The Story of Will Smith

The Smith family history as descended through Narcissus “Narcis” Simmons Lang, daughter of Robert “Reuben” Simmons and Frances Smith, and Narcissus’ son Seldon Albert Lang. Related by Bob Ann Breland.

“Seldon Lang remembers that he was told by his mother that Ward Smith’s father (Will Smith) was an Indian fighter. He had been reared by the Indians and could speak their language, so he could talk with them and knew how to track them.

“When Indian marauders burned down the town of Roanoke, VA., there were only two people who survived. He became the tracker for a party of soldiers who tracked down the marauders. When the soldiers were in pursuit, they came upon the home of settlers burned by the same Indians, and the remains of the house still smoking.

“The story is told that a Cherokee Indian girl in her teens was out behind the place, standing on a stump picking green peaches. The soldiers and their tracker, who was Ward Smith’s father, took the girl with them when they left. Smith took her for his wife and they had a family, which included Ward Smith. This is where the Indian line of the family comes in.

“Apparently, this family ancestor was quite a character. He had a dog for years to help him in his tracking, and when the dog died he put him in a box and buried him in the human cemetery which was illegal. He evidently did many things which were unusual, which often caused him to get into trouble.”

SOURCE: Bob Ann Breland

An Alternate Smith history descended through Mary Ann Simmons, daughter of Reuben and Francis Simmons thru Mary Ann Simmons, daughter of Rueben and Francis SIMMONS, and was transmitted from Kermit Reeves to Bob Ann Breland.

John C. Smith and his family lived in Virginia where he was in the Cavalry. So was his son, Ward Smith. After one of the raids on the Indian camps, John thought all the Indians were dead, but he found an Indian girl under a pile of wood. She was young and he did not want to kill her. He carried her home and raised her.

When she grew up, his son Ward married her and they moved to Kentucky and raised a family of two sons and three daughters. One of the daughters married Robert Reuben Simmons, who moved to Alabama and then on to Pike County Miss where he raised a family, five sons and two daughters. Mary Ann married James “Jim” Lang and Narcis “Dink” married Albert Winston Lang. Both Albert and Jim after starting a family moved to Sheridan LA. Albert and Narcis had sons Iva, Leslie, Norman, Narvil and Seldon and daughters, Fannie, Evie and Lillian.

Jim and Mary Ann had two sons, Monroe and Esco, and their daughters were Fannie, who married and moved back to Kentucky, but the others, Mattie, Della, Marjorie and Maud all lived in Washington Parish, married and had large families.

We know that Ward Smith married Easter Everidge and that she wasn’t discovered under a wood pile but there are other details that are interesting. Such as the idea of “moving back to Kentucky”. Though the alternate story of Will Smith indicates the family coming from Virginia, and the census (not always correct) says South Carolina, the detail of “moving back to Kentucky” suggests someone had a tie with that state.

Photo of Frances Smith Simmons

Frances Smith Simmons

Frances Smith Simmons
1820 to 18 Oct 1898

Greatgrandmother of Ethel Simmons Hennesy, wife of Robert Reuben Simmons. Frances’ father, Ward Smith, was 1/2 Cherokee through his mother. It’s believed by some that she may have been also Chatha (Choctaw) through her mother’s mother’s side of the family.

So many early photos were portraits made at the time of a person’s marriage, I’ll assume this was the same for the Simmons. However, as they were married about 1844 it seems like an early date.

Note that clothing and jewelry has been sketched in over the original attire.

Image courtesy of Bob Ann Breland

Fun fooling around with the image.

Frances Simmons, tinted

James Daniel Welch and Nancy Caroline Bullock

James Daniel WELCH is generally given as born 30 Sept 1811 in either the “Mississippi Territory” or Georgia. He was a son of John Edward WELCH and Betsey E. MOORE.

I don’t know the ultimate source for the Betsey E. Moore, but I think John Welch is certain as an elder John Welch resided in Washington Parish, Louisiana as well, and a nephew was named John Edward Welch indicating it may have been a family name.

29 April 1838, at about 27, James married Caroline BULLOCK. She has been given as born in GA or MS on 12 Jan 1816 (David Garard) and the daughter of David BULLOCK and Nancy CLARK who came to Pike County MS at “around the turn of the century” (Paul White, Genforum, Nov. 29 2001 Bullock Forum #1765).

In the 1850 Washington Parish LA census, James gives himself as 34, b. MS., which would place birth year about 1816. Caroline gives herself as a year older and born in GA. Children in the household were James, 6, b. abt. 1844, William, 4, b. about 1846, and Nancy, 2, born about 1848. A Lucinda MOORE was also in the household, 35, born in MS. Next door was a 30 year old Miles BULLOCK from GA.

BIG CLUES: Lucinda Moore and Miles Bullock were probably relations. Right? Of course.

In the 1870 Tangipahoa Parish census, James gives himself as 58 and born in MS. Caroline gives herself as 54 and born in GA. This places James’ birth year as abt. 1812 and Caroline’s as abt. 1815.

James and Caroline had 6 known children:

  • James Pearson (Person) WELCH, b. 2 Jan 1844 at Franklinton, Washington Parish, LA, died 2 Dec 1889 at about 45. He married, 25 Nov 1868, Cynthia ALFORD, daughter of Warren Jackson ALFORD and Celia Ann LEWIS. Cynthia was born 15 Oct 1845 in MS and died 28 July 1937 in Pike County, MS. She is buried at the Alford Cemetery in Pike County MS. (SOURCE: FamilySearch.) Warren Jackson ALFORD’s parents were Edwin ALFORD and Martha “Patsie” Jane SMITH b. 1802 Lancaster SC. Martha Patricia SMITH had among her brothers a Calvin, born 22 Sept. 1812 in Pike County, MS, whose second marriage was to Beda BULLOCK b. 1800-1810.
  • William Henry Harrison WELCH, b. 6 April 1846 at Franklinton, Washington Parish, LA, d. 24 Dec 1914 at about 68, married Mary s. LEA.
  • Nancy Caroline WELCH b. 9 Feb. 1848 in Franklinton, Washington Parish, LA, m. James HENNESY.
  • Edward E. WELCH b. 6 Dec. 1851 at Franklinton, Washington Parish, LA.
  • Nicholas Edward WELCH b. 27 February or 28 October 1855, Franklinton, Washington Parish, LA., d. 14 Nov 1834 at about 80, married Nancy Ellen GRAHAM.
  • George P. WELCH, b. 24 Feb 1858, d. 22 March 1860.

David Gerard writes:

John Edward Welch born 1788 married Betsey E. Moore born 1792. They had a son James Daniel Welch born 30 Sept.1811 in the Mississippi Territory.

John died 18 Nov 1858 in Washington Parish, LA. Betsey also died in Washington Parish.

James Daniel Welch married 29 April 1838 to Caroline Bullock born 12 Jan.1816 in Georgia. They had five children:

  • James Pearson Welch born 2 Jan 1844 in Washington Parish LA. Married 26 Nov 1868 to Cynthia Alford died 2 Dec 1889.
  • William Henry Harrison Welch born 6 April 1846 in Washington Parish, married 11 April 1867 to Mary S. Lea and then 24 Dec 1872 to Jemima J. Morris, died 25 Dec. 1914.
  • Nancy Caroline Welch born 9 Feb. 1848 in Washington Parish, married 19 Mar 1868 to James Hennesy
  • Edward E. Welch born 1851 in Washington Parish, married to Julia A. Pear
  • Nicholas E. Welch born 27 Feb 1854 (28 Oct. 1855) in Washington Parish, married to Nancy E. _____. died 14 Nov. 1934.
  • George P. Welch born 24 Feb 1858, died 22 March 1860.

Caroline Bullock died in 1887 in Washington Parish. James Daniel Welch died 18 May 1890 in Washington Parish.

The 1870 census shows James living in ward 2 of Tangipahoa Parish (which was carved out of Washington Parish) in house hold # 267. It shows that he was a farmer worth $1500.

I had much of this info before but I also was able to verify it thru a transcript of Nancy Hennesy’s Bible inscriptions. I found this at the Southeastern Louisiana University’s Zuma Magee Collection Box 16, Folder 11. The Bible was in possession of Mrs. Nettie Davis Wood (Mrs. Tom Wood).

Most everyone who was settling in this region at that time seemed to come from Georgia and vicinity. There were many “wagon trains” led by Sam Dale from Georgia to this area at that time.

David Garard

Ethel (Simmons) Hennesy wrote, “Nancy may have been part Indian, Cherokee.” I’ve not really looked for it but I’ve yet to find anything as we know so little about the Welch family.

Curiously, a John Edward Welch b. 1753 in South Carolina, died 1830 in NC or TN is given as having married multiple times, one of these to a Betsy “Quatsy” who was Cherokee (he’s not given as John Edward Welch on this interesting PDF, only John Welch, but he is elsewhere). He is given as being perhaps in the pre 1800 tax list of Burke Co. NC near an Elijah Moore. This John Edward Welch’s father was James Welch, b. 1720 in Ireland, who lived at Estatoe Village and whose wife was an unnamed Cherokee woman. The father of Betsy is given as John “Hembree”/Emory whose mother was a Mary (Moore) Ayers, granddaughter “probably” of Col. James Moore and a Keowee Cherokee woman. John Hembree/Emory had wife Jane or Nancy Elder, a mixed blood woman, and their daughter was the mentioned Elizabeth “Quatsy” Jane Hembree b. 1765 who married first John Edward Welch and then his brother William Welch.

Ethel Simmons Hennesy would have had no information on the above, only family lore, so it is curious to me that we have with this family a John Edward Welch line that may be Cherokee, and is married to a Moore. It makes me wonder if it’s possible if these people are from out of the same area as John and Quatsy and there is yet another unidentified Cherokee line in that Welch family.

The Nancy Hennesy bible gives the following information on the WELCH name:
James D. Welch and Caroline Bulloch md. April 29 AD, 1838
William H. H. Welch married Mary S. Lea April the 11th, 1867
James D. Welch born Sept. 30th, 1811
Caroline Welch, wife, January 12, 1816
James P. Welch, son Feb. 8, 1844
Wm. H. H. Welch, son, born April 6, 1846
Nancy C. Welch, Dtr. born Feb. 9, 1848
Edward E. Welch, born Dec. 6, 1851
Nicholas E. Welch born Feb. 27, 1854
George P. Welch Feb. 24, AD 1858
John Welch, father of J. D. Welch died Nov. 18th, 1858
George Pinkney Welch Departed this life 22 March 1860
James Pearson Welch died Dec. 2nd, 1889
James D. Welch departed this life May 18, 1890

The 1830 census shows a John Welsh in Washington Parish.

Source Citation: 1830 U S Census: , Washington, Louisiana, Page: 81; NARA Roll: M19-43; Family History Film: 0009686.

Henrietta Bankston / – – – – – – – – 1 (she is 60 to 70 years of age)
John Welsh – 1 1 1 – – 1 / 2 2 1 1 1 – 1

John shows no slaves but Henrietta has 1 male under 10, 2 males 24 to 34 and 1 female 24 to 36. Henrietta Bankston was the wife of John Bankston born 1754 June 1, died 1820 Dec 9 in Washington parish. Daughter Cecelia Bankston was married to a John Dyson b. 1797, died 1823. They had a son William who is living next to Henrietta in this census.

1840 and 1850 census shows not only James Daniel Welch but John Welsh, 70, b. SC who is perhaps the father.

Source Citation: Year: 1840; Census Place: , Washington, Louisiana; Roll 129; Page: 147; Image: 299; Family History Library Film: 0009690.
John WELCH – – – 2 1 – – 1 / – – 2 2 2 – – – – – 1 / 2 male slaves under the age of 10 and 1 female slave age 10 to 24
James WELCH – – – – 1 1 / – – – – 1

Note the presence of an 80 to 90 year old female in the John Welch household, probably the Henrietta Bankston who was living beside him in 1830.

The 1840 census shows slaves but the 1850 census does not.

There are other Moores and Bullocks sprinkled about
pg. 439
J. THIGPEN 40 farmer Value: $2000 b. NC can’t read or write
Jane 41 b. AL can’t read or write
James 21 b. LA
Permelia 19 b. LA
Clement 9 or 4 b. LA
Clarissa 15 b. LA
Lemon 11 b. LA
John THIGPEN 25 Farmer b. LA
Martha 25 b. MS
Mary E. 5/12 b. LA
Washington? 16 b. LA
Lucy 22 b. LA
John THIGPEN 84 b. NC can’t read or write
Sally 75 b. NC can’t read or write
Charlotte PIERCE 21 b. LA can’t read or write
24/24 Alford MOORE 55 b. GA
James THIGPEN 81 farming $2500. b. NC
A. HARDY 32 b. NC
Cintha 27 b. GA
A. J. Hardy 2 b. LA
pg. 441
William ARD and Eliza
Mary C. ARD
James ARD and Margaret J.
J. PEIRCE and Charlotte
John CALHOUN and Nancy
Nathan BLACK and Mary
pg. 442
A. MORRIS b. NC and Sarah
W. KNIGHT 27 farm $100 b. LA
Mary 21 b. LA
Susan 2 b. LA
Polly 1 b. LA
Charles? 60 farm $100 b. VA
Susan 40 b. GA can’t read or write
James 20 laborer b. LA
Georgia 18 b. LA
Margaret 16 b. LA
Calvin 14 b. LA
Anne? 10 b. LA
James STAFFORD 20 b. LA
Stephen 1 b. LA
Sarah 2/12 b. LA
pg.443 81/81
Matthew THOMAS
Thomas BICKHAM 79 farm $6000 b. GA
Mary 61 b. SC
Thomas 22 farm b. LA
Jacob C. 35 b. LA
G. T. VICKERY? 24 b. MD
T. J. KING and Lucy
E. STEVENS and Nancy
Williy JONES 35 farm b. MS
Eliza 30 b. MS
Henry 8 b. MS
Alex 6 b. MS
Arena? 4 b. MS
Maranda 1 b. LA
Harriet 1 b. LA
pg. 444
T. WARNER and Kitty
T. C. WARNER and Jeremiah
T. C. BICKHAM 32 ? $2000 b. LA
Elizabeth 25
Martha E. 10
Sarah L. 8
Thomas A. 7
Elizabeth 5
Charles M. 4
Mary R. 8/12
David W. 12
A. BICKHAM 24 farmer $1000 b. LA
Mary 24
Washington 25 labor
Elizabeth 22
Thomas 21 schoolteaching
Elizabeth 19
Marion 17 labor
N. GREAVES and Arcadia
T. MAGU and Zoe
Pg. 445
Pg. 457
L B CON or COX and Nancy 42 and 28 MS and LA
WIlliam FENNY? 55 MS
282/282 Isaac HENNESY 65 farming $100 b. GA
Nancy 65 b. GA
Isaac 18 laborer b. LA
James 15 b. LA
? 1 b. LA
R. MCLEAN 45 and Mary b. SC
T? LENEAR 28 and Clarisa 75 LA and SC
Pg. 458 B?
Leslie BANKSTON 45 farm b. GA
Elizabeth 65 b. SC
Henrietta 25 b. lA
Catherine 22
Franklin EDY 12
G. R. GRIFFITH 46 Taylor b. NY
J. D. WELSH 34 farm b. MS
Caroline 35 b. GA
James 6 b. LA
William 4
Nancy 2
Lucinda MOORE 35 b. MS

Miles BULLOCK 30 farm $100 b. GA
Camantha 32 b. LA
Lefore 10
Georgia 7
William 5
Francis 3 female
Jackson GRAHAM 23 farm b. LA
Malinda 2 b. MS
Pauline MULFORD 3 b. LA
Isom GRAHAM 40 farmer $100 b. LA
Elizabeth 36
and family
Cullen SANDY 37 b. LA and Nancy 298/298
John GRAHAM 25 and Cintha
Nancy PITMAN 42 b. MS and family
Pg. 459
Peyton BOND 45 b. GA and Harriet (eldest child, Gideon, 13, b. MS)
Elijah WELCH 30 . b. LA
May LU 32 b. SC

Pg. 459 B
Isaac HENNESY 55 farm $100 b. MS
Lada 50
Cintha 16
Isaac 17
James 14
John POUNDS 35
Mary 23
George 6
? 2
R. MCLEAN 55 b. SC and Elizabeth
pg. 464
Thomas PETTIT 30 b. NC and Sarah
James GILL 48 farmer b. GA
Nancy 44 b. GA
Franklin 15 b. LA
Emily 12
Amanda 10
Madison 5
Mary COOK 35
John MOORE 30 laborer b. GA
383/383 Lefore GILL 40 farmer b. GA
Lourena 35
James 18 b. MS William 16
Thomas 14
Lucy 12
Mahaley 10
John 9
Circey 6
Cintha 9
William PRINE? 50 b. GA and Harriet
Rufus GILL 34 farm b. MS
Catharine 24
Neal 2 b. LA
Mary 1 b. LA
? 25 (male) b. MS
Martha 21 b. MS
Pg. 386/386
John WELSH 70 farming $300 b. SC

I haven’t found the Welch family in the 1860 census. Here they are in 1870.

In this census we find James and Nancy living between Isaac HENNESY, James’ father, and James Daniel WELCH, Nancy Caroline’s father.
pg. 138 2 W. Tangipahoa ( 128)
SINSEY William 45 (b) farmer b. VA and Millie and family
ELLIS Maria 40 (b) farming b. MS (and family)
PEAK Chapman 48 Farmer b. MS (and Eliza and family)
Patsy 16 (b) servant
Benton 9 (b) servant
HENNESSEY Isaac 65 b. GA
Judy 65 b. GA
HENNESSEY James 26 farming RE value $600 personal $640 b. MS
Nancy 22 b. LA
Hellan 2 b. LA
WELCH Jam. D. 58 farmer $1500 $1135 b. MS
Caroline 54 b. GA
William H. 24 b. LA
Edward E. 18
Nicholas 16
BURKHALTER M. (f) 20 (mulatto) b. LA
Rosa A. 2 (mulatto) b. LA
Charles? J. 2/12 (mulatto) b. LA

HOTTEN Andrew 65 farmer $6000 $665 b. NC
Mary 55 b. GA
Susan 5 b. LA

A Yvonne Moossy at Genform instead gives John Edward Welch as born 1780 in SC and in NC (posting 1526) in another posting, and gives James D. Welch (posting 1036) as born 30 Sept. 1811 in NC.

There may possibly be a photo or two of James Daniel Welch and Nancy Caroline Bullock floating around out there. If you have one and land here, please consider sharing it.

David Garard
Curtis Hennesy
Jean Hennesy Kearns
Ethel Simmons Hennesy
Census data
Nancy Caroline Welch Hennesy’s bible

The Hennesy Line

For convenience of seeing where people fit into family lines, I suppose I ought to put some ancestry information here, and not just depend on the online database.

The names below are Clower, Breland, Bullock, Calhoun, Dillon, Everidge, Folsom, Hennesy, Kennedy, Knight, Lott, Miller, Mizell, Moore, Myles, Nobles, Pleasant, Richardson, Rodgers, Simmons, Smith, Thigpen, Welch, Williams. Their movements were all in the South.

This is one of my husband’s lines.




Esmond Edward Hennesy b. 1903 June 1, , Washington, Louisiana, d. 1992 Nov 24, Natchez, Adams, Mississippi
married 1924 July 17 in Franklinton, Washington, Louisiana
Ethel Lorena Simmons b. 1906 Feb 14 , Washington, Louisiana, d. 2001 Nov 18 in , Mobile, Alabama


James Leon Hennesy b. 1873 May 4 in Franklinton, Washington, Louisiana, d. 1938 in , Washington, Louisiana
married 1900 Jan 28 in , Washington, Louisiana
Lucy Virginia Myles b. abt. 1871 Jan 28, d. 1906 July 22 in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: Zula, Jewell, Esmond, Zoe, Zeta
Link to primary post on this couple

Lucius Theodore Simmons b. 1883 Dec 29 in , Franklinton, Louisiana, d. 1963 Sep 9 in Bogalusa, Washington, Louisiana
married 1904 Nov 17 in , Washington, Louisiana
Annie Clarinda Knight b. 1888 Feb 22 in Sheridan, Washington, Louisiana, d. 1961 Sep 1, New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana
Children: Ethel, Estus “Pete”, Desera “George”, Ezra “Jodi”, Lloyd, Fannie, James
Link to primary post on this couple


James L. Hennesy b. 1839 Jan 4 in Georgia, d. 1911 Oct 3 in , Tangipahoa, Louisiana
married 1868 March 19
Nancy Caroline Welch b. 1848 Feb 9 in Franklinton, Washington, Louisiana, d. 1925 Nov 6
Children: Nancy Ellen, Marion Isaac, James Leon, Laura Jane, Meredith Bunyan, Addie H., Norman, Della, Cora
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John William Edward Myles b. 1844 March 17 in Louisiana, d. 1920 Aug 4 in , Washington, Louisiana
married 1865 Sep 7
Sarena A. Miller b. 1846 Oct 25 in Mississippi, d. 1924 March in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: Newton, Nancy Lenora, Isaac Thomas, Lucy Virginia, Margaret Maritta, Samantha R., George, John, Malissa, Lillie, Effie
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Murdock Middleton “Steve” Simmons b. 1860 Oct 4 in Mississippi, d. 1936 Apr 21 in , Washington, Louisiana
Louisa Clarinda Thigpen b. 1857 Sep 7, d. 1907 Aug 29 in Louisiana
Children: Euna Emily, Lucius Theodore, Dewitt, Ella Murdis, Mary Elizabeth, John Benjamin, Frances, Charles Jewell, James F. “Bud”
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Marion Thomas “Isaac” Knight b. 1866 Aug 25 in Louisiana, d. 1947 Dec 25 in Franklinton, Washington, Louisiana
Frances A. “Fannie” Breland b. 1871 May 9 Pine, Washington, Louisiana, d. 1907 Sep 24 in Louisiana
Children: Annie Clarinda, William E. “Bill”, J. C., Wilbur, Warren, Albert M., Mary, Bertha
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Isaac Hennesy b. 1803 Georgia
m. 1820 June 5 in , Marion, Mississippi
Judith Ann Gill
Children: Mary, Elizabeth M., Isaac, Cintha, James L.
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James Daniel Welch b. 1811 Sep 30, Mississippi Territory, d. 1890 May 18, Franklinton, Washington, Louisiana
married 1838 April 29
Caroline Bullock b. 1816 Jan 12, d. 1887 in Franklinton, Washington, Louisiana
Children: James Pearson, William Henry Harrison, Nancy Caroline, Edward E., Nicholas Edward, George Pinkney
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Isaac Abner Myles b. Georgia, d. before 1860
married 1841 Nov 30
Samantha (Bickham) Clower b. 1811 April 22, d. 1891 Dec 1, , Washington, Louisiana
Children: John William Edward, Mary Rebecca
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Thomas Miller b. 1822 in Mississippi
Maritty Dillon b. 1822 in Mississippi
Children: Samantha, Merril, Sarena, William N., Eliza E.
Link to primary post on this couple

Robert “Reuben” Simmons b. abt. 1820
married 1844 in , Lowndes, Alabama
Frances Smith
b. 1824 Aug 1 , Lowndes, Alabama, d. 1898 Oct 18, Louisiana
Children: James Madison “Red Jim”, William S., Mary Ann “Daught”, Charles Monroe, Murdock Middleton “Steve”, John Benjamin, Narcissus “Dink”
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James Thigpen b. 1830 Mississippi, d. 1903 May 20
Mary Elizabeth Kennedy b. 1832 Louisiana
Children: Louisa Clarinda, Elizabeth, Edna E. Julia J., Nancy L.
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William Knight b. 1823, d. 1879 Nov 2
Martha Mary E. Nobles b. 1830 Oct 27 in Mississippi, d. 18192 Aug 20
Children: Sarah, James W., Clarinda, Rev. George C., Monroe, Marion Thomas “Isaac”, Jane A., Charley, Angiline
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Elijah Breland b. 1830 March 29 , Pike, Mississippi, d. 1893 Feb 7 in Louisiana
Mariah Brown b. 1828 Jan 8 in Mississippi, d. 1905 June 30 in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: J. Franklin, Daniel, Leroy, Meridith “Merida”, Elisha, Warren W., Luraney, Frances A. “Fannie”
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Rev. David Hennesy b. circa 1745
Children: Isaac, James, Jemima, Nancy
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John Edward Welch b. 1788 in South Carolina, d. 1858 Nov 18 in , Washington, Louisiana
Betsey E. Moore b. 1792, d. bef. 1840 in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: James Daniel, Elijah J., Martin, Celia
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David Bullock b. c. 1780
Children: Clarkie, Jessie, Caroline, Miles
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John Clower Jr. b. 1780 March 16 in Georgia, d. 1837 in , Washington, Louisiana
Mary Pleasant b. 1788 Oct 18 in Georgia, d. 1831 in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: Elbert, Cynthia, Samantha, William Pleasant, Matilda, Peyton, John Curtis, Thomas, Mary Frances Ann

William Seldon Simmons b. 1784 in North Carolina
Children: Jim, Robert Reuben

Ward Smith b. abt. 1798 in South Carolina, d. Louisiana
Easter Everidge b. abt. 1802 in Georgia, d. Louisiana
Children: Elizabeth, Frances, Martha, Mary, Nancy, John, James, Wilson J., William, Richard, Narcissa

John Travis Thigpen Jr. b. 1795 , Onslow, North Carolina
Elizabeth Calhoun d. 1845
Children: James

Charles “Charley” Knight b. 1785 in Virginia, d. 1877 April 1 in , Washington, Louisiana
married 1822 Jan 17 in , Washington, Louisiana
Susannah Williams b. 1802 in Georgia, d. 1885 in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: William, Melvina, James “Jockey Jim”, George, Margaret, Calvin, Anne

Joseph Nobles b. 1789 in South Carolina, d. 1876 Jan 15 in Louisiana
Children: Martha (Mary E.), Lemuel/Leonard, Amanda, Franklin, Frances G.

John Robertson Breland b. 1794 Jan 6 in , Beaufort, South Carolina, d. 1875 May 14 in Louisiana
married 1816 in Covington, St. Tammany, Louisiana (etc. more on this line but not including right now)
Luraney Rodgers b. c. 1798 in , South Carolina, d. 1835 in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: Elizer, Abraham, Mary Mahala, Elijah, Elisha, Franklin


Rev. David Hennesy b. abt. 1720 in Ireland, d. 1761, New Hanover, North Carolina
married 1746 in New Hanover, North Carolina
Children: John, Richard, David, James, William, Susannah

Will Smith b. South Carolina
Cherokee Woman
Children: Ward, John

James Everage d. abt 1860 , Covington, Alabama
unknown Folsom, d. bef. 1850
Children: Easter (believed to be part Choctaw), Ichabod, James H., Jonathan Andrew, Martha Ann

William Walter “Choctaw Bill” Williams II b. 1776 in , Bulloch, Georgia, d. abt. 1825 in , Washington, Louisiana
married 1802 in , Bulloch, Georgia
Penelope Richardson b. 1775 in , Bulloch, Georgia, d. abt. 1840 in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: Susannah, William Walter, Robert C., Sarah, Mary, John, Virginia

John Rodgers b. c. 1763 in Virginia, d. 1810 in , Barnwell, South Carolina
married 1783 in , Beaufort, South Carolina
Sarah Yates b. c. 1765 in , Beaufort, South Carolina, d. c. 1840 in , St. Tammany, Louisiana


Capt. Benjamin Folsom d. 1777 Fulsom’s Fort
Children: John, wife of James Everage, Ruth

William Williams Sr. b. abt. 1747, d. abt. 1818 in Mississippi
Ann Lott b. abt. 1752
Children: William Walter “Choctaw Bill”, John, Simon, Herron, Samuel L.

Benjamin Richardson b. abt. 1740 in North Carolina, d. abt. 1799 in , Bulloch, Georgia
married 1767 July 31 in , Tyrrell, North Carolina
Sarah Mizell b. abt. 1750 in North Carolina
Children: Jane, Hardy, William, John, Amos, Penelope, Benjamin, Frances


Jeremiah Folsom d. after 1775 St. George’s Parish, Georgia
Children: Israel, Capt. Benjamin, Lawrence, Jeremiah, William, Pulsohola