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Elijah Breland and Mariah Brown

Elijah BRELAND was born 29 March 1830 at Pike CO., MS to John Robertson BRELAND and Luraney RODGERS.

Elijah married Mariah BROWN, b. 8 Jan 1828 MS and died 20 June 1905 Washington Parish, LA.

Both are buried at the Nobles Cemetery, tombstones bearing birth and death dates. They read BREELAND.

Elijah and Mariah had at least 7 children:

  • Franklin b. 1855 Dec 6 at Washington Parish, Louisiana, died 1938 Sept 21 in Washington Parish, Louisiana, married married Sarah KNIGHTb. 1855 Jan 28 at Washington Parish, Louisiana, died 1935 Feb 13 at Washington Parish, Louisiana
  • Daniel Leroy b. 9 June 1858 at Pine, Washington Parish, LA., died 18 Jan 1939, is buried at the Nobles Cemetery at Pine. Married Emily Crain b. 1864 Sept 1 at Pine, Washington Parish, Louisiana, died 1929 March 24 at Washington Parish, Louisiana.
  • Meredith (Merida) b. 29 Jan 1860 at Washington Parish LA., d.. 6 Nov 1906, Washington Parish, LA, is buried at the Nobles Cemetery. He married Selina CRAIN b. 1861 Oct 16, Washington Parish, Louisiana, died 1953 Dec 16 at Washington Parish, Louisiana.
  • Elisha b. c. 1863 Washington Parish, Louisiana
  • Warren W. b. 1867 Oct 29 Louisiana, died 1950 Feb 19 at Washington Parish, Louisiana, married Martha Bessie “Betsy” James
  • Lorena (Lou) b. 1868 Nov 12 Louisiana, died 1955 June 30 Louisiana, married Henry Dennis Crain b. 1864 Dec 26 Louisiana, died 1956 July 6 Louisiana
  • Frances Ann “Fannie” b. 9 May 1871, Pine, LA., died 1907 Sept 24, married Marian Issac KNIGHT b. 1866 Aug 25 Louisiana, died 1947 Dec 25.

I have thus far located the family on the following censuses:

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Ward 8, Washington, Louisiana; Roll M653_426; Page: 827; Image: 362; Family History Library Film: 803426.
438/429 Elijah BRELAND 37 farmer 00 $700 b. MS
Moriah 31 unable to read or write
Franklin 4 (or 7 illegible) b. LA
Leroy 2
Catherine BROWN 17 b. MA

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Ward 6, Washington, Louisiana; Roll M593_535; Page: 249B; Image: 78; Family History Library Film: 552034.
GERALD William and Family
POPE Alexander ? and Elizabeth and family
WHITE Martin and Caroline and family
11/11 BREELAND Elijah 40 farmer personal: $300 b. MS
Mora 42 b. MS
Franklin 14 b. LA
Leroy 12 b. LA
Meride? 10 b. MS
Lisha 6 b. LA
Warren 5 b. LA
Lorena 1 b. LA
BROWN Bella 30 f. farm laborer b. MS
12/12 Francis BICKHAM and family etc.

1880 Washington Parish Wards 3 and 4
pg. 190
34/34 CRAIN William and Nancy and family
BRANCH Levey laborer
35/35 CRAIN John and Babe
36/36 TILLIS John and Frances and family
37/37 BREELAND Elijah 50 farmer b. MS father b. SC mother b. GA
Mariah 52 b. MS father b. OH mother b. GA
Marida 20 son b. MS
Elisha 15 b. LA
Warren 12
Lurany 11
Frances 7 daughter
38/38 FITCHGARD William and Cassander and family
39/39 POPE ? and sister Elizabeth
MCQUAID Tea L. nephew
BRANCH Rebecca
40/40 BREELAND Leroy 21 farmer b. LA father b. MS mother b. GA
Emily 17 b. LA parents b. LA
pg. 190B
56/56 KNIGHT James 21 farmer b. LA father b. LA mother b. MS Caniniger? 17 b. MS parents b. MS
57/57 BRELAND Franklin 24 farmer b. MS father b. LA mother b. MS
Sarah 20 b. LA father b. LA mother b. MS
Lewis 2 b. LA
Silus 11/12
28/28 KNIGHT Martha 45 wd. farmer b. MS parents b. MS
George 17 b. LA father b. LA mother b. MS
Monroe 15
Marion 13
Jane A. 11
Charley 9
Angiline 3
POUNDS Elizabeth 25 boarder school teacher b. LA parents b. MS
NOBLES Amanda 40 sister b. MS parents b. MS
pg. 191
79/79 CRAIN John and Melviney
80/80 TULLOS? Nancy
81/81 CRAIN Wilson and Martha
82.82 SEAL William and Angeline
83/83 SEAL Andrew 60 b. GA father b. GA and mother b.SC and Elizabeth
84/84 KENEDY Kenney? K. 73 farmer b. MS father b. TN mother b. MS
Nancy 52 b. MS parents b. MS
James B. 22 b. MS
Jefferson Davis 18
Meloday Elizabeth 14 niece b. LA parents b. MS
85/85 KENEDY ? G. 23 farmer b. MS parents b. MS
Josephine 19 b. MS
Kenny E. 3 b. LA
John L. 11/12
? John 14 brother-in-law b. MS parents b. MS


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