Kearns at the Catholic Cemetery in Mobile

KEARNS plot at Old Catholic Cemetery in Mobile AL Map image. Section XL, Lot 3. The lot has no marker or stone.

KEARNS, John, Section XL, Lot 3
KEARNS, Catherine, Section XL, Lot 3
KEARNS, Timothy, Section XL, Lot 3
REYNOLDS, William, Section XL, Lot 3
REYNOLDS, Edward, Section XL, Lot 3

Old side of Catholic Cemetery in Mobile, Alabama. Right click to view larger

KEARNS GRAVE at the Old Catholic Cemetery, no marker, Section XL 3. Burial site of John and Catherine Kearns, William Reynolds, Edward Reynolds and Timothy Kearns. (Image contributed by Chas Pollman)

KEARNS, J. D., Section D. Lot 29
McANDREW, Mary McAndrew (possibly interred Section D, Lot 29)
KEARNS, Michael (possibly interred Section D, Lot 29)
KEARNS, Rhett Goode Sr., Section D. Lot 29
KEARNS, Rhett Goode Jr., Section D. Lot 29
McANDREW, Martin (possibly interred Section D, Lot 29)
Section D. Lot 29
McANDREW, wife of Martin (possibly interred Section D, Lot 29)

Section D, Lot 29, layout. Right click to view larger.

McANDREWS burial plot in Old Catholic Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama, showing Rhett Kearns, Rhett/Robert Kearns and J. D. Kearns

KEARNS, Claude M. and Inez M., Catholic Cemetery Mausoleum, Mobile AL. (Image contributed by Chas Pollman)

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11 thoughts on “Kearns at the Catholic Cemetery in Mobile

  1. Looking for any pictures or informatio re Mary Reynolds, my grandmother. She too is buried in Mobile Catholic Cemetary. She died September 1912 or 13

  2. You probably saw my post on Peter Reynolds and Elizabeth (Eliza) Ann Reynolds here?

    That’s all that I have on them right now. Nothing on the Reynolds family in Ireland. And, sadly, I have no pictures of the Kearns or Reynolds families beyond a bare handful of mid 20th century Kearns pics. Do you happen to have any photos of your John Edward Ridgely you’d care to contribute to the blog? Any pics of Kearns family relations would be appreciated. And if you’d like to send along birth/death information for John and Ed, please do.

  3. Dear Juli,

    I was hoping to find pics of my grandmother as a young woman. I have one picture taken two days before she died. She was 27 yo and my Dad ( 3 yo in the picture) was standing next to her.
    As soon as I can figure out how to scan it in and not damage it, I will. My Dad was the only child of Mary Catherine Reynolds ( Corrine’s older sister) and John Ridgley of New Orleans, La. My Mom and Dad had eight children, 7 lived to be adults. I am the youngest.

  4. Dear Juli,

    Also, Chase Pollman has pictures of his Grandmother, Corrine Reynolds Pollman, Mary CatherineReynolds Ridgley’ younger sister. I know there were Reynolds brothers. Jack and Charles Reynolds. I remember meeting a Terence Reynolds ( an attorney). Chase Pollman has all of this info. The Reynolds’ plot must be very close to the Kearn’s. My Dad, John Edward Ridgley ( known as Ed) and my Mom was Kathleen Warr Ridgley. I’ll work on a few pics. Thank you, Sean ( I’m female, named after my Dad)

  5. Sean, good to hear back from you.

    Of course one wants to keep antique photos away from harsh light but scanning it once will do no harm to it. Not scanning, it’s going to continue to deteriorate and so it’s best to have a scan. 300 dpi color (even if it is black and white). Store it as a jpg file. If it is in an old frame then the likelihood is that the backing is acidic paper and will speed up deterioration of the photo. Here’s some info on that.

    Maybe you could shoot me an email on how to get in touch with Chase. My father-in-law was in contact with him briefly a few years before his death but I don’t have Chase’s contact info.

  6. Dear Juli,

    Chase travels a great deal. I do know that Chase’ Father, Charles Pollman (son of Corrine and Fred Pollman)died last year @ 88 yo. I am not sure if Mary ( Charles’ sister)is still alive. The best bet is to contact the bakery. There is a Pollman’s Bakery site on line. Also posted is an article about Charles Pollman and the Bakery. Were you aware of the connection between the Reynolds’ and Abram Ryan?

    • Father Abram Ryan was a Catholic priest. He was stationed there in Mobile , Al. before he passed away. He is buried in the Catholic Cemetery in a plot bought for him by the Reynold’s family. He was Mary Catherine’s god-father and christened her , as well. He is known as the poet priest of the south. He was a close family friend , but also , some think, a relative.

  7. Rhett Goode was my dad but he was 63 when I was born. I really have no information about my Dad’s family. My mother was Carmie Gilmore.

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