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Photo of Frances Smith Simmons

Frances Smith Simmons

Frances Smith Simmons
1820 to 18 Oct 1898

Greatgrandmother of Ethel Simmons Hennesy, wife of Robert Reuben Simmons. Frances’ father, Ward Smith, was 1/2 Cherokee through his mother. It’s believed by some that she may have been also Chatha (Choctaw) through her mother’s mother’s side of the family.

So many early photos were portraits made at the time of a person’s marriage, I’ll assume this was the same for the Simmons. However, as they were married about 1844 it seems like an early date.

Note that clothing and jewelry has been sketched in over the original attire.

Image courtesy of Bob Ann Breland

Fun fooling around with the image.

Frances Simmons, tinted


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