Photo of James and Nancy Caroline Welch Hennesy

James Hennesy (4 Jan 1839 – 2 Oct 1911) and Nancy Caroline Welch Hennesy (9 Feb 1848 – 6 Nov 1925) in later years. There was no indication on the photo of photographer or date, but it would have been early 1900’s. If one looks closely one will note that the photo was taken outdoors. […]

John Kearns and Catherine McNulty

John and Catherine KEARNS seem to have been Irish Potato Famine Immigrants who came to America around 1850, at the tail end of the famine which lasted from 1845 to 1850 or 1852. According to the 1860 census, John was born abt. 1820 in Ireland, and Catherine was born abt. 1822. John KEARNS married Catherine/Katherine […]

Last of a Coterie of Pioneer Settlers

Patrick McNulty (also given as born 1825, died 1911 at the age of 86) may have been a cousin of Catherine. A newspaper article, titled “Last of a Coterie of Pioneer Settlers”, read: With the burial of Mr. P. McNulty passed away the last one of a class of hardy Irishmen that settled beyond the […]

Peter Reynolds and Elizabeth “Eliza” Ann Kearns

Elizabeth (Eliza) Ann KEARNS, daughter of John KEARNS and Catherine MCNULTY , was born about 1852 according to the 1860 census. There are discrepancies as to these dates, just as her brother, Michael Tearance KEARNS, is given a number of different birth dates. Elizabeth died at 11:40 P.M., September 15, 1932. Her death certificate states […]

Timothy Kearns and Abbey Bernard

Timothy, son of John Kearns and Catherine McNulty, was given as 1 year of age in the 1860 census. Dying in Mobile on 1938 Feb 10, his death certificate gives his date of birth as March 01, 1878 and states he was 59 at the time of his death. This misinformation may have had to […]

Michael Tearance Kearns and Mary McAndrews

Michael “Buddy” Tearance KEARNS was born 19 Jan 1865 or 1856 or 1860, even as early as 1853 according to the 1900 census, though the 1870 census gives him as born 1855 and the 1860 census gives him as born about 1856. He was born at Toulminville, Mobile Co. AL to John KEARNS and Catherine […]

Thomas McAndrews (McAndrew) and Catherine

It is probable that Mary MCANDREWS, who married Michael Tearance KEARNS, was a daughter of Thomas MCANDREWS and Catherine. Thomas MCANDREWS appears in the 1870 Alabama Mobile census, given there as 46, born about 1824 in Ireland, and is married to a Catherine, born abt. 1840 in Ireland. Among their children is a Mary, who […]

Thomas Jefferson Crabtree and Minerva Mae Hudgens

Thomas Jefferson Crabtree, b. 1870 July 1 in Mobile County Alabama, died 1918 May 18 in Mobile County, Alabama, was buried at Indian Springs Cemetery in Eight Mile, Alabama. In 1898 he married, in Mobile County, Alabama, Minerva Mae Hudgens, b. 1881 May 1, died 1938 Jan 1 in Louisiana. She was buried at Our […]

William Crabtree and Hilda Savoy

William Crabtree was born 1911 March 5 and died 1950 July 6 at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. William’s wife was Hilda Savoy who died 2002 July 26 and was buried at Matherne Cemetery. William Crabtree was Adam Bell Crabtree’s grandnephew. His line was Thomas Jefferson Crabtree and Minerva Mae Hudgens, Thomas Jefferson Crabtree being […]

Crabtree Marriage Data Compiled by Amie Akerman

Amie Akerman sent me this compilation about 2001. Crabtree, Adam and Tucker, Georgia; married 3 Jan 1870, Mobile Co., AL Crabtree, Adam Bell and Ranagier, Alice V.; married 26 Apr 1877, Mobile Co., AL Crabtree, Alfred and Sullivan, Mathilda; married 27 July 1844, Mobile County, AL Crabtree, Allen Ervin and Davis, Lelia; married 15 Aug […]