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  • Dot, Selden, Mae and Jack Kearns, WWII Years

    Dot, Selden, Mae and Jack Kearns, WWII Years

    Middlin’ success photoshopping this one. Could have gone darker. Did a thoroughly annoying job on Dot’s skirt. Just wasn’t getting it right today. Selden served in Okinawa. I don’t know the date he entered the service. The photos would have been taken in Mobile, Alabama.

  • Selden Stephen Kearns

    Selden Stephen Kearns

    Ron Summer wrote the following memorial for Selden which appeared in Mobile, Alabama’s “Harbinger”. Dear Editor, My wife and I were saddened to learn last week of the death of Mr. Selden Kearns. While working in Mobile for Dravo Corporation during the mid-1980s, I had many enjoyable and interesting experiences, but none as memorable as…