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James Kelly Crockett and Millie Ann Stricklin

The following was written Sept 29 1931 by Sadie Hackney CROCKETT, wife of Samuel Kelly.

“Samuel Kelly Crockett was born in Boone Co. MO on Oct 6 1855. His father moved his family to Chautauqua Co. Kans in 1871 and from which time his home has been in the above named county.

“Sarah Elizabeth Hackney was born in Van Buren Iowa, Dec. 4, 1857. Her father moved his family to Chautauqua Co. Kans in the year 1872. Then to Montgomery Co. KS in 1876 and to Washington Co. Kansas in 1878 and in this last named county Samuel Kelly Crockett and Sarah Elizabeth Hackney were married on Dec. 21 1882. Came to Chautauqua Co. immediately following the marriage and have made their home here. In this Co., their eight children were born, Six of whom lived to maturity.”

* * * * * * * *

James Kelly CROCKETT, son of James Reyburn CROCKETT and Elouisa WRIGHT, was b. 21 Sept 1832 at Boone Co. MO and died 12 Oct. 1909 in Chautauqua Co. KS. at the age of 77.

James died in a fire that destroyed the Old Crockett Farmhouse. He is buried at the El Cado Cemetery in Chautauqua.

On 28 Sept 1852 in MO, James married Millie Ann STRICKLIN, daughter of Thomas STRICKLIN and Elizabeth SHOCK. Millie was 16 and James was 20.

Millie was born 12 Dec. 1835 in Boone Co. MO and died 29 Nov. 1910 in Chautauqua Co. KS. at the age of 74. Papers provided my family also give Millie as born in Audrain County, 10 miles southwest of Mexico, MO. She is buried at the El Cado Cemetery.

James was a farmer.

Papers provided by family give James as born in Boone County Missouri, Northeast of Columbia.

Lloyd Clinton MCKINNEY wrote the CROCKETTS had a farm near Nevada MO (borders Kansas, in Vernon County) just prior the Limestone Prairie farm in Chautauqua Co. KS, which he said was located fifteen miles across the border from Fort Scott in Kansas and about as many miles above Liberal Mo.

Notes taken from when I was a teenager gives the Crocketts as moving from Nevada MO to Sedan KS in 1871.

James and Millie were married 57 years.

They had 7 children. All the children of James and Millie were said to have been born in the same house on a farm in Boone Co. MO, known as Two Mile Prairie:

  1. Martha Eliza “Mattie” CROCKETT b. 3 July 1853 in Boone County, Missouri, d. 10 July 1929 in Chautauqua County, Kansas. Married to William Fillard LEMMON 1877 May 20 in Chautauqua County. I will cover this family in another post
  2. Samuel Kelly CROCKETT, b. 6 Oct 1855 in Boone County, Mo., died 10 or 20 March 1934 in KS., married Sarah Elizabeth HACKNEY 1882 Dec 21 in , Washington County, Kansas. Direct line. This family is covered in another post.
  3. James Quentin (Quenton) CROCKETT b. 15 Jan 1858 in Boone County, Missouri, d. 15 Jan 1884 in Chautauqua County, Kansas. 1883 Feb 14 he married Catherine (Katie) GRAHAM, daughter of John Daniel Graham and Cynthenia Ann Brewer (not linked with the Noyes Brewers, as far as I am aware). John Graham’s parents were Jospeh Graham and Nancy, and another child of theirs was Nancy, born 1841 Feb 16 in Illinois, who married Wilson William McKenzie on 1866 Jan 21 in Iola, Allen, Kansas. Wilson McKenzie’s parents were Joseph McKenzie and Sarah Love. The Pershalls married into both the McKenzie and Stricklin familes. I will write of this elsewhere.
  4. John Keithly CROCKETT b. 11 July 1861 in Missouri, d. 5 April 1893. It’s likely he died in Chautauqua County. He never married and had no children.
  5. Elouise “Louisa” Rebecca CROCKETT b. 2 Nov. 1870 in Boone County, Missouri, d. 2 Feb. 1827 at 57 in Chautauqua County, Kansas, married (1) William FOSTER on 1895 Jan 5 (he apparently died before 1900) and then (2) Nathaniel BROCKEY on 1901 Nov 28 in Chautauqua County, Kansas. I may cover this family in another post.
  6. Sallie Blanche CROCKETT was born 6 March 1876 in Missouri and died 5 July 1897 in Kansas, likely in Chautauqua County.

* * * * * * * * * *



KARNES Harvey (FM) 26 VA
Mary 28 MO
Leonidas 6 MO
Vernesa J. 4 MO
Joseph M. 2 MO
Married to Mary Martha Strickland, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
CROCKETT James K. (FM) 28 MO
Milly A. 24 MO
Martha 6 MO
S.K. 4 MO
James I 1 MO
M.M. 21 IL
Elizabeth 39 MO
MK 17 m. MO

Also living in the nearby area: Corker, Gummans, Griffa, Kindrell, Davenport, Wilcox, Jones (James 35 and family KY), Powell, Hunter, Hunton, Clark (James 22 KY and family), Baker, McKill, Reams or Reaves, Gooding, Phillips, Hutchinson, Proffitt, Brown, Roseboom, Porter, Linzy, Hues, Mylines, Hooper, Springer, Ramey or Rainey, KELLY (Thomas 34 MO and family), Bowan. The KIRKPATRICKS were in Drywood Township, Drywood, MO.


1875 census Kansas, township of (unintelligible), post office “Peru”.
First day of March
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
125/125 J. K. Crockett, 43 M W Farmer 200/320 Mo. Mo.
(unintell) 40 F
Martha 22 F
Samuel 19 M
J. Q. 17 M
J. K. 4 M (Attended school – 3)
L..B. (?) F
J. T. PERSHALL 25 W Farmer (value of personal property) $180 IA IA
Sarah 24 F MO IA
Elba 4 M MO MO
Della 2 F KS KS
S. H. PERSHALL 48 (?) Farmer $300 $280 MO MO
Millicent 47 F SC MO
Mary 18 IA MO
Florence 16 IA MO
Ella 16 IA MO
J. W. PERSHALL 22 M Farmer $– $120 IA MO
Jane 18 F MO MO
Wm. 6/12 M KS MO
Isaac SEAMOR (?) 62 MO MO
Margaret 57 F MO MO
Lisa 13 MO MO
John LOFTON 24 M Farmer $– $150 IL IL
Liza 18 F VA IL
W. S. BARNES 36 M Farmer NJ IL (attended school – 3)
Abula 40 F MI IL
Joel 10 M OH IA
W. W. BYERS 40 Farmer $– $120 IA IA
Jane 35 F IA IA (attended school – 6)
Jessie 16 F IA IA (attended school – 6)
Harry 13 M IA IA (attended school – 6)
Molly 8 F IA IA (attended school – 6)
Charles 6 M IA IA
Daniel 4 M KS KS
Frank 1 M KS KS

(1) household
(2) name
(3) age
(4) sex
(5) race
(6) occupation
(7) value of real estate
(8) value of personal property
(9) where born
(10) moved to Kansas from

(19) or (302 A)

PERSHALL Samuel 52 farmer b. MO father b. MO and mother b. KY
Milicent 52 wife b. SC and parents b. SC
Ella R. 12 daughter b. Iowa and father b. MO and mother b. SC
William A. 5 grandson b. KS father b. IA and mother b. MO
Ada S. 4 granddaughter b. KS father b. IA and mother b. MO
MCKINSEY Joseph 37 farmber b. KS parents b. IN
Florence 22 wife b. IA father b. MO and mother b. SC
Nora M. b. 1880 KS
NOTE: Married to Florence PERSHALL.
CROCKETT James K. 47 Farmer b. MO father b. VA mother b. KY
Millie A. (STRICKLIN) 44 wife b. MO father b. TN mother b.KY
Samuel K. 24 son b. MO
James L. 21 son b. MO
John K. 18 son b. MO
Louise R. 9 daughter b. MO
Sallie B. 4 daughter b. MO
Beverly B. 35 daughter b. MO
Beverly B. is likely Beverly Brown Crockett, b. 1855 in Boone County, Missouri, daughter of James Reyburn Crockett and Elouise Louisa Wright.

I’m unable to find the family in either the 1885 or 1895 Kansas census.

CROCKETT James K. w m sept 1832 67 b. Mo. Father-Va. Mother-KY
Millie A. (STRICKLIN) w f Dec. 1835 64 b. Mo. Father-Tenn. Mother-Ky.
FOSTER Lulu (daughter) w f Oct. 1875 age 24 b. Missouri father-Tenn and mother-KY.
NOTES: James owns his own farm. Lulu is Louisa who had married William W. Foster in 1895.
CROCKETT Samuel w m Oct. 1855 age 44 b. Mo. Father-Mo Mother-KY
Sarah E. (HACKNEY) w f Dec 1857 age 42 b. Iowa Father-Ohio Mother-Ohio
William D. w m Sept 1883 age 16 b. Kansas f-Mo m-Iowa
Buell K. w m Feb 1885 age 15 b. Kansas f-Mo m-Iowa
Vera w f Mar. 1886 age 14 b. Kansas f-Mo m-Iowa
Clifford R.w m May 1888 age 13 b. Kansas f-Mo m-Iowa
George K. w m Sept 1886 age 14 b. Kansas f-Mo m-Iowa
Sadie D. w f Oct 1892 age 7 b. Kansas f-Mo m-Iowa

1905 Kansas State Census shows James Kelly and Millie living with son James Kelly. Next door is Elouise (Louisa) Crockett and her husband Nathaniel Brockey.

Name: J K Crockett
Census Date: 1 Mar 1905
Residence County: Chautauqua
Residence State: Kansas
Locality: Belleville
Birth Location: Missouri
Family Number: 109
Gender: Male
Estimated birth year: abt 1833
Race: White
Line: 30
Roll: ks1905_20

* * * *

104 Tannahill family
105 Lovall A family
106 Shole family
107 Darnall family
108/108 BROCKEY M 57 line 21 b. OH father MI mother illigible
L R 35 b. MO from MO
E B 2 b. KS from KS
Infant female b. KS
109/109 CROCKETT SK 49 line 25 b. MO from MO
SH 47 b. IA from IA
Buell 20 b. KS from KS
Clifford 17
Geo 15
D S 12 female
J K 72 b. MO from MO
M A 69

In this census, Millie Ann Stricklin CROCKETT is seen living with her son-in-law Nethanal BROCKEY.
BROCKEY Nethanal m w 61 md 29 ys? b. OHIO parents b. PENN farmer
Lula wife f w 39 md 8 years 3 children 3 surviving b. Missouri parents b. Missouri
Estill son m w 7
Gladys daughter f w 5
Burnis daughter f w 3
CROCKETT Milly f w 74 wd
CROCKETT Samuel m w 54 md 27 years b. Missouri parents b. Missouri
Sadie wife f w 52 md. 27 years 7 children 5 surviving b. Iowa parents b. Ohio
George son m w 20 s
Dorothy daughter f w 17 s
CROCKETT Buell m w 25 md 2 years b. Kansas parents b.Missouri and Iowa
Lillian wife f w 21 md 2 years b. Kansas father b. Iowa mother b. Nebraska
CROCKETT Charles m w 22 md 1 year b. Kansas parents b. Missouri and Iowa
Dena wife f w 23 md 1 year b. Kansas parents b. Iowa

Below is the property range for James Kelly Crockett. I would love to see a county map of these ranges to see exactly where this was.

“This list was extracted from the George A. Ogle and Company 1921 Standard Atlas of Chautauqua County, Kansas. Information is listed in general terms, i.e., name of the owner, section, township, range and my own estimated acres…Please be aware that the designation Belleville Township is a political designation and parts of the township are in Range 11 and 12 east as well as in townships 34 and 35 south.”


Crockett, J. K. 7 35s 12e 100 Belleville

Below are the Crockett burials at El Cado Cemetery in Chautauqua County:


Buried at Elcado Cemetery:
CROCKETT, Blanche L. 28 Oct 1891 03 Jun 1921 w/o George K.
CROCKETT, Buell K. 05 Feb 1885 29 Dec 1933
CROCKETT, David 29 Sep 1883 23 May 1905
CROCKETT, Eugenie 28 Sep 1897 09 Jul 1898
CROCKETT, James K. 21 Sep 1832 12 Oct 1909
CROCKETT, Milly Ann 12 Dec 1835 29 Nov 1910 his wife
CROCKETT, John Keithly 11 Jul 1861 05 Apr 1893
CROCKETT, Sally Blanche 06 Mar 1876 06 Jul 1897
CROCKETT, Quinton L. 15 Jan 1859 10 Feb 1884 (25 y, 26 d)
CROCKETT, S. Kelly 1855 1934
CROCKETT, Sadie 1857 1946
LEMMON, Roy F. 25 Apr 1878 01 May 1908
LEMMON, William F. 13 Jun 1848 24 Sep 1931
LEMMON, Mattie E. 03 Jul 1853 10 Jul 1929 this couple buried
between Dr. W.G. Jack &
George A. Jack


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