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  1. This is wonderful! With the help of your site I have been able to find four or five more generations of Brewers. My grandfather was Lewis Brewer, his son Clyde Ervin Brewer is my father. I remember meeting Bettie Noyes when I was a little girl.
    Is there some way I could get a copy of the 1976 book “Six Generations of Brewers”? It would mean alot to my sister and I. Please advise.
    Neda Sue Harrison (Brewer)

  2. jmk says:

    Hi, Neda! You met Bettie Noyes? I never did. Could you tell me more?

    I don’t have any idea about how to get a copy of “Six Generations of Brewers”. I do have more Brewer information that I’ve not yet put up here.

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