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Photo Annie Brown Lang Phelps and children

Phelps family

Bob Ann Breland writes:

This is a photo of a photo…It is Annie Brown Lang Phelps with four of her five Lang sons. (She was married to James Lang and when he died, she married Marshall Phelps, who was the father of Albert Winston Lang’s mother, Sarah, who was married to William Perry Lang. It’s a pretty confusing story, but apparently several of Annie and Marshall’s children from their first marriages were already married to each other before they got married.)

In back, left to right: John Lang, Christopher “Kit” Lang and William Perry Lang.

Front row: left to right, first girl unidentified, probably a granddaughter; granddaughter Eula Belle Lang, daughter of William Perry and Sara Phelps Lang, Annie and Columbus “Lum” Lang.

Not shown is her fifth son, James Lang.

Image courtesy of Bob Ann Breland.

Eula was born in 1887. Guessing that she is about 10 to 12 years of age in this photo, the photo was perhaps taken about 1898.


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