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Robert Eugene McKenney


Photo courtesy of Allan McKenney. I played a bit with it.

Robert Eugene McKenney was born abt 1821 in Pennsylvania and died 1898 Sep 30 in Kimball, Stearns, Minnesota. He married, abt 1846 in (perhaps) Guernsey County, Ohio, Mary Bartow. Mary was born 1816 in Harrison County, Ohio and died 1879 Feb in Stearns County, Minnesota. Mary was the daughter of Eli Bartow and Charity. Eli was born Dec 31 1790 in Washington County, New York, and died Feb 9 1864 in Harrison County, Ohio.

Robert and Mary had 6 children:

1. Samuel Bartow McKenney b. June 3 1847 in Iowa, died April 1881 in Whitehall, Livingston, Louisiana, was married to Emily Lewis, Ella Fryer, Antoinette Lagroue and Harriet Lagroue. Information on him is found under the tags.

2. Rebecca Ella McKenney was born abt 1848 in Harrison County, Ohio and died Aug 16 1872 in Long Lake, Hennepin, Minnesota. She married Gilbert Faxon Hayford on Nov 9 1870 in Pope County, Minnesota. He was born June 29 1842 in Pennfield, Charlotte, New Brunswick and died in 1915. After Rebecca’s death, Gilbert next married Isola T. Eaton on Oct 24 1874 in St. Mary, Douglas, Minnesota. She was born abt 1852 in New York and died Jan 25 1914.

3. William McKenney b. c. 1849

4. John Eugene McKenney b. May 7 1853 at Council Bluffs, Iowa, died Dec 29 1929 in Stearns County, Minnesota, married on Nov 22 1884, at St. Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota, to Johanna Roth. Information on this family is found in the tags.

5. Charity Alice McKenney b. Oct 31 1856 in Lake Minnetonka, Hennepin, Minnesota, died Oct 6 1922 at Grants Pass, Josephine Oregon, married both Albert Reynolds and Calvin Barnes. Information on her is found in the tags.

6. Mary McKenney b. c. 1860 in Hennepin County, Minnesota.

Mention of Robert E. McKenney may find him first in Noble County, Ohio in 1844, according to L. H. Watkins, “History of Noble County, Ohio” written by L. H. Watkins.

History of Noble County, Ohio, L. H. Watkins 1887

Middleburg, a small but enterprising village, is situated on Middle Creek, in the northern park of Jefferson Township. It was laid out about 1844, by Church Tuttle. The southern part of the village was laid out by Joseph Moredick. Church Tuttle was a native of Vermont, and came to Middleburg from the vicinity of Carlisle, where his parents were early settlers.

Among the early settlers of the village were Jesse Reinard, who worked for Tuttle; Irvin McKinney, who erected one of the first houses, and worked at shoemaking; William Miller, also a shoemaker; Eli Pickering, a carpenter, and others.

Irvin McKenney, the shoemaker, appears to be Robert Eugene, also a shoemaker, who later in life appears again to be identified as Irvin.

Married about 1845, he and his wife traveled to Iowa with members of her family, and perhaps his, Bartows and McKenneys settling in Van Buren County, Iowa. Their first child was born there.

The 1850 census found them back in Monroe County, Ohio (which had been formed out of Noble):

Carlisle, Monroe, Ohio
113/113 John RAY 28 Carpenter b. VA
Mary A. RAY 30
John R. 6 b. OH
Nelson 1 b.
Robert E. MCKENNEY 29 or 39 shoemaker b. PA
113/113 Mary 34 b. OH
Samuel 4 b. IA
Rebecca 2 f. b. OH
William 1

Robert Eugene took land in Minnetonka, Hennepin, Minnesota on April 2 1857:

Minneapolis land office–Document #520 accession ser.# mn0020-018: “The s.w. quarter of section 19 in twp. # 117 north of range 22 in the district of lands subject to sale at Minneapolis, Minn. containing 158 acres and 60-100 of an acre meridian 5th pm April 2, 1857”.

The 1860 census finds them back east, this time in Mason, Lawrence, Ohio. They are living two doors from a William L. Miller who is likely the same William Miller mentioned in the above Noble County, Ohio history along with Irvin McKenney the shoemaker. This would indicate a strong connection between the two families.

July 31
William L. MILLER 54 b. OH and Katherine Hammond and family (William b. Harrison County OH, can’t find in 1850 census)
Katherine 53 PA
Nathan 18 OH
Katherine 16
Peter 14
Elizabeth 12
Anthony S. HALLER? 68 b. PA and Mary
Note: http://awt.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=kellnersea2&id=P2460071719
b. 1806 jan 2 harrison ohio, died 1880 Mason Lawrence Ohio
1229/1219 John SHAFER 30 Farmer $800 $1125 born illegible
Martha 24 b. OH
Chuck? 6 attended school b. OH
Numan? 4 b. OH
John W. 2 b. OH
1230/1220 Robt E. McKINNEY 40 Shoemaker $250/$50 b. Ohio
Mary 42 b. OH
Samuel 15 Farm laborer in school b. OH
Rebecca 13 in school b. OH
Mary E. 11 in school b. OH
John 9 in school b. OH
Alice 7 b. OH
William JOSEPH 45 b. VA and Lucinda and family
William STEPHEN 70 b. PA and Phebe and family

Robert and his son Samuel were living in Excelsior, Hennepin, Minnesota when they enlisted in Co. B. 9th MN Infantry on August 20, 1862.

Robert enlisted for service on Aug.20,1862 at
Hutchinson, Minnesota. he resided at Excelsior, Hennepin Co. He
was 42 years old, states he was born in Clinton Co.
PA. He was 6ft. and 1 half inches tall, dark hair and
blue eyes. After his wound, he was transferred to Co. K.
23rd .reg. vet. reserve corps. that by trade he was a

Name: Robert E. McKenney
Side: Union
Regiment State/Origin: Minnesota
Regiment Name: 9 Minnesota Infantry
Regiment Name Expanded: 9th Regiment, Minnesota Infantry
Rank In: Private
Rank In Expanded: Private
Rank Out: Private
Rank Out Expanded: Private
Alternate Name: Reuben E./McKenney
Film Number: M546 roll 6

He was in Flandreau, Moody, South Dakota from Oct 22 1862 to July 8 1864. And discharged at Fort Snelling, Minnesota on Oct 19 1864.

The 1865 Minnetonka, Hennepin, Minnesota census shows:

1865 Minnesota Hennepin County, Minnetonka
Robert W.
Luther B.
Maryaceth A.
Mary C.
Saml M.
Rebecca E.
Charity A.
Samuel B.

He first applied for his disability pension while living in Minnetonka, age 46, on May 6 1867, but didn’t receive it at this time.

By 1870 he was in Ben Wade, Pope, Minnesota:

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Ben Wade, Pope, Minnesota; Roll: M593_9; Page: 882; Image: 97.
74/75 MCKINNEY R E 49 farmer $600 PA
Mary 59 Ohio
John 17 IA
Alice 14 school MN

He sold his homestead at Pope on Sep 3 1872.

The next known land transaction was April 1 1873 in Alexandria, Pope, Minnesota.

Pope Co., Alexandria Minn. land office document #157 accession ser. # mn0950-128: “April 1,1873. west one halve of the n.e. one quarter and the west one halve of the s.e. one quarter of section #1 in twp. #126 no.of range 39 w. in the district of land subject for sale at Alexandria, Minn. obtaining 158 acers meridian 5th pm”. Allen McKenney also notes: “I have seen a different date on this last sale but will stay with the date on the document for now.”

Mary Bartow McKenney is given as having died Feb 1879 and is buried at Fairhaven Cemetery, Fairhaven, Stearns, Minnesota. However, Robert Eugene McKenney appears to have married, in Arkansaw, Pepin, Wisconsin, on Nov 21, 1877, to a Rosina Cecelia Hubbard.

“Marriage from Pepin County Marriage Register Vol 2 p. 48: Married Rosina Cecelia Hubbard to Robert Erving McKenny, shoemaker, living in Arkansaw, Pepin county . Born Chester Co. Pa. Married 11-21-1877 by a Justice of the peace, Miletus Knight. Witnesses Lydia Ann Hoyt and G .C. Hoyt. Parents of the couple are John and Rebecca McKenny and Chas. B. Hubbard and Lydia Ann Hubbard.”

Rosina Hubbard was but 16 years of age, born in Nov of 1861 in New York. The 1870 Frankfort, Pepin, Wisconsin census lists her as Celia, age 8, daughter of Charles B. Hubbell, 28, and Lydia, 25, both of New York. The marriage with Robert Eugene didn’t stick. By 1880 she is in the Frankfort, Pepin, Wisconsin census with her father, Charles B. Hubbard, 37, who is divorced. Celia is simply listed as Celia Hubbard, 18, single. However, there is a 3 month old child by the name of Francis Hubbard also in the household, born in March. Perhaps this was a child of Rosina Cecelia and Robert. In 1884, Rosina Cecelia Hubbard was married to Hiram Evans Claflin, born March 1865 in Minnesota.

Mary having died in 1879, Robert Eugene appears to return to Ohio, to Millwood, Guernsey, Ohio, where it is believed his mother, Rebecca, is the Rebecca McKenney recorded in the census there for several decades after the death of her husband, John. Rebecca likely died previous 1880, no longer appearing in the census there. Instead, R. E. McKenney, a shoemaker appears. I would imagine he returned to Ohio in connection with his mother’s death. He also appears to have married again.

1880 OH, Guernsey Co. Millwood census:
pg. 20 ancestry
96/101 HAY Daniel and Mary
97/102 CLARY Thomas and Eliza
98/103 MCKINNEY R. E. 68 Shoemaker b. PA father b. Ireland mother b. PA
Agnes J. 36 wife Keeping house

Agnes Jane Dillon, born 1844 in Ohio, was the daughter of Christopher Dillon and Nancy Mauler.

1850, Somerset, Belmont, Ohio
737/750 Jacob Bartlo 26 blacksmith b. OH
Mary 22
Julia A. 1
738/751 Christopher Dillon 44 farmer PA
Nancy 34
Sylvester 15 b. OH
James 11
Nathan 8
Mary E 5
Margarett 4
William 3
Agnes J. 2

1860 Wayne, Noble, Ohio
1554/1496 Taylor Hague 28 farmer 2000 600 b. Oh
Margaret 24
Mary A. 2
Aarah E. 1
Agness J. Dillen 12

She first married John Huntsman 1869 Jan 3 in Belmont County, Ohio. I can’t find them in the 1870 census, but they had a son, Thomas Mack Huntsman, 87 Feb 24, born in Batesville, Noble, Ohio.

“Ohio County Marriages, 1789-1994” gives Robert E. McKinney and Agnes Jane Huntsman as marrying 1880 March 11 in Guernsey County, Ohio. While Agnes is with Robert Eugene McKenney in Harrison County, her son, Thomas, is with his grandmother in Beaver, Noble, Ohio.

1880 Beaver, Noble, Ohio
10/10 Huntsman Mary 59 conducting farm b. OH parents b. MD
Maria 25 daughter boarding b. OH parents b. OH
Thomas 8 grandson
Mossburg Mary 4 grandsdaughter
Martha 8 granddaughter
NOTE: Mary is in the 1870 Beaver census with Sarah J, 18, Nancy 17, Maria 15 and George W. Waggoner 10
1850 Millwood, Guernsey, Ohio household
2915 Joseph Huntsman 33 shoemaker b. O
Mary 30
Joseph 7
Mary E. 6
John 5
William 4
James 2
Thomas 1

I don’t know what happened to Agnes after 1880. I’ve no information on whether the pair divorced or she died.

On Dec 13 1883, Robert again applied for his pension and was again denied.

On June 18 1884, Robert married again, in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, this time to Elizabeth A. Curtis who was born abt. 1840 in Ohio and would die Dec 18 1915 in Kimball Prairie, Stearns, Minnesota, and be buried at Fairhaven Cemetery, Fairhaven, Stearns, Minnesota.

From June 1884 to April 1885 Robert was living in Flandreau, Moody, South Dakota.

Robert applied again for his pension in April of 1885.

Allan notes: “I’ll go ahead and tell the story about his wound. it seems that he was appointed as company hunter, after the co.s run in with the Indians in what has been called the great Sioux uprising’ this happened shortly after he and his son Samuel enlisted. anyhow, one day Robert was out hunting as ordered and while climbing over a split rail fence the hammer of his musket fell on the primer cap and discharged his gun which in turn blew off most of the 1st. finger on his right hand.”

The 1885 census in Independence, Hennepin, Minnesota shows:

1885 MN Hennepin Co. Independence
Elizabeth A. 42 OH
Census May 1 1885
Roll MNSC27

The 1895 census in Kimball Prairie, Stearns, Minnesota shows:

June 15 1895
John and Russie Bullard of WV and KY, 65 and 60
Amelia Patton 74 of N. Brunswick
Augustus and A. Munford, 39 and 28 of IL and MN

McKinney, R E 73, b. PA living in Mn. 41 years and 11 months. In enumeration district 7 years and 8 months but not previously enumerated. Was in Civil War. Shoemaker. Father born foreign and mother born in states.
McKinney E A 54 OH

William and Elsie Campbell household of WI and MN, 35 and 32
Bullinrand W J and Elizabeth from England, 55 and 51
Bisbee Albert and W L from Maine and NH, 55 and 49
BOGGS Homer 22 and LM 18 of OH and MN

Robert died Sep 30 1898 in Kimball, Stearns, Minnesota:

from Allan McKenney: “Stearns County Court House Minn. Film # 1379043 report of deaths vital records 1895-1900. Page 64. Robert E. McKenney-77 years old,village of Kimball. Place of birth,Ireland. Cause of death (———-) pulminary. Occupation, shoemaker. Under heading for name of parents, “Unable to find out anything about parents”. Sept. 30, 1898. Dr. A. Muceford Health Officer, P.O. Box, Kimball, Minn. Oct.4, 1898″.

He was buried in Fairhaven Cemetery, Fairhaven, Stearns, Minnesota.

Elizabeth A. Curtis McKenney applied again for Robert’s pension on Oct 5, 1898, then again on Dec 19 1898 when she finally received it, a sum of $12 a month.

Robert Eugene is known to be a relation of the George Washington McKenney Sr. who is the ancestor the the McKenney line with which this site is principally concerned. It isn’t known yet how he is a relation, but is perhaps a cousin or 2nd cousin.

More information on the line of Robert Eugene McKenney and associated families is here.

Robert McKenney 1857
Robert in Minnetonka
Robert and Mary, Pope Co., 1872
McKenney homestead Pope co.
Ben Wade 1873
Hayford land 1910


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