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Cabin of George and Martha (Johnson) Knight

Photo from the Louisiana Studies in Historic Preservation website

George Knight (1831-1904) was a sibling of William Knight, the Knight line on this website, both being children of Charles “Charley” Knight and Susannah Williams who were married 1833 in Washington Parish, Louisiana.

George Knight married Martha A. Johnson, of Pike County, Missouri, Jan 21, 1858, and perhaps in preparation for this marriage he built in 1857 the Knight Cabin that is now on the National Register of Historic Sites, relocated from Enon, Washington Parish to the Washington Parish Fairgrounds at Franklinton. Slated for demolition in a highway project, it was moved to the fairgrounds prior to 1976, forming part of a complex of cabins and shops representing life in that area from the mid 1800s into the 1900s. More images of the cabin can be viewed here.

The house, composed of one room and a sleeping loft, is given as “significant as a surviving example of the smaller German log house, a vernacular house type which is rare in Washington Parish”, and, conversely is written of as being “representative of the pioneer era of the then wild, untamed Washington Parish.” I’m a little in the dark how this can be rare, vernacular, and representative, unless it was intended to mean that the house type is rare today (which it no doubt would be). Anyway, because it is stated as being both rare and representative I don’t know whether to show this to son, H.o.p., as being…well…representative of how his Knight ancestors in Louisiana lived. I suppose one day we could visit and get matters clarified.

This is George and Martha Knight.

George and Martha Knight

I played with the original from the Knight website a bit.

George and Martha Knight, original

The original image is over at this website which has to do with the Knights of Washington Parish, Louisiana and Bulloch County, Georgia but primarily concerns the line of James “Jockey Jim” Knight, a brother of the above George and our William Knight. The original image is drawn over and shows the same style of drawn over clothing we see in the portrait of James “Jockey Jim” Knight and our Robert Reuben Simmons.


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