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The poem, “Nellie”, was written by Doris Julia McKenney, daughter of George Ellis (Bob) McKenney, upon the death of her sister, Nellie. Nellie was a poet. Several of her poems can be found on this website under the tag “poetry by Nellie Adelaide Mckenney”.

Doris was born January 5 1908 in Genoa, Minnesota. She married Lester W. Mattson, January 1, 1926 in Rochester, Minnesota, and died Sept 18, 1981 in Eugene, Oregon.


Think of me, though I am gone
When spring comes.
When creeks, their winter bondage break
And leap
and run.
For Oh my spirit now is free to roam at will
The fragrant, shaded forest glen,
The sun warmed hill.
I’ll watch the sun go down at night
Hear the lark at dawn….
Don’t grieve for me when spring comes
Though I am gone.
When’ere you walk a forest path,
You’ll know that I am near.
If you listen to the singing wind
My happy voice you’ll hear.
I’ve cast aside my chains of work
Now I’m free to go along a sunlit
Wooded path down where the bluebells
So think of me with happy smiles
As I go to meet the dawn.
Don’t weep for me when spring comes
Though I am gone.


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