Last of a Coterie of Pioneer Settlers

Patrick McNulty (also given as born 1825, died 1911 at the age of 86) may have been a cousin of Catherine. A newspaper article, titled “Last of a Coterie of Pioneer Settlers”, read:

With the burial of Mr. P. McNulty passed away the last one of a class of hardy Irishmen that settled beyond the Three Mile creek many years previous to the Civil War. All north of Owen’s Lane to LaFargue’s Bul Head and west from St. Stephen’s road to Burden’s creek was the territory settled. These hardy pioneers brought to the highest state of perfection the production of early vegetables and laid the foundation of knowledge that the present day truck farmer enjoys in that vicinity. Among the first settlers were the three brothers, Thomas, Patrick and Martin McAndrew; James Stewart, Michael McDonald, John Tuite, M. McGuire, M. McHale, Mr. Doody, M. Devine, Charles Rooney, Thomas Finch, P. Kearns and Mr. Green, father of county commissioner Green, and P. McNulty. Martin Costello, who laid the foundation of his fortune by truck farming; Peter Reynolds, John Clashy and the late P. Sweeny were truck growers for many years, but their advent was after the Civil war; so that with the death of Mr. McNulty all of the original settlers have passed to the great beyond. The descendants of this sturdy race are very numerous, and with few exceptions all of them made honorable and useful citizens. It will be a long time, if ever, that this part of the country will ever see their likes again.

Patrick McNulty died June 29, 1911 in Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama.

The Kearns Line

For convenience of seeing where people fit into family lines, I suppose I ought to put some ancestry information here, and not just depend on the online database. Names included below are Kearns, Crabtree, Faggard, Ranager, McAndrew, McNulty, Clark, Cox, Jones, Pye. Their movements were all down in the South.

This is one of my husband’s lines.


Jacques Merlin Kearns b. 1930 July 18 , Mobile, Alabama, d. 2005 Dec 24, Augusta, Richmond, Georgia


Rhett Goode Kearns b. 1888 June 16, Mobile, Alabama, d. 1967 Feb 1, Mobile, Alabama
Susan “Susie” Elizabeth Crabtree b. 1893 June 8 Whistler, Mobile, Alabama, d. 1990 Oct 24 Mobile, Mobile, Alabama
Children: Rhett Goode, Mary Alice “Mae”, Dorothy Elizabeth, James “Jim” Dodson, Selden Stephen, Jacques Merlin
Rhett married a second time to Carmie Cordila Gilmore b. 1915 Feb 10, d. 1990 Feb 10 in Mobile, Mobile Alabama.
Children: Retta Louise Kearns Harden b. 1943 Jan 31, d. 2010 Feb 15 in McIntosh, Alabama; private son; private son


Michael “Buddy” Tearence Kearns b. 1865 Jan 19, d. 1932 Oct 21 Toulminville, Mobile, Alabama, d. 1932 Oct 21 in , Mobile, Alabama
Mary F. McAndrew b. 1862 Jan, Alabama, d. 1939 May in , Mobile, Alabama
Children: Rhett Goode, Claude Martin
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Adam Bell Crabtree b. 1846 Feb 5 Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, d. 1898 July 19 in Whistler, Mobile, Alabama
married 1877 April 26 in Whistler, Mobile, Alabama
Alice Virginia Ranager b. 1851 March 3, Whistler, Mobile, Alabama, d. 1936 Oct 3, Whistler, Mobile, Alabama
Children: Adam, John Erwin, George William, Charles, Martha Ann, Harry, Thomas Lee, Ann, Susan, Mary Virginia
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John Kearns b. 1820 Ireland
married 1848 in Ireland
Catherine McNulty b. 1822 Sep in Ireland, d. 1906 Jan 29, Toulminville, Mobile, Alabama
Children: Elizabeth (Eliza) Ann, Michael “Buddy” Tearence, Timothy Wiles, John Edward
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Thomas McAndrew b. abt. 1824 Ireland, d. , Mobile, Alabama
Catherine b. 1825-1830 Ireland, d. , Mobile, Alabama
Children: James J., Mary F., Thomas Charles, Patrick, Catherine, Martin, Ann, Sarah
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Irvin Crabtree b. 1814 Nov 11 , Hall, Georgia, d. 1863 May 12
Sarah Ann Faggard b. 1819 Dec 6, d. 1861 Feb 16 in Citronelle, Mobile, Alabama
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Andrew Jackson Ranager b. 1826 Jan 15 in Mississippi, d. 1871 in Whistler, Mobile, Alabama
married 1846 Dec 8 in , Mobile, Alabama
Martha Jane Ann Jones b. abt 1828,
Children: John Wesley, Henry W., Alice Virginia
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James McAndrew b. abt. 1790 Ireland, d. aft. 1870 , Mobile, Alabama
married abt 1820 in Ireland
Catherine b. abt 1798 in Ireland, d. before 1870 in , Mobile, Alabama
Children: Thomas, Martin, Patrick, Catherine

Littleton Crabtree b. abt 1790 in North Carolina (maybe), d. 1849
married 1811 May 11 in , Jackson, Georgia
Rebecca Cox b. abt. 1790
Children: Irvin, Jackson, Alfred R., Littleton, Haynes, Louisa, Murphy, Emma, Millay
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Daniel Faggard b. c. 1784 in South Carolina, d. 1844 June 15 in Citronelle, Mobile, Alabama
married before 1809 in South Carolina
Martha A. b. abt. 1780 in South Carolina, d. 1856 July 20 in Citronelle, Mobile, Alabama
Children: Henry Wells, Jackson, William, Sarah Ann, Catherine, Ransom D., George Washington, Sarena
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John Ranager b. 1794 Germany, d. 1859 Nov 20 in Whistler, Mobile, Alabama
married 1822 in Mississippi
Mary Clark b. abt 1802 in South Carolina
Children: George Washington, Margaret Elizabeth, Andrew Jackson, Arrena Catherine, John Wesley
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Edward H. Jones b. ab. 1796
Rebecca Pye b. 1815 in Georgia
Children: Martha Jane Ann, William M.


William Crabtree b. 1758 Dec 25 , Baltimore, Maryland, d. 1836 Dec 10 in North Carolina. And the marriage thing gets real confusing in this generation with people not seeming sure about certain things so we’ll leave this at that.
Children: Littleton

Henry Faggard b. abt. 1760 in South Carolina, d. Alabama
Children: Daniel and John G.

Joseph Jones b. 1775 abt. in , Wake, North Carolina, d. abt. 1810 in , Oglethorpe, Georgia