Military Postcard from Eli W. McKenney Naming Four Fellow Company Members

This postcard was from Eli W. McKenney to his niece, Mabel Clair McKenney. Though this is from the time during his service in the Philippines, the postcard shows the men standing in snow which indicates they were stateside, thus I’m unsure when or where the photo would have been taken. I have looked up some […]

Photo of Eli W. McKenney with Friend in the Philippines

From L. McCombs, we have a photo of Eli W. McKenney and a friend taken in the Philippines. This photo would have been sent to his niece, Mabel Clair McKenney.

Military Postcard from Eli McKenney to Mabel Clair McKenney

This postcard is one that would have been sent from Eli to his niece, Mabel Clair McKenney. The postcard was undated so would have been possibly enclosed in a letter. I’m unable to determine which soldier is Eli, or if he is even in this postcard. He was tallish and slender and the only potential […]


William Patrick Hackney, b. 1842 in Van Buren, Iowa, died July 28 1926 at the Sawtelle Soldiers Home in Los Angeles, was the son of Jacob Tivis Hackney and Lucy Chapman and a nephew of this website’s William S. Hackney, and cousin of our Sarah Hackney who married Samuel Kelly Crockett. William Patrick’s father also […]


My grandfather sent this to me in 1978, which concerns the family farm in Chautauqua county, Kansas that was shared by the McKenneys and Samuel Kelly Crockett and his wife, Sadie Hackney Crockett. The Crockett school is mentioned and my grandfather showed me an old photo of it once, from when he was a boy, […]

Maurice Laurel McKenney, 11 Months

Maurice Laurel “Morris” McKenney, born 11 Sep 1911 at Olmsted County, Minnesota, died Feb 28 1970 at Olmsted County, Minnesota, was the son of George Ellis “Bob” McKenney and Rachel Adeline Arnold. The original image is courtesy of Allan McKenney. More information on Maurice, who married Doris Biegler, may be found in the tags. More […]

Maurice Laurel McKenney and Doris Biegler

Maurice Laurel “Morris” McKenney, son of George Ellis McKenney and Rachel Adeline Arnold, was born Sep 11 1911 in Olmsted, Minnesota. He died Feb 28 1970 in Olmsted, Minnesota. Maurice was married to Doris Biegler, daughter of Henry Biegler and Mary Louise Schrader. Maurice and Doris had three children: 1. Living 2. Lawrence David “Butch” […]

The Bieglers and Schraders and Associated Families

Doris Biegler, who married Maurice Laurel McKenney, was the daughter of Henry Biegler and Mary Louise Scrader. Henry Biegler was the son of Karl Biegler and Ernestine Kemph. Mary Louise Schrader, was born March 25 1872 in Manitowoc Springs, Wisconsin, died 1956 Aug 12 in Dodge County, Minnesota, and is buried at Riverside Cemetery, Dodge, […]

Bio of Francis M. McKinney, son of George and Rhoda of Guernsey, Ohio

Bio of Francis M. McKinney from “A Portrait and Biographical Record of Delaware and Randolph Counties, Ind., Containing Biographical Sketches of Many Prominent and Representative Citizens…” Francis M. McKinney was a son of George W. McKenney (McKinney) and Rhoda Scarborough. George McKenney was a son of Robert McKenney and Margaret of Ohio. Our George W. […]

1926, Sedan, Kansas, Main Street

I’ve been in Sedan and the town is unchanged enough that this picture remains familiar. The Sedan picture isn’t a family photo. It is instead one I found on the internet and gave a little photo touch-up help, but not much, because there wasn’t much I could do with it. I can’t make out the […]