Chautauqua School, Chautauqua, Kansas, circa 1907-1908

Chautauqua School about 1907.

Original from book.

The photo is from “History of Chautauqua County” and is said to be the fifth and sixth grade classes at Chautauqua (Springs) School “probably about 1910”. The identification of the pupils isn’t in order, and lists them as being 6th grade: Opal McKenzie, Cassie McKenney, Russel Jack, Lee Callahan, Lou Anderson, Ed Hessert, Ducan McFarlain, Evert Anderson, Charles Anderson, May Anderson, Arthur McCullough, George McFarlain, Clarence Ault, Loyd McKenzie; fifth grade: Eva Finley, Maude Daniels, Leonard Bray, Dwight Clark, Clarence Huckstep, Howard McCoy, Hurchel Sapp, Ida Craft, Esther Craven, George and Albert Clawsen, Mary Conway, Lea Huston, Pete Hanes, Fountain Burris, Tom Hopkins, James (unknown last name), Ruth Fuller. The teacher was Elwin Lee.

Carrie Isabel McKenney, daughter of George W. McKenney Jr. and Belle Sparks, is misidentified here as Cassie. I’ve one photo of her as a child, a little younger, and based on that, I think she is the girl in the dark dress standing to the right of the girl in the dark pinafore and behind the boy kneeling second from the left (he appears to be holding a book). Carrie was born Nov. 9 1897 and Opal was born Dec 30 1897, so I’m dating this about 1908, though there’s every possibility it was instead 1910.

Lloyd McKenzie, Opal’s brother, was Taylor Loyd and was born 1894. The McKenzies were related to the McKenneys through marriage. Loyd and Opal’s parents were Joseph McKenzie Jr. and Florence Pershall. Florence’s brother, John Wesley, married Lucretia Jane Kirkpatrick in 1873. Lucretia was a daughter of William Robert Kirkpatrick and Zilpha Strickland. Zilpha’s sister, Millie Ann, was married to James Kelly Crockett, and James Kelly Crockett and Millie Ann were the grandparents of Vera Crockett, who was the wife of Carrie McKenney’s brother, James Albert McKenney. Vera and James Albert had married in 1904.

Opal McKenzie married John R. Hampton and Carrie Isabel McKenney married Jesse C. Hampton, brothers and sons of Lewis R. Hampton and Nancy Hudgens.

Maude Daniels was born December 18, 1897 and was George Keithly Crockett’s 2nd wife (he was a brother of Vera), marrying 1924 Oct 20. I’d be curious to know which girl she is.

If anyone can make a positive ID on the other students please comment.

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