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James Lang (with photo)

James Lang


This came from a good source, my grandpa Lang’s sister, Jessie, who swore that this was a photo of James Lang, father of William Perry Lang, father of Albert Winston Lang. The photo was very small and on a badge and looks from an earlier age than my grandfather. One of the cousins in Mississippi sent me this copy. My Grandpa Lang was the spittin’ image of his grandfather.

Bob Breland

Images courtesy of Bob Ann Breland

“James LANG was born about 1820 or Sept. 13, 1814), and married Annie BROWN, whose father was Norris BROWN and whose mother was Elizabeth BRYANT, in Kemper Couunty around 1840. To this union was born five boys and two girls: Christopher “Kit”, William Perry, John C., James, Columbus W., Mary Ann and Irene.

“At about this same time, Marshall PHELPS married Caroline PARKER in Kempter County and to this union was born Mary E., Sarah, Rose, Nick, Buchannan, Lance and Huldie.

“James LANG died and Caroline PARKER died. Their spouses, Annie Brown LANG and Marshall PHELPS, then married and to this union was born a daughter, Mattie. James LANG is buried in Antioch Cemetery in Kemper County.

“This family of Langs and Phelps moved to Pike County, Miss. after the Civil War and settled a few miles east of Magnolia.”

SOURCE: Bob Ann Breland

Children of James LANG and Annie Brown LANG:

  • 1) Irene LANG b. c. 1842 first married a SELLERS, and when he died she married Frank JOHNSON. They had one son, Columbus “Lum”; a daughter, Irene, who married Dan MAY; another daughter, Viola, who married Willman BROWN, and a daughter, Ella, who married Sellers COOK.
  • 2) Mary Ann LANG b. c. 1845 married Nick PHELPS (stepbrother).
  • 3) William Perry LANG, b. c. 1847, died 1936 (buried in Union Baptist Church Cemetery, east Magnolia). He married Sarah PHELPS, his step-sister.
  • 4) Christopher “Kit” LANG b. c. 1848 married Mollie JOHNSON. Their children were James A. LANG and Letha LANG. Mollie died and Kit remarried and they had four daughters.
  • 5) John S. LANG married Ruby HAMLIN.
  • 6) Columbus W. LANG b. c. 1852 married Elizabeth THIGPEN. Some of their children were: Columbus Jr. “Lum”, Joe, Dewey, Rosie, Edward, Ammon, Emma, Verte and Julia.
  • 7) James J. LANG b. c. 1854 married Mary Ann “Daughter” SIMMONS (daughter of Robert “Reuben” SIMMONS and Francis Smith SIMMONS, born 1854 according to census records, died Feb. 16, 1910.) Children were Esco, Monroe, Della Baughman, Martha “Mattie” Reeves and Marjorie “Maude” Whittington. James is buried in the Union Church Cemetery at Magnolia. “Daught” is buried in the Lang Simmons Cemetery at Sheridan, LA near Franklinton. (Further information from other sources say Mary Ann, called “Daught”, short for daughter, joined the Bala Chitto Baptist Church on Oct. 13 1873. Records show that in 1882, James J. LANG was excluded from this church.)

Children of Marshall PHELPS and Caroline PARKER:

  • 1) Mary Elizabeth PHELPS b. c. 1841 married James SIMMONS (a son of Robert “Reuben” SIMMONS).
  • 2) Sarah PHELPS b. c. 1853 married William Perry LANG.
  • 3) Rose PHELPS married Newton ALLEN, Uncle of Roy KUYRKENDALL.
  • 4) Nick PHELPS b. c. 1850 married Mary Ann LANG.
  • 5) Buchannan PHELPS married Edna THIGPEN.
  • 6) Lance PHELPS married “Dee” THIGPEN.
  • 7) Huldie PHELPS married Joseph BROWN.

Children of Marshall PHELPS and Annie Brown LANG:

  • 1) Mattie PHELPS b. c. 1866 married John KENNEDY and had two children, Cullen and Rena.
  • 2) James I. Phelps

Bob Ann BRELAND (with some notations of my own)

* * * * *

I’ve located the family on the below census:

19th day of Oct 1850 by Eli Brody
pg. 346
522/522 James M. LANG 30? (illegible) m Farmer $240 SC
Ann 27 f b. AL
Arnenn ? 8 f b. MS (note: possibly Irene)
Mary 6 f b. MS
William 4 m b. MS
Christopher 2 m b. MS
523/523 William LANG 30? (again illegible but appears to be 30 ) m farmer $240 b. SC
Margaret 23 f b. SC
Wellis ? 9 m b. MS
Madison 7 m b. MS
Mary 5 f b. MS
George 3 m b. MS
524 Jno A. BRILLAMI? and Rachel and family
525/525 Washington WILSON 25 m farmer $120 b. AL
Mahala 22 b. AL
Ezekiel 3 m b. MS
Jane 1 f b. MS
Note: Washington Wilson is the son of Ezekiel B. Wilson who is in the 1830 Dallas AL census and potentially a relative of Middleton Murdock Wilson.
526/526 Wm. G. LANG 56 m Farmer $1300 b. SC
Richard 30 m Laborer b. SC
Simeon ? 27 m Laborer b. SC
Sarah 13 f b. MS
Mary 11 f b. MS
Joseph 9 m b. MS

1850 , Newton, Mississippi
516/516 Isaiah Phelps 29 SC
Caroline 31 MS
Mary 8
William 7
Nancy 3
Enoch 1
Mary 70 SC

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: , Newton, Mississippi; Roll M653_588; Page: 788; Image: 264; Family History Library Film: 803588.
Josiah M. Philips 40 farmer 700 2475 SC
Caroline 40 MS
Elizabeth 18
William 17
Nancy 13
Isador 11
Julia A. 7
Sarah 6
Roselia 5
Isac 2


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