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Dorothy Elizabeth Kearns

Dorothy Elizabeth Kearns

Image of Dorothy Elizabeth Kearns

“Dot” was born Aug 9 1922 in Mobile and died Nov 19 1968 in Mobile. She married Robert Fitzpatrick October 11 about 1940 (I don’t have a firm date). He was born March 20 1919 and died July 19 1969 in Mobile

Jack Kearns sent along in 2000 some information from Thomas written by Robert:

Daddy was in the Army and returned in 1945. He worked in the Mobile
shipyards until the early 1950’s when he started at the Mobile Post office.
He had several jobs there, sorting mail, window etc. He loved television
and I remember that we were one of the first in our neighborhood to get
one. He liked to go to auctions and buy old run down cars. He would then
work on them, fix them up and then sell them. I remember going through the
Bankhead Tunnel on the way to visit his mother in Foley riding in an old
Mercury we called “Chug Chug”. We never knew if it would make it up the
incline leaving the tunnel! He also liked the Dog Races, country music and
German music (particularly tubas).

Momma worked at Gayfers (Springdale Plaza) from the late 1960’s to 1978.
She did spend some time at the downtown store…her hobbies were gardening, going to
theatre plays, swimming and crabbing (with line and scoop net using chicken
nets and other things for bait). I can still see her wading out to the
platform at Mullet Point with her nets and the tub with the bait and then
returning with the tub fall of crabs. She loved Mardi Gras (guess that is
where we get it from!) and was deadly afraid of dogs. Still she let me and
then later Diane have puppies! Momma spent a lot of time visiting her
family in Mobile, Toulminville and Whistler. Unfortunately I don’t remember
most of them. I do remember Alphonse in Toulminville. She was particularly
fond of him. We ourselves spent a lot of time visiting the grandmothers and
she made sure that we shared our time between Susie and Maw Maw

If you need addresses where we lived here is a short summary (Mobile
addresses except where noted):

1945 -1950 : Duncan Street
1950 – 1960: Center Street (Chickasaw)
1960 – 1961: Springhill Ave and Center St. (Mobile)
1961 – 1967: Donald Street (Toulminville)
1967 – 1970: Bragg Ave
1970 – 1973: Ann St.


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