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Nellie Mckenney Haffner

Grateful as I am to Allan for the image originally sent, I have worked with it some in photoshop.

Nellie McKenney Haffner. Photo courtesy of Allan McKenney

Nellie Adelaide McKenney was born December 24, 1902 in Pine County, MN, and died January 24, 1954 in San Francisco, CA. She married John George Haffner October 22, 1921 in Billings, MT. He was born February 22, 1897 in Arad, Hungary, and died February 02, 1975 in Salt Lake City, UT.

Nellie and John had three children: Nellie A., born about 1924 in Minnesota, John G. born about 1926 in Minnesota, and Willis H. born about 1927 in Minnesota.

Nellie was a daughter of George Ellis (Bob) McKenney (1877 – 1937) and Rachel Adeline Arnold.

George Ellis was a son of Samuel Bartow McKenney (1847-1881) and Ella Adelaide (Addie) Fryer (1856-1910).

Samuel Bartow McKenney was a son of Robert Eugene McKenney (1821 to 1898) and Mary Bartow (1816 – 1879).

More information on the line of Robert Eugene McKenney and associated families is here.


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