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John Ranager and Mary Clark

John RANAGER was reportedly born 1794 in Germany.

John married, in either Wayne or Greene County, Mississippi, Mary CLARK b. 1802 in SC, daughter of John Thomas CLARK and Elizabeth PHIPPS. John Thomas Clark was b. 1753, Duplin Co., NC, d. Oct 31, 1839, Mobile Co, AL. Elizabeth PHIPPS was born 1769, married Jul 9, 1787 in Duplin Co, NC. Her date of death is unknown.

John and Mary had 5 children:

  • Margaret Elizabeth b. 6 Oct 1823, died in San Jacinto Co. TX and was buried at the Pine Valley Cemetery, Can Jacinto Co., TX. She married Lewin ADAMS b. 27 Dec. 1822, Wilcox County, AL, died 17 Feb. 1899 San Jacinto Co. TX. They were married 23 Dec 1841 at Mobile AL. They had 10 children.
  • George Washington b. 1824 Wayne or Greene Co. MS. 1867 March 20 in Mobile he married Louisa Baptiste b. 1850 Aug 15 in Mobile, Mobile Co. AL. Louisa’s parents were Edward Pierre Baptiste and Susan Adams, and Edward’s parents were Jean Pierre Baptiste and Nancy Williams, and Jean Pierre’s parents were Pierre Baptiste and Margueritte Jacob. Jean Pierre had a brother Jacob Pierre Baptiste who had, with Sarah Turner, John Pierre Baptiste who married Margaret Monroe and had John Monroe Baptiste who married in 1882 Mary Ann McNulty who was niece of Catherine McNulty who was married to John Kearns of Ireland. Louisa Baptiste and John Monroe Baptiste were second cousins.
  • Andrew Jackson b. 15 Jan 1826, Mobile, AL married Martha Jane JONES. Their daughter Alice married Adam Bell Crabtree. Their daughter Susan married Rhett Goode Kearns whose grandparents were the above mentioned John Kearns and Catherine McNulty.
  • Arrena Catherine was born 1828, Wayne or Greene Co., MS. On 1852 June 6 in Mobile she married Nowlin Silverman.
  • John Wesley b. 1830 Mobile AL. He married Elizabeth Childress b. 1830 Sept 24

Vicki Ranager (a descendant through John Wesley) reports that John Ranager was supposedly a ship builder…

“…and built a small ship in which he and some of his relatives used to come to America (I’m not sure if there were any ‘family members’ – I heard the term ‘relatives’) He entered America at Mobile, AL. (I believe he probably arrived in America cir. 1821) He went inland to Greene County, MS, and married Mary in 1822 (I have also seen Wayne County – the lines were moved and Greene County was added). She was the daughter of John Thomas Clark…I found John and Mary on the Wayne County 1830 census with 4 children (she must have been pregnant with John Wesley and went to Mobile to have him and didn’t live long after). After she died John left the 5 children with Mary’s mother and she raised them. John later married Louisa Dismukes in 1834 in MS, but soon returned to Mobile where he and Louisa had 5 or 6 children, with only about 2 living to adulthood. Louisa died Oct 20, 1859 and John died Nov 20, 1859 (one month later) in Whistler, Mobile Co., AL. Supposedly he is buried in Mobile in an unmarked grave – I am still checking this out. I also have information on Mary Clark’s brothers and sisters (there were 10 of them). The following note is what I had to start my search on this line and there was a lot of info to help me make several connections and contacts to get the info I have.

“Margaret dictated an account of her family history to a son-in-law at a family reunion on her 86th Birthday, October 6, 1909. The following statement is in her own words:

Dear children and friends, as this may be our last family reunion, and as the Lord has blessed me to so live and see this day, which is my 86th birthday, and as I desire you my children to hold in memory the record of our family, I herewith give you my past life.

My Father, which is your grandfather, name is John Ranager, born in Germany in the year about 1794. My mother, which is your grandmother was Mary Clark, born in South Carolina in the year 1802. Father and mother married in the state of Mississippi, Greene County, in the year 1822. I and three brothers and one sister named, I, Margaret, Andrew Jackson, Arrenar Catherine, George Washington, and John Wesley Ranager were born to them. I, Andrew Jackson, Arrenar Catherine, and George Washington were born in Mississippi. John Wesley was born in Mobile, Alabama. I was born in the year 1823 and had the loving care of my mother up to my 6th year and he who has to do all things well separated me from my dear mother by death and we children had to be taken care of by my grandmother Elizabeth Clark in the state of Alabama, Mobile County, where I was raised and grew up to the age of 18 years and married at the home of grandmother Clark to your father and grandfather Lewin Adams in the year 1841. We remained in the state of Alabama until 4 children were born to us namely Pollie, John, Sallie, and Arrenar Catherine. After which we moved to the state of Mississippi, Greene County, where 2 children were born, Susie and Marthey. After which we moved to Jones County, Mississippi, where 3 children were born, namely Charlotte, Nancy, and Millie, which was the time of the trouble between the states and caused me many heartaches and hardships and after the war trouble was over, I and your father and 9 children moved to the state of Texas in the year 1865 in Polk County, where one more child was born, namely Georgia, making 10 children. From where we moved to this the old homestead in San Jacinto County, which once was a part of Walker County. You can see that I once had part in settling of the pioneer days of 3 states, namely Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas. And the most heart rendering times I have had in life was when the good Master separated me from my loving companion, Lewin Adams, your father and grandfather, in the year 1899, February 17. Ever since I have been waiting the Master’s call, living in the faith of my Redeemer and in the hopes of meeting my loved ones gone before me. Above all things I wish to thank the giver of all good gifts that I have lived to see my children into the 4th generation. My greatest desire and prayer is that all of the children prepare to meet me in heaven that we can make one happy family reunion. That we shall sing our Redeemer’s praise. I herewith make a statement of our family by blood and marriage.

This I respectfully submit to your care and keeping, and I herewith thank each one of you, my children, for your hearty handshaking and meeting with me on my 86th birthday. Your union has been sweet, your company has been dear, your word delightful to my ear. So could I stay with friends so kind, I know would cheer my drooping mind, if you on earth no more I see, in heaven, look for there I’ll be. But with our blessed holy Lord, we’ll shout and sing with one accord. Bye Bye, let us pray.

Buried Pine Valley Cemetery, San Jacinto County, near Coldspring, TX”

The 1820 Wayne County, Mississippi census shows:

1820 Mississippi Wayne Co. census
pg. 4 of 12
Joseph WOLSON?
Elaxander TINNON?
Benjamin BENNETT
George EGNER
John CLARKE 1 1 1 – 1 -/- 3 1 – 1 -/- 1/
Thomas DAVIS
Samuel CLARKE 3 – 1 – – 1 – 1 2 – 1
Andrew MURRAY 1 – – 1 – 1 1 – – – 1
George M. HICKS
William SUETT
Pleasant MOORE or MOOSE
Philip JAMES
Duncan SMITH
Page 6 of 12 there is a Malcom CLARKE and Daniel CLARKE Sr. between a William PACE, Hezekiah WALKER and John KEASLEY Jr. and John BRIGGS
Page 7 is virtually illegible
pg. 11 Joseph CLARKE pg. 12 of 13 John OVERSTREET Sr., John OVERSTREET Jr., Stephen OVERSTREET, ? OVERSTREET

In the 1830 Wayne County, Mississippi census we see both John Ranager and John Clark.

1830 Mississippi Wayne census
(alphabetical order)
CLARK John – – 1 – 1 – – 1 / – 1 – 1 1 with 1 male slave 55 to 100 years of age
other Clarks:
CLARKE Joseph – – – 1 – – – – 1/ – – 1 – – – – 1
CLARK Daniel C. – – – – – 1 – – 1/ – – – – 2 – – – 1
CLARK James B.- – – – 1 1/ 2 – – – 1
CLARK Samuel – – – 2 – – – – 1/1 – – – 1 – – – 1
CLARKE Thomas – – – – 1/1 – – 1
RENINGER (RININGER) John 2 – – – 1/ 1 1 – – 1

Mary Clark died and in 1834 John Ranager married Louisa Dismukes.

1850 Mobile Co. AL census
(pg. 397-398 ancestry.com)
Elizabeth PHIPPS CLARK and Catherine RANAGER are shown in the household of Ann SHELTON.
476 Benj. COLLINS 39 b. AL and Elizabeth 33 b. MS
477 Hamilton CHAMBERS 38 b. AL and Eliza 33 b. AL
478 Albert FILLINGER? 59 b. GA and Eliza 39 b. SC
479 James SHELTON 41 farmer $500 b. LA
Charlotte 25 b. SC
John 9 b. AL
James 7
Charles 4
Elizabeth 2
Mary F. 7/12
Charles McGUIRE 22 laborer b. ?
480 Ann SHELTON 69 $1500 b. GA
Alexander 21 Pilot b. AL
William 18 farmer
? 16 (female)
Ann 13
George 12
Ann DYAS 7
Elizabeth CLARK 81 b. NC
Catharine RENEGAR 22 b. AL
George 27 laborer
481 Charles CLARK 38
Louisa 24
Elizabeth 11
Charles 2
?ton 4/12 male
482 Sarah PAGE 43 b. GA
James 20 b. MS
Solomon 25
Louisa Ann 9 b. AL
John S or L 7
Mary CALLAHAN 45 b. Ireland
483 Sarah GOFF 45 b. SC
Sarah 20 b. MS
Almandsley? 14 (female) b. AL
Susana? 13
Rowena 2
284 Diego ALVAREY? 50
Adeline 43

1850 AL, Mobile Co.
pg. 410
1972/2068 Jno. RANAGER 53 Carpenter b. Germany
Louisa 37 b. SC
Mary L. 14 b. AL
Julia 9 b. AL can’t read
Lenora 7 b. AL can’t read

Louisa Dismukes Ranager died 20 Oct 1859. John died two months later, 20 Nov. 1859, at Whistler, Mobile Co., AL. He is reportedly buried at Mobile, AL.

Census data
Vicki Ranager


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