A Bold Game Tried on an Innocent Girl Near Cedarvale

A Bold Game Tried on an Innocent Girl Near Cedarvale

Arkansas City Republican, August 15, 1885.

A warrant is out for the arrest of Sam MCWHIRT, who lives near Hart’s Mills, charged with taking a young lady–Hettie CONKLIN–away from her home for the purpose of prostitution. The particulars are as follows: It seems that Miss CONKLIN had been employed to do house work in the family of G. W. MCKINNEY–MCWHIRT’s father-in-law–who resides in this city, but had left there some time ago and gone to her home, about four miles east of town. It is reported that MCWHIRT had remarked in the hearing of certain parties that he believed he would go to Miss CONKLIN and ostensibly employ the girl to do house work and then take her to the territory for the purpose above mentioned, and it appears that one day last week he attempted to carry out his nefarious scheme. He went to the home of the girl and represented that he came for her at the request of Mr. MCKINNEY, who wished to employ her again to do house-work. She finally consented to go with McWhirt and they started, but instead of coming here MCWHIRT drove toward the territory. The girl saw they were not on the road to town and spoke of it, but MCWHIRT quieted her by saying they would first go to his house near Hart’s Mills, and then back to town. In the meantime Mr. MCKINNEY had in some way learned that MCWHIRT had gone off with Miss CONKLIN and started in pursuit. He overtook the couple below Hart’s Mills near the territory line. Covering MCWHIRT with a revolver, he told the girl to get into his buggy, which she lost no time in doing. MCWHIRT was then allowed to go his way and MCKINNEY brought Miss CONKLIN back home. The girl’s stepfather, George WENDOVER, the next day swore out a warrant for the arrest of MCWHIRT, but at this writing he has not been captured.

Cedarvale Star.

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This article concerns George W. McKenney Sr. (my line) having certainly a not very pleasant encounter with his son-in-law, Samuel McWhirt, who had married George’s daughter, Addie, about 1881-1882. They were living in Osage Indian Territory while George was living in Cedar Vale in Kansas. Samuel McWhirt must not have gotten in too much trouble, as he and Addie went on to have 9 children. He did later land in Leavenworth Prison, but not to my knowledge until 1918.

Mary Etta Conklin’s parents were Amsi Mervin Conklin, born about 1840 in Ohio or New York, and Ellen Savilla Gallea, born about 1848 in Illinois. The pair were married March 20 1865 in Ft. Scott, Bourbon, Kansas. Amsi died April 16, 1872 in Cedar Vale, and Ellen had married second George Wendover who was born about 1841 in Africa, though his parents were born in New York.

Mary Etta Conklin, born Sep 15 1869, married a James M. Allison on Dec 7 1885, and apparently after that a Spencer Taylor. She died about 1890.

Photo of Samuel Alvin McWhirt

Samuel McWhirt

This photo is courtesy of Michelle Koscheski, who descends down Addie McKenney McWhirt’s line. The individual is Samuel Alvin McWhirt, husband of Addie McKenney McWhirt. Son of Cornelius Sullivan McWhirt and mary L. O’Brine, Samuel was born 1859 Dec 9 in Fulton County, Illinois, and died in Pawhuska, Osage, Oklahoma. He and Addie McKenney were married about 1881-1882 and settled on the Osage Reserve in Oklahoma.

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Addie McKenney and Samuel McWhirt

Addie Mae MCKINNEY/MCKENNEY, daughter of George Washington McKINNEY and Isabella LOVE, was born 10 Oct. 1864 in Boone Co., IA and died 26 March 1952. She married Samuel Alvin MCWHIRT in 1881/1882 in Kansas, moved first to Missouri and then on to the Osage Reserve in Oklahoma.

Samuel Alvin MCWHIRT was born 9 Dec. 1859 in Fulton Co. IL and died after 1900 in Pawhuska Osage Co. OK. He was the child of Cornelius Sullivan MCWHIRT and Mary L. O’BRINE.

From the MCWHIRT history given as reported in 1976 by 4 of Sam’s descendants:

“In 1900 Samuel was living on the Osage Indian Reservation in the Indian Territory. The 1900 Census states that Addie’s parents were born in Ohio. Addie’s mother, however, was an Iowa Indian. While the McKinney family was driving livestock in a wagon train from Iowa to Oklahoma, Isabel died and was buried in Russell, Russell Co., KS. The McKinneys had three children, a daughter who married and died in childbirth, ADDIE and George. Addie lived with the Indians as a child. When she became a young girl, her father boarded her with the Cornelius McWhirt family so that she could learn the ways of the white people. Later, she married Cornelius’ son, Samuel Alvin and he refused to acknowledge her Indian ancestry and heritage.”

The information on the family of Addie McKenney McWhirt was given in an interview on June 27, 1976 in Wynona, OD by:
Mary (McWhirt) Custer – Addie’s daughter
Sylvia (Mcwhirt) Porter – her neice
Frona (McWhirt) Kemohah – granddaughter

Addie and Samuel had 10 children (7 of which were given as surviving in the 1910 Osage Strike Axe census), the known 9 being listed here:

  1. Clyde George b. 4 June 1885 at Cedarvale, Chautauqua Co. KS d. 29 March 1971 Hominy Osage Co. OK and was buried in Hominy. He married Cora Alice Reece. A granddaughter of his put together a MCWhirt genealogy.
  2. Harry B. born April 10, 1886 in Missouri, married Ruth Cowan.
  3. Ruby (twin to Gus) born between 1886-89, died a few days after birth
  4. Gus (twin to Ruby) born between 1886-89, died a few days after birth
  5. Mamie or Ninnie b. August 1889 Osage OK (perhaps Maureen L. in the 1910 census). She isn’t mentioned as being a surviving daughter in her mother’s 1952 obituary so had died before then.
  6. Jurdy Thomas b. Feb 1892 Osage OK, died 4 Dec. 1918 and was buried at the Pawhuska Cemetery in Osage OK. He married Maud “Maudie” Strawn Dawson b. 10 April 1894 in Jacksonville, Morgan Co. IL, died 18 April 1966, Pawhuska, Osage Co. OK. They were married 2 June 1913. The 1920 OK Osage Pawhuska census (below) shows Maude after the death of Jurdy living with a brother.
  7. Hattie Jane b. August 1894 Osage OK, died 1 June 1972, Hominy, Osage OK, married Claude Moore and Bogue Bogle.
  8. Grace M. b. 1902 Osage OK isn’t mentioned as a surviving daughter in her mother’s 1952 obituary so would have died before then.
  9. Mary Isabell b. 29 Nov 1904 Pawhuska, Osage OK, married 30 July 1923 to Joel R. Custer b. 18 August 1900, died 22 Dec. 1923. Residence given as Midland, TX.

Census information for Addie preceding her marriage to Samuel I have on the post for George Washington and Isabella.

Larry McCombs supplied the following obituary for Addie:

Services Held Saturday for Addie McWhirt

Services for Addie McWHIRT, 86 year old pioneer resident of the Hominy area, were conducted Saturday afternoon in in the First Baptist church with the Revd. H. Henkel, pastor, officiating. Interment was in the Hominy cemetery under the direction of the Powell Funeral Home.

Music for the rites was furnished by a duet composed of Mrs. Lester GRAHAM and Mrs. Ray CARNAGEY with Mrs. H. H. HENKEL as accompanist. Casket bearers were George BLACKWOOD, S. A. TAYLOR, Stanley LAY, Kenneth CARNAGEY, Ray CARNAGEY and Earl TERHUNE.

Mrs. MCWHIRT died last Wednesday at the home of her son, H. B. MCWHIRT, with whom she had been making her home. She had been in failing health for several years.

Born in Boone County, Iowa, October 10, 1864, Mrs. MCWHIRT came to this section with her husband, the late Sam MCWHIRT, in the early days when Hominy was nothing more than an Indian trading post. They came to Oklahoma from Missouri after having been married in Kansas and moving to Missouri.

They lived on farms in the Wynona, Bartlesville, Pawhuska and Hominy area for many years. Following her husband’s death, Mrs. MCWHIRT moved into town and made her home with her son, at whose home she died, and a daughter, Mrs. Jane Moore BOGLE.

Other survivors include another son, Clyde MCWHIRT, Wyona, and another daughter, Mrs. J. R. CUSTER, Midland, Tex. Also surviving is a brother, Eli MCKINNEY, Vicksburg, Miss; 18 grandchildren an 29 great grandchildren.

I’ve located the following census info on Addie’s family.

sheet 15 B “a part of the Osage Nation”, pg. 31 ancestry.com
265/270 MUISON? Jim? W. and Mamie and family
266/271 HORSLEY J. G. b. 1856 IL and family BROWER? I. T. boarder
267/272 B..STER, William b. 1862, b. MI, parents b. Canada, and Mary E.
268/273 MAZE A. M. b. 1860 b. IL parents b. IN and Annie W. G.
269/274 BAIR, Reg. L.
270/275 MCCORMICK George b. July 1874 age 25 b. KS, parents b. IL, farmer
Jim brother b. 1876 age 23 b. KS parents b IL
Kate sister b. 1874 25 b. KS parents b. IL
Welthie sister b. Dec. 1884, 15 b. KS parents b. IL
MCMAHONEY Edward boarder b. April ? 23 b. IL parents b. IL
NOTE: George, James, Kate and Welthie were children of Mary SPARKS and Samuel MCCORMICK. Mary SPARKS was the sister of Belle SPARKS who married George W. MCKINNEY Jr., brother of Addie MCKINNEY MCWHIRT
271/276 KENWORTHY Frank A. b. Dec. 1876 IN, father b. PA mother b. IN
Martha A. b. 1879 25, b. IL father b. IN mother b. IL
HAMOND Toney O. (or Torey) brother-in-law b. 1877 IL
272/277 TALLEY J..? M. or N. b. Dec. 1852 b. IL parents b. KY
Elizabeth b. 1862 b. IA parents b. OH
Frank son b. 1878 IL
James son b. 1881 MO
WOODLAND, Arch. boarder b. 1879 IN
KNICKBOCKER? Charles boarder b. 1866 IL
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273/278 MCWHIRT Sam Dec. 1862 age 38 b. IL father b. VA mother b. PA farmer
Addie b. Oct. 1865 age 32 married 18 years, 6 children, 5 surviving, b. IA parents b. OH
Clyde, June 1884 16 b. KS father b. IL mother b. IA
Harry, ? 1886 14 b. MO
Mamie Feb. 1889, 10, b. OK
Jurdy ? 1892, b. OK
Hattie Aug. 1894 5 b. OK
NOTE: Addie MCKINNEY MCWHIRT is the wife here. 274/279 MARKS Thomas b. 1856 44 b. IL father b. IA, mother b. PA
Mary b. 1855, 44, b. IL father b. PA mother b. OH
275/280 WOODARD Thomas B. b. 1861 MO and Mary C.
276/281 WARD S? B. Jan. 1860 b. WV and Ida
277/282 WELLS Columbus C. b. 1869 MO and Effie
278/283 BURSON William b. 1872 MO and Delia?
279/284 MCGAER Edward S. b. 1861 IN and Margaret E.
280/285 PEARSON Alex b. 1863 SC and Alice
281/286 MCKENZIE Charles E. Dec. 1868 b. KS father b. IL mother b. IN
Mamie Oct. 1874 b. KY father b. KY mother b. TN
Ethel b. 1895 KS
Dorothy b. 1897 KS
Aaron father b. 1836, 64 b. IL

ancestry.com 17 of 40
7/7 MCWHIRT Samuel A 50 married 28 years b. IL father b. KY mother b. PA
Adda M 43? 10 children, 7 surviving b. IA parents b. OH
Harry B 22 b. MO
Marreen L? 20 b. OK
Jurdy T 18
Hattie D 15
Grace M 8
Mary 5
8/8 PEARSON Joseph R. 58 b. MO parents b. MO

By 1920, Addie and Samuel had separated. In the census she is given as widowed.

pg. 10a
73/82 JACK William G. 45 b. IA father b. Ire mother b. Ohio Doctor in General practice
Ermie W. 39 b. KS mother b. MO
George A 11 b. KS
Pauline 9 b. KS
Willard F 1 and 7/12 b. KS
74/83 ALEXANDER John W. 78 b. PA parents b. PA Garage
75/84 ELDRIDGE John E. 39 b. KS parents b. NC Farm laborer
76/85 MCKENZIE Joseph 70 b. OH parents b. PA
Florence 61 b. IA father b. IA mother b.IN
77/86 HARPE, Carter H. 42 b. MO father b. MO mother b. AR Rail builder, oil gas drilling rig
Bertha A. 39 b. KS father b. IL mother b. OH
Russell H. 11 b. KS father b. MO mother b. KS
Averil E. 9 b. CO father b. MO mother b. KA
78/87 REID Henry N 64 b. MO parents b. KY farmer
Amanda 53 b. MO parents b. KY
Julia N. 21 b. KS parents b. MO
79/88 MCWHIRT Harry B. 33 b. MO father b. IL mother b. IA … dresser, oil and gas well
Adda M. mother 54 widow b. IA father b. OH mother b. PA
Mary sister 15 b. OK father b. IL mother b. IA
80/89 GREGORY John F. 44 b. MO parents b. MO works at oil and gas field
Sarah A. 42 b. KS mother b. IL father b. IN

I’ve yet to locate Samuel McWhirt in the 1920 census. Though she would have been living in Pawhuska, I don’t locate Addie in the 1930 census, but I do find Samuel, who gives himself as widowed, just as Addie gave herself as widowed in 1920.

1930 OK, Osage Co., Strike Axe, District 42

2 RHODES Sam W. 60 and Emmy E.
3 MCWHIRT Sam A. head own $25 no radio mw 64 wd md at 19 b. IL father b. VA mother b. MI, laborer, general labor
4 FOSTER George Douglas 36 and Ada Lee

Year: 1930; Census Place: Strike Axe, Osage, Oklahoma; Roll: T626_1923; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 42; Image: 0496.

Samuel Alvin McWhirt was at some point in Leavenworth. I don’t know when.

Name Index to Inmate Case Files, U.S. Penitentiary, Leavenworth, Kansas, 1895 – 1931 (Record Group 129)
13190 McWhirt Charles
29024 McWhirt D. D. (Dot)
10103 McWhirt S.A.