Lloyd McKenney as Child

Lloyd Clinton McKenney

A beautiful photo from 1909-1910 that shows ancestor Lloyd Clinton McKenney as a child, and a happy one at that. The photo would have been likely taken in Chautauqua County, Kansas, where the family lived. Lloyd was the son of James Albert McKenney and Vera Crockett.

Chautauqua School, Chautauqua, Kansas, circa 1907-1908

Chautauqua School about 1907.

Original from book.

The photo is from “History of Chautauqua County” and is said to be the fifth and sixth grade classes at Chautauqua (Springs) School “probably about 1910”. The identification of the pupils isn’t in order, and lists them as being 6th grade: Opal McKenzie, Cassie McKenney, Russel Jack, Lee Callahan, Lou Anderson, Ed Hessert, Ducan McFarlain, Evert Anderson, Charles Anderson, May Anderson, Arthur McCullough, George McFarlain, Clarence Ault, Loyd McKenzie; fifth grade: Eva Finley, Maude Daniels, Leonard Bray, Dwight Clark, Clarence Huckstep, Howard McCoy, Hurchel Sapp, Ida Craft, Esther Craven, George and Albert Clawsen, Mary Conway, Lea Huston, Pete Hanes, Fountain Burris, Tom Hopkins, James (unknown last name), Ruth Fuller. The teacher was Elwin Lee.

Carrie Isabel McKenney, daughter of George W. McKenney Jr. and Belle Sparks, is misidentified here as Cassie. I’ve one photo of her as a child, a little younger, and based on that, I think she is the girl in the dark dress standing to the right of the girl in the dark pinafore and behind the boy kneeling second from the left (he appears to be holding a book). Carrie was born Nov. 9 1897 and Opal was born Dec 30 1897, so I’m dating this about 1908, though there’s every possibility it was instead 1910.

Lloyd McKenzie, Opal’s brother, was Taylor Loyd and was born 1894. The McKenzies were related to the McKenneys through marriage. Loyd and Opal’s parents were Joseph McKenzie Jr. and Florence Pershall. Florence’s brother, John Wesley, married Lucretia Jane Kirkpatrick in 1873. Lucretia was a daughter of William Robert Kirkpatrick and Zilpha Strickland. Zilpha’s sister, Millie Ann, was married to James Kelly Crockett, and James Kelly Crockett and Millie Ann were the grandparents of Vera Crockett, who was the wife of Carrie McKenney’s brother, James Albert McKenney. Vera and James Albert had married in 1904.

Opal McKenzie married John R. Hampton and Carrie Isabel McKenney married Jesse C. Hampton, brothers and sons of Lewis R. Hampton and Nancy Hudgens.

Maude Daniels was born December 18, 1897 and was George Keithly Crockett’s 2nd wife (he was a brother of Vera), marrying 1924 Oct 20. I’d be curious to know which girl she is.

If anyone can make a positive ID on the other students please comment.

4 Generations of McKenneys in 1946

Courtesy of Larry McCombs

Four generations of McKenneys. Front: George Washington McKenney Jr. b. 1861, J. R. McKenney b. 1934, Dorothy Noyes McKenney. Rear: Jim McKenney b. 1930, unknown, Ada Brunger Sanborn McKenney, James Albert McKenney b. 1884, Lloyd McKenney b. 1909

A Christmas photo. I’m guessing this was taken in Chautauqua County, Kansas where both George W. Jr. and James Albert lived.

Franklin B. Tripp and Mabel Clair McKenney

Franklin B. Tripp was born 1884 March 17 in Osage Oklahoma Indian Territory and died Feb 1966 in Oklahoma. He was buried at the Pawhuska Cemetery.

1908 Nov 30 he married Mabel Clair McKenney b. 1888 Oct 16 in Chautauqua County, Kansas. She died 1972 Sep 11 in the Ponca City hospital and was buried at the Pawhuska City Cemetery as well.

Mabel was a daughter of George Washington McKenney Jr. and Belle M. Sparks.

Frank TRIPP was the son of James Preston TRIPP and Jennie MCWHIRT. James Preston TRIPP also married Mary SPARKS, a sister of Belle SPARKS, Mable’s mother. Jennie MCWHIRT was a sister of Samuel MCWHIRT, husband of Addie MCKINNEY, G. W. MCKINNEY JR’s sister.

Francis Partch writes:

My great grandfather was Samuel MCCORMICK, born about 1852, and was supposed to have driven a wagon from somewhere near the Wabash River to Kansas for a James and Carrie SPARKS. Samuel married Mary SPARKS about 1872 and they had children James, George and Carrie listed on the 1850 census for the town of Belleville, Chautauqua County, KS. They later had Katherine, and a set of twins Weltha and Amanda. (Amanda was my grandmother.)

Sam MCCORMICK died in the 1880’s and Mary MCCORMICK later married James Preston TRIPP and they had a son Johnny who had an accident during childhood which caused a paralysis. He walked somehow with his hands. Family tradition said the family was related to Cyrus MCCORMICK, the inventor of the reaper. I believe Mary MCCORMICK had a maiden name of SPARKS. She also had two sisters with first names of Martha (who married THOMAS) and Belle who married MCKINNEY. My grandmother was Amanda MCCORMICK who married Conner and they moved to CO. He died in 1915 and then Amanda married Sherrill WEST in Colorado.

James Preston TRIPP, who married Mary Sparks MCCORMICK, was the father of Frank TRIPP who married Mabel Clair MCKENNEY. James TRIPP’s parents were Horace B. TRIPP and Elizabeth WOOD.

Franklin and Mabel had two children:

  1. Jennie Belle b. 1909 October 6 in Chautauqua County, Kansas, died December 25, 1914. She is buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Chautauqua County, Kansas.
  2. Georgia Delores Tripp b. 1914 in Pawhuska, Osage, Oklahoma, died 2003 June 28 in Ponca City, Kay County, Oklahoma, was buried at the Grandview Cemetery in Kaw City. She married, 1937 June 25 in Claremore, Rogers, Oklahoma, Edlward L. Cook.

Larry McCombs notes that after the death of Mabel’s sister, Carrie Isabel (MCKENNEY) HAMPTON, Frank and Mabel Clair (McKinney) Tripp adopted Helen Lois, a daughter of Carrie, but he’s unaware if it was a legal adoption or not.


1-WD FORESTER, Osage, Oklahoma
Series: T624
Roll: 1268
Part: 2
Page: 2A
Year: 1910
24/24 TRIPP Frank 26 md 1 year b. OK father b. IL mother b. MO House carpenter
Mabel wife 22 b. KS father b. US mother b. IA
Jennie B. daughter 6/12 b. KS father b. Pawhuska mother b. KS

1915 Chautauqua, Chautauqua, Kansas
Pg. 12
Pennell, Anderson, Moffit
Belle 45 IN
Carrie 17 OK
Carrie 81
Mable 26 KS

15 DAY OF JANUARY 1920 by Mrs. Mary Bridges
(unable to read house number, is a multi-family dwelling)
27/27 TRIPP Frank Head Rents 35 m b. KS parents b. IL, mechanic for a garage, wages
Mable Wife 31 f b. KS father b. ID mother b. IL (gives her dad as born in Idaho)
Georgia Daughter, appears to read 3 yoa b. KS parents b. KS

Not related to the other Tripps in Cowley County.

Enumerated April 7 – 8 , 1930
Page 3b
220/98/88 TRIPP Frank O $150 45 married at 24 b. OK parents b. IL mechanic and engineer in oil field, wages, working, not a veteran
Mable 42 married at 21 b. KS father b. IA mother b. IL
Georgia 14 b. OK father b. OK mother b. KS

Following is Mabel TRIPP’s obituary, furnished by Frances Partch:


Mabel Tripp dies; services here Wednesday

Funeral services for Mrs. Mabel E. Tripp, 83, Newkirk, formerly of Pawhuska, have been set for 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in the Johnson Funeral Home Chapel, under the direction of the Shidler Funeral Home with the Rev. Leland Peterson of the Kaw City First Christian Church, officiating.

Born October 16, 1888 in Chautauqua County, Kansas, Mrs. Tripp died Monday in the Ponca City hospital. She moved with her family to Pawhuska when she was a young girl. She was married to Frank Tripp, November 30, 1908 and moved to Shidler where he worked in the Burbank Oil Field. After his retirement in 1954 the couple moved to Wynona and then to Kaw City in October 1965. Her husband preceded her in death in 1966.

Mrs. Tripp lived in Newkirk since May 1971. She was a member of the First Christian Church of Wynona.

Survivors are a daughter, Mrs. Edward (Georgia) Cook of Kaw City; two grandchildren, Bud Cook of Kaw City and Carol Sue McComb of Newkirk, and four great-grandchildren.

Burial will be in the Pawhuska City Cemetery with Shidler Funeral directors in charge.

McKenney and Crockett Families


Retouched Crocketts and Sparks and McKenneys

This picture is courtesy of Larry McCombs. The man on the left is Samuel Kelly Crockett. Larry guesses the young girl with short hair standing beside him could be Thelma McKenney. The woman central in the photo is Belle Sparks McKenney, wife of G. W. McKenney Jr. To her right is (my guess) Sadie Hackney Crockett, Samuel’s wife. I’ve another picture of Samuel Crockett and Sadie and this is definitely her.

I could be wrong but because of the women’s dresses being as they are I would think it is in the mid 1920s? Belle was 57 in 1925 and Samuel Crockett was 70 and Sadie was 68. Thelma was born in 1911 and so if the picture was taken as late as 1926 she would have been 15.

The young woman on the far left is Lela McKenney, b. 1914, sister of Thelma and Lloyd McKenney (Lloyd would have by now been living with the Flemings). She would have been, if this is in 1926, only 12 years of age but I do believe this is her. In a 1946 photo, Lela stands in a similar position and appears to be the same individual as the girl at the left here, looking in the 1946 photo as if she is considerably taller than Thelma, and at least in the photo gives the appearance of being a little older than her though she is younger.

Samuel and Sadie Crockett went to live in Sedan (away from the farm) after 1920 (this noted because Lloyd moved in with them to go to school) to take care of the children of their son George Keithly Crockett, his wife Blanch Landis having died in 1921. George and Blanch had three children: Lillian b. 1912, Harold b. 1914, and William b. 1917. I am thinking perhaps these three children are the two boys and the girl on the right in the picture, though they seem younger. Hopefully, some day one of the Crockett descendants will happen through here and be able to identify these two boys and the girl.

As for the older woman standing next to Sadie Hackney Crockett, on the right of the photo, I’m thinking she looks a bit like Sadie. Could she have possibly been her sister, Susan? However, Susan was several years younger and this woman looks older, though this could be a trick of light. Unfortunately, though I know from family records that Susan died in 1941, I don’t know the name of her husband and thus have nothing on her after 1888 Dec 25, when she was married. Again, ultimately, this is an unidentified woman, it’d be careless of me to presume anything other, and it would be nice to get an id on her.

Mention of McKenney Feed Store in Obituary of Employee, Josiah Webb

This was published to the Chautauqua County, Kansas USGenweb site by Frieda Wells. It appeared in the Sedan Times Star on January 24, 1952

* * * * * * * * * *


Josiah J. Webb Dies Saturday, Jan. 19 After Long Illness

Josiah J. Webb died Saturday, Jan. 19, after a long illness. Mr. Webb’s health began to fail about eight years ago and he had been practically bedfast for the past four years. He was born Oct. 28, 1878. He came to Chautauqua County when a young man and had been a resident of the County for the past 50 years. From 1906-1908 he operated a livery barn in Sedan. He moved into the Springcreek neighborhood where he farmed until 1921 when and his family moved to Sedan where he has lived ever since. He assisted in the Ed Park, Frank Dungan and J. A. McKenney Feed stores until his health failed.

He is survived by his wife Bertha; one daughter, Mrs. Dora Barnett, Tollecon, Ariz., two sons Ralph Webb, Los Anamos, New Mexico and Eugene Webb, Independence, Kans.; one brother, Basil Webb, Parsons, Kans; three sisters, Mrs. R. F. Smith and Mrs. Clyde Adams both of Sedan and Mrs. Guy Fields, Vale , Oregon and two grandsons.

Funeral services were held Tuesday, Jan. 22 at 2:30 p.m. at the Baird Chapel, with the Rev. J. Allen Wheeler officiating. Interment was in the Greenwood cemetery.

Old Chautauqua County Train Depot

Touched up


Larry McCombs sent me this photo of an old Chautauqua County, Kansas train station. It’s 72 dpi and no larger than what you see here so there’s not much that can be done with restoration. If one attempts darker tones, even if they belong (and look nicely dramatic), one loses a lot of the detail, so best to keep it faded out and low contrast.

How to date this? It’s old. No electric or even telegraph lines that I can see. All my families arrived in Chautauqua County, Kansas post 1873 so it is after that time.

McKenney and Crockett Tombstones at El Cado Cemetery

Images of Crockett and McKenney headstones/tombstones at El Cado Cemetery in Chautauqua County, Kansas.

Mildred Mae McKenney, first child of James Albert McKenney and Vera Crockett

James Albert McKenney and Vera Crockett

James Kelly Crockett and Millie Ann Stricklin, parents of Samuel Kelly Crockett who married Sarah Hackney

James Kelly Crockett and Millie Ann Stricklin

Gladys and Bernice Brockey and Judy Berndt

These images are courtesy of Judy Berndt. I don’t know which woman is Gladys and which is Bernice but the photo would have to be before 1989 as Gladys Brockey (married to James Arthur Tresner, 1922 Oct 16) died 1989 Feb 7 in Jonesburg, Chautauqua, Kansas. Both were daughters of Nathaniel Brockey and Elouise Crockett. Elouise’s parents were James Kelly Crockett and Millie Ann Stricklin.