Baldwin v. Walser–Trouble at the Bank

There was trouble in Liberal. George W. Baldwin brought charges of libel against Walser for Walser distributing this in January of 1889: ” ‘ To all whom this may concern : ‘”Notice is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore existing by and between G. W. Baldwin, G. H. Walser, J. G. Pitgen, J. A. Noyes, […]

Cora Rachel Noyes Greene

Original photo of Cora Rethouched Tinted Cora, daughter of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell, was born 19 April 1863, at “1 and 1/4 oclock” in Wakishma, Michigan. She married Frank GREEN, 30 March 1886, at the age of 23, in Junction, Kansas. She died in childbirth, 16 Oct 1887. Cora died in childbirth. Her […]

Noyes Family Constitution

Being Free-thinkers who had been associated with socialist experiments and who had moved to Liberal, Missouri, which was expressly for liberals, it’s not surprising that the Noyes family would form their own family constitution. The document displays the year as being 283. The Dictionary of Missouri Biography notes that Liberal was utilizing a different dating […]


In August of 1882, James Allen Noyes and wife Caroline Atwell, set out from their home in Anna, Union, Illinois for their new home in Liberal, Barton, Missouri, a town founded by George H. Walser in 1880 and intended for freethinkers, “no priest, preachers, saloon, God, or Hell” welcome. With Caroline and James would have […]


Pansy Noyes Bryant recorded the family’s connection with Marais Des Cygnes Massacre. First, a few introductory notes from me. On May 19 1858, Charles Hamilton–who had arrived from Georgia in 1855 with the determination of making certain Kansas would enter the Union as a slave state–with some 30 Pro-slavery Missourians from the neighborhood of West […]

Farm Society Sought Utopia in 1844; Lasted Four Years

Article source, Nancy Benton. Transcribed by me. * * * * * Farm Society Sought Utopia in 1844; Lasted Four Years Alphadelphians Attracted Much Attention Through Their Colony Founded in Comstock Township Kalamazoo Gazette, October 18 1925 The theory of holding property in common through the operation of a domestic and industrial domain, was tried […]

Alphadelphia Association, a 1958 Paper by Catherine Livingston

The below history of the Alphadelphia Association by Catherine Livingston is from 1958. Thank you to Nancy Benton for supplying the paper, which I have transcribed. * * * * * ALPHADELPHIA ASSOCIATION By CATHERINE LIVINGSTON 1958 ACKNOWLEDGMENT I wish to express my appreciation for the privilege of reading these interesting and valuable documents which […]

Alphadelphia Shareholders

ALPHADELPHIA SHAREHOLDERS The names were difficult to read. Corrections are welcome. Richard MCOMBER Charles BRADFORD Jacob MILLER Cerydan M. SAWYER Alfleda KEITH Harvey KEITH Joshua ROBINSON Cornelius W. VINING Elesta WILCO Daniel S. SACCO ? Lucius N. NEWS ? P. H. BOWMAN ? Lyman TUBBS David FORD John CURTISE Henry D. HALL Rebecca HALL William […]

The Alphadelphia Association

The following article was supplied by Nancy Benton and transcribed by me. * * * * * THE ALPHADELPHIA ASSOCIATION From a History of Kalamazoo Co., MI by Everts and Abbott, published 1880. Graciously supplied by Nancy Benton “History of Alphadelphia.–The theory of holding property in common was advanced by Pythagoras, and was fully advocated […]

Pioneer Account Mention of James Noyes in the Blackhawk War

This article was provided courtesy of Nancy Benton and transcribed by me. It is a pioneer account with a mention of James Noyes in the Blackhawk War. * * * * * Pioneer and Historical Collections Vol. XXX 1903-1904 Autobiographical Notes concerning E. Lakin Brown who went to Kalamazoo Co. in 1829 Page 454-455. In […]