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Last Hour of March

Nellie Adelaide McKenney was born December 24, 1902 in Pine County, MN, and died January 24, 1954 in San Francisco, CA. She married John George Haffner October 22, 1921 in Billings, MT. He was born February 22, 1897 in Arad, Hungary, and died February 02, 1975 in Salt Lake City, UT.

Nellie was a poet.


All sound is muted now, the stream
Is hushed. The breeze has ceased to shake
The elms bare boughs that, shining wet,
Gold halos for the are lites make.
The road is lost in deepest dark
Save where the puddle holds a star
In polished onyx. In the night
No creature moves, but from afar,
By distance muffled, tranquil, soft
Its notes slow dropping from the tower,
Heavy as raindrops from the trees,
The town clock tolls the midnight hour.
With bated breath I pause and wait,
Thrilled and expectant, March came in
With snow and sleet and roaring wind
With so much noise. In the din
Of storm and rain all month, she seemed
In travail. Now she quiet lies.
I listen thru the silence, sure
Of April’s feeble newborn cries.

This poem was copywritten by the Curtis Publishing Co.


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