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  • Obituary for Sarah Melissa Noyes Slater Anderson

    Obituary for Sarah Melissa Noyes Slater Anderson

    Sarah Melissa Noyes was a sister of James Allen Noyes of my line. A post with census information on her and her marriages may be found here. CENTENARIAN DIES HERE LAST WEEK Mrs. Sarah Melissa Anderson Had Been Resident of Berryville for Thirty Years Mrs. Sarah Melissa Noyes Anderson, who was 100 years old, died…

  • Sarah Melissa Noyes

    Sarah Melissa Noyes

    The date is not noted for the photo. I would guess that it’s early 1860s. Interestingly, she appears to be wearing several rings on her left hand. It’s a wonderful photo with the detail of her belt, and other decoration such as the ribbon about her neck. Perhaps that is a sewing basket upon which…

  • Noyes Family Record, 1848

    Noyes Family Record, 1848

    James Noyes born Sept 13 1793 Sally Noyes born Sept. 6 1796 Deceased Aug 10. 1838 Ezra Noyes born July 7 1817. Deceased June 17 1841 Elizabeth Noyes born March 22. 1819. Deceased Sept 11 1850 Ja. Noyes Jur. born July 13. 1821. Deceased Apr. 1823 B. J. Noyes born Oct 4. 1823. Deceased March…