Thomas Miller and Maritta Dillon

Thomas Miller was born abt. 1822 in MS. In the 1880 census he gives his father as born in TN and his mother as born in MS. He married Maritty (Maritta) DILLON, also born abt. 1822 in Mississippi.

Thomas and Maritty had the following children:

  • Samantha b. 1842 MS
  • Merril N. b. 1844 MS
  • Sarena (Serena) “Rene” A. b. 1846 MS married John William Edward MYLES
  • William N. b. 1848 MS
  • Eliza E. b. 1850 MS

The 1850 Pike County MS census has a 4 year old Sarena MILLER in the household of Thomas MILLER born in Mississippi. They are living near a James T. DILLON who is of age to be a brother to Maritty DILLON. I would imagine that the Simon MILLER living beside Thomas is a brother.

27 266 267 Dillon James T. 32 M Farmer 200 Mississippi
28 266 267 Dillon Elizabeth 21 F Mississippi
29 266 267 Dillon Sandy G. 7/12 M Mississippi
30 266 267 Erwin Alexeander 21 M Farmhand Mississippi
31 267 268 Miller Simon 27 M Farmer 325 Mississippi
31 267 268 Miller Simon 27 M Farmer 325 Mississippi
32 267 268 Miller Sarena T. 19 F Mississippi
33 267 268 Miller Emeline M. 2 F Mississippi
34 267 268 Miller Honcil L. 1 M Mississippi
35 268 269 Miller Thomas 28 M Farmer 600 Mississippi
36 268 269 Miller Maritty 28 F Mississippi
37 268 269 Miller Samantha 8 F Mississippi
38 268 269 Miller Merril N. 6 M Mississippi
39 268 269 Miller Sarena 4 F Mississippi
40 268 269 Miller William N. 2 M Mississippi
41 268 269 Miller Eliza E. 4/12 F Mississippi

A Richard DILLON b. 7 Oct. 1745 in Ireland or Norfolk VA (d. Pike Co. MS) and Annys MORRIS (b. 1762 in Bertie Co. NC) were the parents of Joanna DILLON b. 1778 in Bertie Co. NC, Nancy Ann, Lawrence, Clarkson, Willis, Mary, Theophilous and Clara. Joanna DILLON connects up with the family as will be shown in a moment.

As to Mary and Lawrence, siblings of Joanna, Belvin J. Creel is shown as querying Washington Parish Rootsweb about a Moses MILLER b. abt. 1790 who was the second husband of Mary DILLON (Salathiel MORRIS the first husband) b. abt. 1792; and Dicey MILLER who was the second wife of Lawrence DILLON (b. 1783 in Bertie Co. NC), he marrying first Martha JACKSON. As stated above, they were descendants of of Richard and Annys DILLON. Richard (1745-1833) was a Revolutionary War Soldier who settled in the southern section of present-day Walthall County, MS, his family spilling over into Washington Parish. Another son, Clarkson DILLON, married a Sarah GILL. (Should be noted here that Thomas and Maritty DILLON MILLER’s granddaughter, Lucy MYLES, married James Leon HENNESY, whose grandfather, Isaac HENNESY, was married to a Judith Ann GILL.)

Judith GILL and Isaac HENNESY’s son, James HENNESY, married Nancy Caroline WELCH and they had James Leon who, as mentioned, married Lucy MYLES, whose mother was Serena MILLER. Nancy Caroline WELCH’s brother, James Pearson WELCH married Cynthia ALFORD. Cynthia ALFORD was daughter of Warren Jackson ALFORD and Celia Ann LEWIS. Her father’s parents were Edwin ALFORD b. 22 Nov. 1792 NC, and Martha “Patsie” Jane SMITH b. 25 March 1802 SC. She is shown in the 1850 Pike Co MS census on page 21b living next to a 60 year old Thompson MILLER from GA in household 274. I’m wondering if this might be a relation to Rene MILLER. (Rene MILLER is in household 268 on page 21 A.)

pg. 21b 40 274 275 Miller Thompson 60 M Farmer Georgia
41 274 275 Miller Clary 45 F Farmhand S. Carolina
42 274 275 Miller Raiford 17 M Mississippi X

Martha Jane SMITH’s parents were Jeremiah SMITH b. 1773 SC and the Joanna DILLON above mentioned, daughter of Richard DILLON and Annys MORRIS. (Walter Edwin Tynes is given as saying Martha Smith’s mother was a “Holly”. The Joanna Dillon information comes from Luke Ward Conerly and E. Russ Williams, Source Records from Pike County, Mississippi, 1798-1910, via Colleen Pasquale.

The 1840 Washington Parish LA census shows a Thomas MILLER.

1840 Washington Parish LA census:
Thomas Miller
2 free white males under 5
2 free white males 20-30
1 free white male 60-70
1 free white female under 5
1 free white female 15-20
1 free white female 20-30
7 slaves

14/14 MILLER Thomas 46 farmer RE $400 personal $500 b. MS
Nancy 35 b. MS
Lisa 20
Clarissa 17
Wellis 16
Neeley or Wesley? 13
Sabor or Labor 7 male
Bethany 10
Marietta 3 or 2

It would appear as though Maritty has died by now and Thomas remarried to a Nancy. Lisa, age 20 would be the Eliza in the 1850 census.

1880 Washington Parish Wards 1 and 2
pg. 159
158/158 BROWN Frances M. and family
159/159 MAGEE Richard and Matilda
160160 BACKHAM David and Marty and family
161/161 BURKHALTER Amy and family
162/162 STRINGFIELD William and Lavina and family
LEWIS, Tabitha
163/163 STRINGFIELD David and family
164/164 MILES William E. 37 school teacher b. LA parents b. LA
Serena 33 b.LA parents b. MS
Nancy L. 12 b. LA
Isaac T. 11 works on farm
Lucy V. 9
Samantha R. 8
Margaret M. 5
George W. 3
Lyly L. 5/12
NOTE: Serena is a daughter of Thomas MILLER.
pg. 159 B
MILLER William R. 27 farmer can’t read or right, b. MS parents b. MS
Sarah R. 26 can’t read or write b. LA parents b. MS
Selena 8 b. LA
Nancy 6
Teresa 3
Tener born Sept. stepdaughter
Note: William R. is Sarena MILLER MYLES’ brother.
166/166 SLOCUM Handy (b) 21 laboring on farm b. LA parents b. LA
Sarah 17 b. LA parents b. LA
167/167 MILLER Simon A. 20 farmer b. MS parents b. MS
Rebecca A. 21 b. MS father b. MS and mother b. LA
168/168 DAWSON (b) Samuel and Violet and family
169/169 MILLER Zeptha Y. 23 farmer b. MS parents b. MS can’t read or write
Clarkey R. wife 23 b. LA parents b. LA can’t read or write
Abner F. 3 b. LA
Clara M. 1 b. LA
170/170 MILLER Hugh L. 26 farmer b. MS parents b. MS
Maranda Y. 29 b. LA father b. GA mother b. LA
Eugens H. 7 b. LA
Molly or Mally F. 5
Alice E. 3
Callee E. 9/14 Sept.
BULLOCK Lumeta or Lumenta 63 mother-in-law b. LA father b. SC mother b. GA
171/171 SLOCUM Green D. and Ellen and family
pg. 160
181/181 MILLER Wesley W. 22 farmer b. MS parents b. MS
Cyntha AP 28
Willes C. 2
Ertha D. b. Dec
pg. 170
183/183 HARVEY Cinton
184/184 KEMP Isaac and Samantha and family
185/185 OGDON? Calvin H. and Sarena and family
MILLER Sarah mulatto or white 10 servant b. LA parents b. LA
pg. 164B
261/261 BICKHAM Alexander 69 b. LA parents b. GA and SC., and Rebecca
KENADY Hard 15 grandson works on farm b. LA father b. LA mother b.KY
Thomas E. 10 grandson works on farm
MILLER Eliza 25 servant b. MS parents b. MS
pg. 165
263/263 BRUMFIELD John W. and Samantha
264/264 BACKHAM Ab…? and Harriet and family
265/265 MILLER Thomas 60 farmer can’t read or write and neither can children but wife can b. MS father b. TN mother b. MS
Nancy 45 b. MS parents b. SC
Martha 19 b. MS
Sayborn 17 works on farm
Marion? 13 works on farm
ELizabeth 11
Margaret 18
Angeline 9
Rarford 8
Eli 8
James 5
Flora G. 2
pg. 166
294/294 ALFORD Seaborn and Laura
295/295 MILLER Fleet M. 63 farmer b. MS father b. TN mother b. MS
Elizabeth 62 b. MS parents b. LA
Smiley 34
296/296 BANKSTON Simpson and Catherine and family
pg. 166/166
305/305 MILLER Ranford L. 46 b. MS father b. TN mother b. MS and Angeline b. MS parents b. SC and family

The Hennesy Line

For convenience of seeing where people fit into family lines, I suppose I ought to put some ancestry information here, and not just depend on the online database.

The names below are Clower, Breland, Bullock, Calhoun, Dillon, Everidge, Folsom, Hennesy, Kennedy, Knight, Lott, Miller, Mizell, Moore, Myles, Nobles, Pleasant, Richardson, Rodgers, Simmons, Smith, Thigpen, Welch, Williams. Their movements were all in the South.

This is one of my husband’s lines.




Esmond Edward Hennesy b. 1903 June 1, , Washington, Louisiana, d. 1992 Nov 24, Natchez, Adams, Mississippi
married 1924 July 17 in Franklinton, Washington, Louisiana
Ethel Lorena Simmons b. 1906 Feb 14 , Washington, Louisiana, d. 2001 Nov 18 in , Mobile, Alabama


James Leon Hennesy b. 1873 May 4 in Franklinton, Washington, Louisiana, d. 1938 in , Washington, Louisiana
married 1900 Jan 28 in , Washington, Louisiana
Lucy Virginia Myles b. abt. 1871 Jan 28, d. 1906 July 22 in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: Zula, Jewell, Esmond, Zoe, Zeta
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Lucius Theodore Simmons b. 1883 Dec 29 in , Franklinton, Louisiana, d. 1963 Sep 9 in Bogalusa, Washington, Louisiana
married 1904 Nov 17 in , Washington, Louisiana
Annie Clarinda Knight b. 1888 Feb 22 in Sheridan, Washington, Louisiana, d. 1961 Sep 1, New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana
Children: Ethel, Estus “Pete”, Desera “George”, Ezra “Jodi”, Lloyd, Fannie, James
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James L. Hennesy b. 1839 Jan 4 in Georgia, d. 1911 Oct 3 in , Tangipahoa, Louisiana
married 1868 March 19
Nancy Caroline Welch b. 1848 Feb 9 in Franklinton, Washington, Louisiana, d. 1925 Nov 6
Children: Nancy Ellen, Marion Isaac, James Leon, Laura Jane, Meredith Bunyan, Addie H., Norman, Della, Cora
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John William Edward Myles b. 1844 March 17 in Louisiana, d. 1920 Aug 4 in , Washington, Louisiana
married 1865 Sep 7
Sarena A. Miller b. 1846 Oct 25 in Mississippi, d. 1924 March in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: Newton, Nancy Lenora, Isaac Thomas, Lucy Virginia, Margaret Maritta, Samantha R., George, John, Malissa, Lillie, Effie
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Murdock Middleton “Steve” Simmons b. 1860 Oct 4 in Mississippi, d. 1936 Apr 21 in , Washington, Louisiana
Louisa Clarinda Thigpen b. 1857 Sep 7, d. 1907 Aug 29 in Louisiana
Children: Euna Emily, Lucius Theodore, Dewitt, Ella Murdis, Mary Elizabeth, John Benjamin, Frances, Charles Jewell, James F. “Bud”
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Marion Thomas “Isaac” Knight b. 1866 Aug 25 in Louisiana, d. 1947 Dec 25 in Franklinton, Washington, Louisiana
Frances A. “Fannie” Breland b. 1871 May 9 Pine, Washington, Louisiana, d. 1907 Sep 24 in Louisiana
Children: Annie Clarinda, William E. “Bill”, J. C., Wilbur, Warren, Albert M., Mary, Bertha
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Isaac Hennesy b. 1803 Georgia
m. 1820 June 5 in , Marion, Mississippi
Judith Ann Gill
Children: Mary, Elizabeth M., Isaac, Cintha, James L.
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James Daniel Welch b. 1811 Sep 30, Mississippi Territory, d. 1890 May 18, Franklinton, Washington, Louisiana
married 1838 April 29
Caroline Bullock b. 1816 Jan 12, d. 1887 in Franklinton, Washington, Louisiana
Children: James Pearson, William Henry Harrison, Nancy Caroline, Edward E., Nicholas Edward, George Pinkney
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Isaac Abner Myles b. Georgia, d. before 1860
married 1841 Nov 30
Samantha (Bickham) Clower b. 1811 April 22, d. 1891 Dec 1, , Washington, Louisiana
Children: John William Edward, Mary Rebecca
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Thomas Miller b. 1822 in Mississippi
Maritty Dillon b. 1822 in Mississippi
Children: Samantha, Merril, Sarena, William N., Eliza E.
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Robert “Reuben” Simmons b. abt. 1820
married 1844 in , Lowndes, Alabama
Frances Smith
b. 1824 Aug 1 , Lowndes, Alabama, d. 1898 Oct 18, Louisiana
Children: James Madison “Red Jim”, William S., Mary Ann “Daught”, Charles Monroe, Murdock Middleton “Steve”, John Benjamin, Narcissus “Dink”
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James Thigpen b. 1830 Mississippi, d. 1903 May 20
Mary Elizabeth Kennedy b. 1832 Louisiana
Children: Louisa Clarinda, Elizabeth, Edna E. Julia J., Nancy L.
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William Knight b. 1823, d. 1879 Nov 2
Martha Mary E. Nobles b. 1830 Oct 27 in Mississippi, d. 18192 Aug 20
Children: Sarah, James W., Clarinda, Rev. George C., Monroe, Marion Thomas “Isaac”, Jane A., Charley, Angiline
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Elijah Breland b. 1830 March 29 , Pike, Mississippi, d. 1893 Feb 7 in Louisiana
Mariah Brown b. 1828 Jan 8 in Mississippi, d. 1905 June 30 in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: J. Franklin, Daniel, Leroy, Meridith “Merida”, Elisha, Warren W., Luraney, Frances A. “Fannie”
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Rev. David Hennesy b. circa 1745
Children: Isaac, James, Jemima, Nancy
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John Edward Welch b. 1788 in South Carolina, d. 1858 Nov 18 in , Washington, Louisiana
Betsey E. Moore b. 1792, d. bef. 1840 in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: James Daniel, Elijah J., Martin, Celia
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David Bullock b. c. 1780
Children: Clarkie, Jessie, Caroline, Miles
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John Clower Jr. b. 1780 March 16 in Georgia, d. 1837 in , Washington, Louisiana
Mary Pleasant b. 1788 Oct 18 in Georgia, d. 1831 in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: Elbert, Cynthia, Samantha, William Pleasant, Matilda, Peyton, John Curtis, Thomas, Mary Frances Ann

William Seldon Simmons b. 1784 in North Carolina
Children: Jim, Robert Reuben

Ward Smith b. abt. 1798 in South Carolina, d. Louisiana
Easter Everidge b. abt. 1802 in Georgia, d. Louisiana
Children: Elizabeth, Frances, Martha, Mary, Nancy, John, James, Wilson J., William, Richard, Narcissa

John Travis Thigpen Jr. b. 1795 , Onslow, North Carolina
Elizabeth Calhoun d. 1845
Children: James

Charles “Charley” Knight b. 1785 in Virginia, d. 1877 April 1 in , Washington, Louisiana
married 1822 Jan 17 in , Washington, Louisiana
Susannah Williams b. 1802 in Georgia, d. 1885 in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: William, Melvina, James “Jockey Jim”, George, Margaret, Calvin, Anne

Joseph Nobles b. 1789 in South Carolina, d. 1876 Jan 15 in Louisiana
Children: Martha (Mary E.), Lemuel/Leonard, Amanda, Franklin, Frances G.

John Robertson Breland b. 1794 Jan 6 in , Beaufort, South Carolina, d. 1875 May 14 in Louisiana
married 1816 in Covington, St. Tammany, Louisiana (etc. more on this line but not including right now)
Luraney Rodgers b. c. 1798 in , South Carolina, d. 1835 in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: Elizer, Abraham, Mary Mahala, Elijah, Elisha, Franklin


Rev. David Hennesy b. abt. 1720 in Ireland, d. 1761, New Hanover, North Carolina
married 1746 in New Hanover, North Carolina
Children: John, Richard, David, James, William, Susannah

Will Smith b. South Carolina
Cherokee Woman
Children: Ward, John

James Everage d. abt 1860 , Covington, Alabama
unknown Folsom, d. bef. 1850
Children: Easter (believed to be part Choctaw), Ichabod, James H., Jonathan Andrew, Martha Ann

William Walter “Choctaw Bill” Williams II b. 1776 in , Bulloch, Georgia, d. abt. 1825 in , Washington, Louisiana
married 1802 in , Bulloch, Georgia
Penelope Richardson b. 1775 in , Bulloch, Georgia, d. abt. 1840 in , Washington, Louisiana
Children: Susannah, William Walter, Robert C., Sarah, Mary, John, Virginia

John Rodgers b. c. 1763 in Virginia, d. 1810 in , Barnwell, South Carolina
married 1783 in , Beaufort, South Carolina
Sarah Yates b. c. 1765 in , Beaufort, South Carolina, d. c. 1840 in , St. Tammany, Louisiana


Capt. Benjamin Folsom d. 1777 Fulsom’s Fort
Children: John, wife of James Everage, Ruth

William Williams Sr. b. abt. 1747, d. abt. 1818 in Mississippi
Ann Lott b. abt. 1752
Children: William Walter “Choctaw Bill”, John, Simon, Herron, Samuel L.

Benjamin Richardson b. abt. 1740 in North Carolina, d. abt. 1799 in , Bulloch, Georgia
married 1767 July 31 in , Tyrrell, North Carolina
Sarah Mizell b. abt. 1750 in North Carolina
Children: Jane, Hardy, William, John, Amos, Penelope, Benjamin, Frances


Jeremiah Folsom d. after 1775 St. George’s Parish, Georgia
Children: Israel, Capt. Benjamin, Lawrence, Jeremiah, William, Pulsohola