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Image of Eliot Carhart (1828-1905) with Robert Carhart Mitchell (1905-1966)

Attempted to bring out a little more but it is impossible.
Eliot Carhart and Robert Carhart Mitchell original

This is a sad state of affairs that about all I have for the Carhart-Mitchell family is this mutli-generation xeorx of Eliot Carhart b. 1828 at White Plains, New York, died 1905 in , Macon, Missouri, with his grandson Robert Carhart Mitchell b. 1895. Eliot Carhart was married to Margaret Pettit.

Obtained from Dorothy Mitchell McClure.

Though it’s almost impossible to tell anything from this image, if you apply a bit of imagination you see what was probably a lovely yard with trees, Eliot in a chair, and Robert at about what, age 3?, with long hair, dressed in probably his Sunday best. This photo was likely from Macon, Macon, Missouri.

Families with Carhart and associated photos are out there wandering the internet. Please, if you have Carhart photos, please contact me me. I would love to have digital copies to place on the blog for all to enjoy. Thanks!


2 responses to “Image of Eliot Carhart (1828-1905) with Robert Carhart Mitchell (1905-1966)”

  1. Robert Mitchell Avatar
    Robert Mitchell

    Robert Carhart Mitchell was my grandfather .
    Robert and Catherine adopted my father later in life. The farmhouse picture is my dad’s childhood home .

    1. jmk Avatar

      Would you happen to have a better copy of this image?

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