Noyes Burials at Liberal City Cemetery

At Find-a-Grave, an individual has placed up memorials for Liberal City Cemetery, including members of the Noyes family. There are (sadly) no photos, just names and inscriptions on the headstones. The person must not have been a member of the family as family members are unlinked. I’ve sent a request for them to be linked, but I’ve not heard back yet.

The family members who are there:

Cora Rachel Greene, daughter of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell. She is currently listed as Cora B. Greene. I’ve asked for a correction on that. Cora married Frank Greene. He’s not listed at Find-a-Grave and I don’t know what happened to him after Cora died.

Emma Viola Noyes Harmon daughter of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell. She married Orrin Ellie Harmon.

Orrin Elliot Harmon, husband of Emma Viola Noyes.

Elizabeth “Bettie” Jane Noyes wife of Ray Noyes, son of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell.

Caroline Atwell Noyes wife of James Allen Noyes, daughter of Hiram Atwell and Rachel Scagel. I also have a tombstone image here.

James William Noyes, son of Ray James Noyes and Eula Millard, grandson of Ray Noyes and Elizabeth Jane “Bettie” Brewer

James Allen Noyes son of James Noyes and Sally Marble, husband of Caroline Atwell. I also have a tombstone image here.

Luella E. Bunton Noyes wife of James Noyes, son of Ray James Noyes and Eula Millard, grandson of Ray Noyes and Elizabeth Jane “Bettie” Brewer

Ray Noyes, son of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell, husband of Elizabeth Jane “Bettie” Brewer

Victor Hugo Noyes, son of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell

Brewer Burials at Mount Carmel Cemetery

Find-A-Grave has two Brewer burials at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Fillmore, Putnam, Indiana, Daniel A. Brewer and wife Nancy Smith.

Daniel A. Brewer Sr. was born Aug 31 1784 in York, Pennsylvania to Johannes (John) Brewer and Jane Van Arsdale.

On October 5 1805 he married, in Mercer County, West Virginia, Nancy Smith, who was born Dec 4 1785. She died Nov 9 1859 in Fillmore, Putnam, Indiana.

Daniel married 2nd Charity Bridges in 1863. She died June 22 1896 in Coatesville, Hendricks, Indiana.

Daniel also died in Coatesville, Hendricks, Indiana, on April 9, 1881 but was apparently returned to Putnam to be buried with Nancy.

They were the parents of Daniel Levi Brewer who married Catherine Hedden.

There are images of the headstones but they are a little too distant to read.

The cemetery can be viewed below. The town of Fillmore is only a short way north of it. It’s an itsy bitsy teeny place with a town hall that is about the size of a couple of garages stuck together. I guess it is primarily a farming community. I wonder if it was ever larger than this.

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McKenney and Crockett Tombstones at El Cado Cemetery

Images of Crockett and McKenney headstones/tombstones at El Cado Cemetery in Chautauqua County, Kansas.

Mildred Mae McKenney, first child of James Albert McKenney and Vera Crockett

James Albert McKenney and Vera Crockett

James Kelly Crockett and Millie Ann Stricklin, parents of Samuel Kelly Crockett who married Sarah Hackney

James Kelly Crockett and Millie Ann Stricklin

Gladys and Bernice Brockey and Judy Berndt

These images are courtesy of Judy Berndt. I don’t know which woman is Gladys and which is Bernice but the photo would have to be before 1989 as Gladys Brockey (married to James Arthur Tresner, 1922 Oct 16) died 1989 Feb 7 in Jonesburg, Chautauqua, Kansas. Both were daughters of Nathaniel Brockey and Elouise Crockett. Elouise’s parents were James Kelly Crockett and Millie Ann Stricklin.

Indian Springs Cemetery; Eight Mile, Alabama

These are headstone images sent me by Amie Akerman back around 2001:

Nancy Francis HEVELSTON, wife of Samuel T. CRABTREE Sr.
Gravemarker reads: Mother, Nancy F. CRABTREE, April 1 1852 – March 1 1944.
Amie Akerman notes the year of birth was 1858

Born Dec. 30 1838; Died June 17 1923

CRABTREE, Samuel Sr.
Sept. 7 1862 – Mar. 8 1936

aka Jeanette Louisa Miller, wife of Samuel T. CRABTREE Jr.
Grave reads: Louisa J. CRABTREE, Feb. 24 1858 – Oct. 17 1934

CRABTREE, Louis Samuel
Son of Samuel T. Jr. and Jeannette L. MILLER
Grave reads: Louis Samuel CRABTREE, Aug. 24 1884 – Apr. 28 1930

Source Amie Akerman notes grave reads “Pritchard Woodman of the World Plaque – Thomas J. Crabtree, born July 1 1870, died May 18 1918

Hennesy Cemetery

The Hennesy Cemetery in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.

I have listed these individuals exactly as on the paper I received from C. Hennesy, for I don’t know if these entries reflect exact inscriptions on the gravemarkers. Right click view image to examine it a larger size.

Sarah Hennesy
wf of C.D. Hennesy
July 20, 1894-Dec.20, 1921

Addie Hennesy Givens
Nov 17, 1878-June 3, 1911

Infant 1905
Infant 1906
Two Infants

Cpl. J. P. Givens
Co.C 9 EN(?) La Partiss? Rangers

Unmarked grave

Mittie dau of L. & Susie Givens
July 6, 1906-July 9, 1906

Harriet dau of Lawrence & Suzie Gill
Sept. 28, 1900-Nov. 23, 1901

Infant Unmarked

Robbie Lea Cox
July 11, 1919-July 11, 1919

Ray–no dates

Myrtie Brumfield

Doris–no dates

Ellen Bonds 1868-1932

Jizzie Bonds 1866-1896

Lucy V. Myles wf of J. L. Hennesy
Jan. 28, 1871-July 22, 1906

Zeta dau of J.L. & L.V. Hennesy
May 26, 1906-July 24, 1906

N.C. wf of Jas. Hennesy
Feb. 9, 1848-Nov. 6, 1925

Jas. Hennesy
Jan. 2, 1840-Oct. 3, 1911

Norman Hennesy
Apr. 5, 1881-April. 6, 1895

Della Hennesy
Feb. 28, 1885-Sept. 15, 1887

Inf. of M. P. Hennesy
Inf. of M. P. Hennesy

Ody Cox
Mar. 3. 1901-Oct. 31, 1902

Laura Cox
Jan. 29, 1900-Apr. 28, 1903

3 Unmarked

Isaac N. Cox
Nov. 22, 1853-Apr. 10, 1932

Josephine L. Cox
Nov. 28, 1855-Jan. 12, 1935

Frances Victoria wf of Hosea Graham
Dec. 29, 1881-Dec. 11, 1899

2 Unmarked

George Washington Pounds
Nov. 17, 1848-Dec. 10, 1908

Amana Jane Pound
July 19, 1861-July 18, 1936

3 Unmarked

Addie Corean Cox
Oct. 7, 1898-Sept. 7, 1918

Corean Givens Cox
Sept. 11, 1867-Aug. 21, 1941

George W. Cox
Oct. 10, 1855-Mar. 7, 1938

8 Unmarked

Samuel Givens
Dec. 31, 1835-Nov. 19, 1925*


Elie son of Samuel & Rebecca Givens
Age 3 yrs

Rebecca inf dau of Samuel & Rebecca Givens
Age 2 most 5 days

Oliver Givens
La. Pvt. 113 Inf. 27 Div.
Oct. 12, 1918

Daniel Augustus Hogan
Aug. 25, 1833-Dec. 9, 1886

Elizabeth Cox Hogan
Sept. 11, 1835-May 3, 1924

Norissa Mixon
July 28, 1864-Nov. 21, 1935

Hezzie Mixon

Lala E. (?) Mixon
Feb. 23, 1895-Apr. 29, 1942

Homer Mixon
Nov. 17, 1890-Nov. 21, 1947


Ola Hogan wf of P. P. Casanova
Aug. 16, 1888-Feb. 6, 1911

Thomas V. Kuhn 1874-1914

Christena Casanova wf of O. C. Hogan
Mar. 22, 1871-June 6, 1902

3 Unmarked

Herbert Mixon
Mar. 31, 1891-Jan. 19, 1916

4 Unmarked

Mary E. Mixon
Feb. 11, 1859-Feb. 3, 1933

11 Unmarked

Thomas C. Holden 1872-1956

Willie J. Mixon
Aug. 3, 1885-Nov. 19, 1961

Milford Carrier 1903-1939

Oscar Carrier 1893-1917

Howard Carrier 1895-1917

Victor Scott Carrier

Symantha H. Carrier 1866-1936

5 Unmarked

Thomas V. Kuhn

*Some notation has been made after the Samuel Givens entry of J. R. Givens 1st wife, and then “2 wife” written below his name.

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