to the KELSEYs residing next to William MCKINNEY in 1850 Van Buren Co. IA. There are no familiar names beside the SCARBOROUGHS in the 1830 and 1840 census.

345/345 John YAGER 30 b. Germany
Margaret YAGER 51 Germany
346/346 Joseph HAMMOND 31 and Barbery
347/347 Jacob SHOTTS 34 and Ann

George and Rachel had Samuel in Indiana in 1852.

We next find the family in Haw Creek, Morgan, Missouri in 1860.

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Haw Creek, Morgan, Missouri; Roll: M653_636; Page: 0; Image: 45.
319/295 G. W. MCKINNEY 45 farmer b. PA
Rhoda 43 b. OH
William 20
James 16
Samuel (?) 8 male b. IN
Frances M. 23 b. OH
Barbara 21
318/296 Jno. RESTER 30 and Polly 32 b. MO and TN

1870 finds the family back in Indiana.

1870 Indiana, Blackford, Licking
160/155 CASTERLINE Ira b.NJ and Lydia 22 b. IN
161/156 HEDGE Abner b. PA and Charlote b. NY
162 empty
163/157 MCKINNEY George 54 farmer $400 b. OH
Rhoda 54 b. OH
Samuel 18 b. IN
164/158 GETTYS Sarah 50 b. PA
Joseph 23 b.IN and other children
165/159 CASTERLINE Ira 24 b. IN and Charlotte b. OH

In the 1870 Blackford County, Washington census is a Rebecca McKINNEY 25 b. IN with a George W. 4 in the household of Fanny BENEDICT b. MA.

In 1880 they are in the Greene, Randolph, Indiana census.

Joseph A. DEPOY 30 b. IN and Safrona 35 b. VA
* John READ 26 b. OH and Lyda A. 27 b. OH
* William CAMPBELL 31 b. IN parents b. OH and SC and Alas J. 25 (see note on campbell)
* Anderson B. STPEHENS 25 b. IN
Francis M. REYNOLDS 25 b. IN
Leander SHAVER 23 b. OH
* Constent B. MCPROUD 40 b. OH and Mizella 39 b. IN
George MC KINEY Self M Male W 64 PA Farmer IRE IRE
Rhody MC KINEY Wife M Female W 63 OH Keeping House MD MD
Source Information:
Census Place Greene, Randolph, Indiana
Family History Library Film 1254306
NA Film Number T9-0306
Page Number 65D
* Milton MERANDA 38 b. OH and Matilda 33 b. IN

Though given at Worldconnect as marrying a Harriet BANNER, this may fit the bill for William Alonzo CAMPBELL b. 17 Oct 1857 Randolph IN, son of Hezekiah CAMPELL 2 Jan 1827 in Belmont and Rachel FAULKNER b. 27 Dec 1833 in Randolph IN.
Hezekiah’s parents were Alexander CAMPBELL and Susanna BROWN.

Francis M. McKenney is known to have married a Barbara A.

They were in Greene, Randolph, Indiana in 1870, 1880 and 1900. They don’t appear to have had children.

1870 IN Randolph Co. Greene
174/174 MCPROUD James 29 and Martha 21
175/175 McPROUD Jno 41 and Nancy
176/176 MCKINNEY M. 30 $2500 $500 b. OH
Barbary 28 b. IN

1880 IN Randolph Co. Greene
Francis M. MC KINEY Self M Male W 43 OH Farmer OH OH
Barbra A. MC KINEY Wife M Female W 40 OH Keeping House PA PA
Source Information:
Census Place Greene, Randolph, Indiana
Family History Library Film 1254306
NA Film Number T9-0306
Page Number 63C

1900 IN Randolph County
MCKINNEY Francis M head March 1836 64 married 40 years b. OH father b. PA mother b. OH
Barbara A. Dec 1838 61 0 children b. OH father b. VA mother b. PA
DUKE Julia boarder Feb 1868 31 single b. IN father b. illegible mother b. VA
MARTIN Nancy boarder Nov 1865 34 single b. Indiana parents b. OH

I’ve not been able to follow James McKenney following the 1860 census or Samuel McKenney following the 1870 census.

Son William McKenney married a Rebecca Benedict on Sep 13 1863 in Blackford County, Indiana. He appears to have died before 1870. In that census we find Rebecca and a son, George W., in Washington, Blackford, Indiana.

1870 IN Blackford Co. Washington
182/180 BENEDICT Fanny 64 $300 $236 b. MA
John M. 22 farmer b. IN
MCKINNEY Rebecca 25
George W. 4
MILES Fannie 13

July 3 1873 in Blackford County, Indiana, Rebecca McKenney married a 2nd time to a James Palmer who had been previously married to a Maranda Richardson. The family is in the 1880 Monroe, Grant, Indiana census.

Source Citation: Year: 1880; Census Place: Monroe, Grant, Indiana; Roll: T9_280; Family History Film: 1254280; Page: 552.4000; Enumeration District: 175; Image: 0105.
209/217 PALMER James 47 farmer b. OH parents b. VA
Rebecca 37 b. IN parents b. NY
Francis 6 b. IN father b. OH mother b. IN
Arthur 5
Dellie M. 2 female
MCKINNEY George 15 stepson

What happened to George W. McKenney after 1880, I don’t know. If anyone descended from this family comes across this blog, I’d like to hear from them. Perhaps someone down this line has more information on the family of Robert and Margaret McKenney. I’ve yet to see on McKenney boards anyone researching this line.






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