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Image of Mary Lord Carhart

Mary Lord
Mary Lord Carhart touched up

The image above is not an attempt to recreate the Mary Lord Carhart painting, which I’ve never seen. I’ve only brought out the texture of the paint and canvas so we can see that it is likely a miniature, and added color so that we can better distinguish Mary from the background.

The below was taken from an old Carhart genealogy book in which the image appeared.

“From an old oil painting of Mary Lord CARHART. She was born July 13, 1668 at Cambridge, Mass. Her aunt married Capt. John ALDEN, son of John ALDEN and Priscilla MULLENS. Mary LORD C. was daughter of Robert LORD and Rebecca PHILLIPS, daughter of Major William PHILLIPS of Sacco, Maine. The lace covering over her neck and breast does not show in this as it does in some of the copies.”

Mary Lord was married to Thomas Carhart about 1691 Nov in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts.


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